Men’s Style Tip Shortcut – How To Use Google Image Search To Match Clothing – Presented By Alpha M

Antonio & Aaron At VidCon 2014

Antonio & Aaron At VidCon 2014

Just returned from sunny California.

Spent a week with some amazing guys, to include the man in the picture to the right.

In case you don’t know his name is Aaron Marino and he runs the website I Am Alpha M along with the amazing YouTube Channel Alpha M.

In the video below he shares a great tip on how to match anything – or at least get hundreds of ideas!


Now for a fun fact.

Did you know that Aaron is the reason I started the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel?

In 2011 I saw him succeeding with his YouTube channel and it made me jealous to be honest :)

I said to my wife “I can talk about men’s style better than that guy! I’ve written hundreds of articles and own a custom clothier.”

So my wife said I should put my money where my mouth is and prove it.

I ended up creating 200 videos in 200 days.

And then funny enough Aaron became a friend as he was the one person who understood how hard it is to create videos and deal with everything that comes with it.

In fact people are often amazed to hear we talk monthly about business and life.

So now you know :)


In the video below Aaron shares how to use Google Image Search to come up with hundreds of outfit ideas. Great tip Aaron!


Anything to add?

What’s your best tip for dressing better using technology?

Let me know in the comments!