3 Short Man Style Tips – Real World Examples From Peter Li


This article is made possible by Blue Claw Co - high quality American-Made luggage.  And FYI, I use their luggage all the time and love my Worton Weekender & Gooseneck Garment Bag !   This is an interview I did with Pete Li of Crossfit Lazarus. I met Pete at InfusionCon this last March.  He was … [Read more...]

Men’s Cologne – Understanding Fragrance Differences


This article is based off my interview with Alex It’s one thing to decide you’re going to wear scent, but how do you tell which one’s right for you? Your average menswear store, even if it carries fragrances, doesn't have a “perfume counter” like the ladies’ section does. That’s good, in one sense, … [Read more...]

The Dopp Kit – Essential Travel Toiletry Bag


This is a sponsored post brought to you by Blue Claw Co.  FYI - I use their Dopp Kit as my go-to travel toiletry bag - Antonio One bag, many names. There are  more words for the portable toilet kit than any other piece of luggage out there. Dopp kit, toilet kit, toilet bag, hygiene kit, soap bag, … [Read more...]

The Language Of Cologne – Understanding Fragrance Terminology


When I first started learning about fragrance, the hardest part for me was simply understanding the language. Like any specialized field - the perfume industry has a vocabulary that gives the men and women who discuss it a common language to build their discussions from. Very useful when describing a … [Read more...]

Men’s Cologne – The Power Of Fragrance


Like many men, I didn't see my father much growing up. After my parents divorced, he stayed in California and we moved east to Texas when I was about 5. Interestingly, the earliest and most powerful memories I have of him are not the trips to Disneyland, the summer drives from Midland to Los Angeles, or … [Read more...]

Losing My Hair At 19: How I Conquered Male Pattern Baldness

Bald man

This is a guest post by Phil Paoletta over at Young Hair Loss - visit his site to find out how other men deal with hair loss. It all started with a few extra hairs on my pillow in the morning. I was a sophomore in college. I had just completed a lengthy battle with acne and for the first time in years, I … [Read more...]

Man’s Guide To Lotion – How To Buy Men’s Face And Body Products


Quick Note - the above audio is an exclusive interview I conducted with Male Skincare expert Jeff Dandurand, Co-founder of Jack Black Skincare.  Make sure to listen to it as it adds value to the points in this article! - Antonio Hand, face, and body lotion - aren't these tools used by girly men? I mean a … [Read more...]

Save $300 – Learn to Shave Like a Man


You think you know how to shave? If you use a Mach3, Fusion, or similar cartridge razor with a fancy gel shaving cream we'll go out on a ledge here and just say it: You were never taught to shave properly. It's not your fault - for over 50 years we've migrated from a population of men who took pride … [Read more...]

Facial Skin Problems & Men – Redness – Male Acne – Rosacea

Variation in skin man

Both men and women have skin problems. Women have a multi-billion dollar market built around their issues, with too many options to choose from.  They address problems early - and know what questions to ask their skin care professionals. Men – especially us “manly” men - we ignore skin problems until we … [Read more...]


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