Men’s Style Tip Shortcut – How To Use Google Image Search To Match Clothing – Presented By Alpha M

Antonio & Aaron At VidCon 2014

Antonio & Aaron At VidCon 2014

Just returned from sunny California.

Spent a week with some amazing guys, to include the man in the picture to the right.

In case you don’t know his name is Aaron Marino and he runs the website I Am Alpha M along with the amazing YouTube Channel Alpha M.

In the video below he shares a great tip on how to match anything – or at least get hundreds of ideas!


Now for a fun fact.

Did you know that Aaron is the reason I started the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel?

In 2011 I saw him succeeding with his YouTube channel and it made me jealous to be honest :)

I said to my wife “I can talk about men’s style better than that guy! I’ve written hundreds of articles and own a custom clothier.”

So my wife said I should put my money where my mouth is and prove it.

I ended up creating 200 videos in 200 days.

And then funny enough Aaron became a friend as he was the one person who understood how hard it is to create videos and deal with everything that comes with it.

In fact people are often amazed to hear we talk monthly about business and life.

So now you know :)


In the video below Aaron shares how to use Google Image Search to come up with hundreds of outfit ideas. Great tip Aaron!


Anything to add?

What’s your best tip for dressing better using technology?

Let me know in the comments!

  • John Camey


  • Theo L.

    I have actually done this for a long time. I suppose I take for granted how often I search for stuff that I didn’t think of it as anything special.

  • Kai Rinchen

    I love both video channels. Very different styles, but both have great content!

  • stanfordcrane

    Great idea…as long as you have the good taste to pick the right one and you look like a male model. Exactly your point Antonio on your jeans piece.

  • Jon Rehurek

    It was great to meet you both at the meet-up in L.A.!

  • KGstylegentlemen

    Interesting concept”¦ the only idea is just make sure the outfit a man chooses is right for him,both fit,style fabric.

  • christopher vaccaro

    you both are awesome! I have checked both of your work from time to time, and you do a great job of answering and interacting with your viewers comments and questions. Thank you!

  • Alcides

    Simply Google images of the Robert McCall character of “The Equalizer” series and buy a functioning mechanical pocket watch to rock in breast pocket of your suits. This and XXL Testosterone Replacement changed my life. I also Google GQ Streetstyle and include whatever piece I’m thinking about wearing in the search.

    As an off center idea, look up Google images of men around the turn of the 20th Century and you will find cool ideas for hard to wear pieces….now where did I leave my monocle???

  • Peter Chung

    It’s great to see that you guys are connected. I enjoy both your videos and really enjoy the style advice that you guys provide. I would love to see you guys do a collaboration video series on men’s style fundamentals (Antonio’s part) and ways to stretch these rules (Aaron’s part). You could call the series “The Odd Couple of Men’s Style,” or “AA Style Confessions,” or “Antonio and Aaron Go at It,” or… …well, you get the idea.

  • Omar Carreto

    I’m shocked, but you both are really good at what your doing so working together will deliver much better greater results.

  • CRAusmus

    Love the tip. Love Aaron. Did not realize y’all talked so much. I also love that Megan (Style Girlfriend) does a lot of things like this with her “3 Ways to Wear…” series. Lots of great tips from 3 of my favorite fashion bloggers.

  • OscarZilch

    The picture is very weird. Why does one of you have their breast pocket on the left and the other on the right? I have never seen a breast pocket on the right before (other than in the mirror, of course.)

  • Matthew Chippin

    Antonio, that’s awesome. I always thought you guys were polar opposites when it came to Men’s style and personality. Aaron seems much more trendy and, for all intensive purposes “metrosexual” whereas you kind of dress like an old tailor always conscious of fit gravitating toward the classics. Anyway, I guess it’s great to see that you two, seemingly opposites in your styles, have found a way to come together and we, your subscribers, will thank you in the end. Plus, this advice is sound, I’ve been googling a long time.

  • Joseph Muyangata

    Thanks for the great tips Antonio. Aaron is equally amazing…the presentation is very fantastic. I enjoyed the “almost obvious” but “unique” tips that we never simply think about from the blues. The google search advise is phenomenal. Hope you recorded some of the tips you gave while in Carlifonia together with Aaron…what an amazing combination of guys you are.

  • Luiz Felipe de Araujo

    How did I not think of that before? Excellent tip.

  • Scott Souchock

    Pinterest is also a good hack. It’s funny to find that you and Aaron are friends. I used to subscribe to his channel but found that while his information is good his presentation style (as well as bouncing all over the screen like a toddler) is not for me.

  • menstyle

    Thank you!

  • menstyle

    Glad to find you here, Joseph! Thanks for the kind words!

  • menstyle

    Thanks, John!

  • menstyle

    Thanks, John!

  • menstyle


  • menstyle


  • menstyle

    Thanks! Glad to find you here, Kai!

  • menstyle

    Likewise, Jon!

  • menstyle

    That’s right!

  • menstyle

    Thanks for your kind words, Matthew!

  • menstyle

    Thanks a lot, Omar!

  • menstyle

    Great suggestions! Thanks, Alcides!

  • menstyle

    Thank you, Christopher!

  • menstyle

    That’s right!

  • menstyle

    Good eye! I just felt like wearing a sports jacket with its breast pocket switched to the other side that day. Haha!

  • John Leitaker

    For some reason I prefer to listen to a Antonio Centeno video over a Aaron. Both are good. I need to correct one thing in the short bio of Mr Centeno. As I work for a man who was in the Marines, there is no such thing as a “former” Marine.

  • Denny

    To tell you the truth, I had found Aaron first through Udemy and then Antonio. I was surprised that both of you guys are connected now. This is awesome! I really have enjoyed both videos. Keep it up…..

  • menstyle

    Thank you, Denny!

  • Sal

    “Go to Google when to know how to wear or how to pair that piece of clothing you own” Man! That’s poetic.

  • Swapnil

    too much awesomeness in one pic … love you both

  • menstyle

    Thank you, Swapnil! :)