Business With Style – Interviews Across The Web Featuring Real Men Real Style’s Antonio Centeno

centeno-familyWho Am I?

How did I get started in business?

What motivates me?

I get these questions a lot – hence I decided to create a single page here at RMRS where I can share with you my best interviews from across the web.

These interviews represent my years of experience as an online entrepreneur.

Some are specifically fashion-oriented, while others pertain to any sort of web-based business.

I hope you find them useful!


Entrepreneur on Fire – The Power of Systemizing Your Business

This was an interview I conducted for the website Entrepreneur on Fire in March of 2013.


We looked at the journey that led to the Real Men Real Style website, and at the entrepreneurial vision that drives me

now: making good information available for the people that need it.

Story Summary – I got out of the Marines and went to business school, then promptly got fired from my first job after that. That gave me the chance to start A Tailored Suit, my online tailoring business, which at the time was one of only a handful of sites that took a person’s detailed measurements and created custom clothing with them. Now there are a couple hundred sites like that, and ATS hasn’t grown as fast as some of them, but it provided the base for a new business: style information.

When I realized that most people were coming to the A Tailored Suit website for the short style guide I’d put on it, rather than for the clothing itself, I saw the demand for a site like Real Men Real Style. Now information is my primary business!

The first experiment with selling style information was called “Style Boot Camp” at the time, and has evolved into the “Style System” that’s currently available. It initially paid for itself, and now it’s going great — out of about 300 people that have tried it, we’ve given one refund, and that was to a guy who was in the system when his house got robbed (he still used the course; I just wanted to give him a break).

A couple quotes from the interview that really get to the heart of the matter:

  • “What do you hate doing? Solution: Systemize it, and give it away.”
  • “Always evaluate, is this project worth time I could be spending with my family?”
  • “People will pay real money for you to bring them information that they can get for free at a public library.”
  • “You can’t be afraid to put a price on a good product. People value things they’ve paid for, and forget things they got for free.”
  • “Take action and fail quickly. A good decision now is better than a great decision too late.”


Cubicle Renegade on Pocketchanged

I talked with Caleb of Pocket Changed’s Cubicle Renegade podcast about the evolution of the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel and how it’s helped the business out.

The YouTube channel was originally a side project. I just wanted to see how people liked getting their information in that format, as opposed to in written articles.

What ended up happening was that YouTube made it so easy for people to comment, “like,” and share the information that it reached a much wider audience. People who wouldn’t necessarily come to the Real Men Real Style blog and spend a lot of time there were able to get good information without leaving the comfort zone of their own

The YouTube channel gives a me way to make a lot of the lessons I talk about visual, and even though it’s offered for free, it brings in value by expanding the audience and adding to my e-mail list. It also guides a lot of people to the free ebook, which has the effect of making people think “Okay, wow, if he’s giving this away for free, what are the products he’s charging for going to be like?”YouTube browsing, and that made it more accessible.

Here are some of the best quotes from the interview:

  • “In a comment thread on , Tim B (now a friend) called me an idiot in a comment thread for giving all my information away for free. It made me angry at the time, but it also made me rethink my belief that you could only sell physical products, and that the information was just advertising.”
  • “People take more interest in something they’re paying for. It gives them some skin in the game, and they take action on it.”
  • “If someone knocks on your door and you look through the peephole, and they look like a gangster, you’re not going to open that door. But if they’re wearing a UPS uniform you probably are. Appearances always matter, even if we say they don’t or shouldn’t.”
  • “Guys who say they can’t afford to dress well are making excuses. Look at projects like Thrift Store Runway — these guys are making professional business wardrobes for under $50.”
  • “Every man needs a suit. Someone’s going to get married, someone’s going to die; you’re going to win an award or get invited to an event. You can get away running an internet business in your pajamas 24/7, but you can’t get away with going out to something important without a suit.”
  • “The most expensive clothing you’ll buy is clothing you never wear.”
  • “Don’t take forever editing and re-editing. Get out an imperfect product and improve it over time.”

 Click here to read the full interview of Cubicle Renegade on Pocketchanged with Antonio Centeno.

How To Attract Clients On You Tube – James Wedmore Video Interiew

In this video interview I gave quite a few solid video tips to James Wedmore of Video Traffic Academy. I had met James earlier that year at Infusioncon but I’ve know of him and his teaching since 2011. In fact I have used quite a few of his tips and tricks to grow my channel – so I was more than happy to repay the favor by explaining how I took his lessons and applied them to Real Men Real Style.

Although you don’t see me at all in the interview – you can hear me discuss tactics as James records his screen and displays a few of the ins and outs behind my marketing machine!

Read the full interview How to Attract Clients on Youtube.  Click here.

Smart Business Revolution

SBR011--How-to-Start-and-Grow-a-Men-Style-Business400I met John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas this year. He noticed me (he claims) because I was the best-dressed man in the room! Maybe he’s just being nice to me, but it’s a testimony to the importance of making a good first impression.

This was a great interview that had a lot of practical discussion of business and entrepreneurship in it. I walked John step-by-step through the launch of my first business, A Tailored Suit, both the successes and the failures. I did a great job traveling to some of the best tailoring cities in the world (places like Bangkok, Hong Kong, and London) and talking to hundreds of custom tailors, looking for the right partner for my business — but then I also sank $10,000 into a website that didn’t work, and ended up teaching myself Dreamweaver and scavenging a little of that overpriced code to make my own site with.

John wanted to know how I came from my background growing up in a trailer park in west Texas to business school, and I told him that it was really about freedom for me. When I was a kid I saw all the adults in my life working wage jobs that they hated, and I didn’t want that to be me. I actually got a job as a CFO at a factory right after I graduated business school, and within a few months I’d lost it and decided to launch A Tailored Suit instead.

A lot of entrepreneur businesses rely on start-up funds and investment, but I mostly started with my own cash and some back-up from a friend who’d be there to help me out if things went badly. I used a strategy of funding things with the customer’s money — by having people buy the cloth for their suit up front, I was generating enough money to build the business without taking out big loans.

The vision I talked about with John is still what’s driving Real Men Real Style. I realized when I was in business school that a lot of men just don’t have the information they need to dress themselves presentably — I would see guys with six-figure educations going off to high-powered interviews looking like a mess. Getting that information out there proved to be something that interested people more than custom suits. I still sell the suits, and that business is good, but the information is the product that’s really going places.

Some quotes from the interview:

  • “I don’t look at not having money as being poor; I look at being poor as being unable to get out there and learn.”
  • “I can always declare bankruptcy with my business. One of the hardest things to do is be a father, because you can’t just declare bankruptcy and walk away from that. That’s someone else’s life right there.”
  • “When you land and you burn the ships, you’re going to keep going forward.”
  • “Use the customer’s money to fund your business.”
  • “I don’t care if a guy is wearing a suit or not. I care if he’s looking good and he can own the look he’s wearing.”
  • “Fashion runways don’t make sense to a lot of guys. I try to break things down to classic, timeless styles that everyone can understand.”
  • “No one has on their tombstone ‘I wish I’d spent less time with my family and more working on my business.'”

The Rise to the Top – 200 Videos In 200 Days On $2000


The longest of the video interviews, this was again about the YouTube channel and how I did it, but the focus here was much more technical. We talk a lot about how I filmed the videos and got them edited and uploaded, as well as about how that turned into customers for the information we sell on Real Men Real Style and for my online clothier A Tailored Suit.

If you want to know about my studio (the basement of my house), my filming schedule (early mornings — before my wife and kids wake up and the pipes in the basement start rattling!), or the equipment I used (an old Canon VIXIA with a mic mount and a dark green backdrop), this is the one to check out.

The whole YouTube channel got started on a total budget of about $2000, for the whole 200 videos I launched with. Of course, the costume budget was already covered — part of the reason I wanted to do these videos was because I already had the clothes we were talking about in written articles, and wanted a way to share them visually with people.

Here’s a few of the lines from the interview that I think stood out:

  • “I look at the style industry, and I think a lot of these style bloggers — they’re in their underwear! They’re not actually dressing anything like what they say on their blogs. They’re doing that from home where no one can see them.”
  • “YouTube is huge. It’s its own ecosystem. People live there.”
  • “The numbers are all verifiable. If I say I have so many subscribers; so many viewers, people can check that. They know if I’m full of shit.”
  • “Accept the fact that your first 10-20 videos are going to suck. That’s not a problem. Accept it.”
  • “You’re never going to find time. You have to make it. People are going to want your time, and you have to cut some of them off. Look at what’s most important to you.”

Tim Francis Marketing – You Tube Superstar

Tim-Francis--Direct-Marketing-Consultant400Tim Francis interviewed me at InfusionCon in Arizona this year. He wanted to ask about YouTube marketing specifically — how I drive traffic from YouTube to my website.

He raised what I think was a great point: a lot of the guys who talk about YouTube marketing are in the business of selling advice on marketing! He wanted my insight as someone who’s selling non-business, non-marketing information, and selling a physical product as well (over at my custom clothier website A Tailored Suit).

Here’s the short version of what YouTube did for my business, as I explain in the audio: It’s given me a broader audience, and it’s given that audience more trust in my expertise and my authority, both as a provider of style advice and of actual clothes.

For a small percentage of my viewers, that translates into the sale of a physical project. It’s a very small percentage. Only a few people who follow my YouTube channel actually come and buy clothes from me. But when you’re talking about $5000+ wardrobe purchases — several custom suits and shirts at a time — that’s significant. That’s all you need.

More broadly, it brings people in to the Real Men Real Style blog and to the ebooks and courses I sell.

In terms of cost, I put out about 200 videos in 200 days, for around $2000. I already had hundreds of articles on men’s style, so it was easy to generate the videos quickly. The first ones sucked, frankly, but I didn’t mind — it was more important to get the product out there, rather than spending a lot of time and money in advance on a product I wasn’t certain would make money.

At this point the YouTube channel is at around three and a half million views, with about 50,000 subscribers. At the start of every video I’m telling people to subscribe, like, and comment — some people complain about it, but lots more people do it! There are a few star videos — one on rolling your sleeves up generated almost 300,000 views — but the average ones are getting ten or fifteen thousand views in their first month.

Here’s some quotes that highlight our talk:

  • “People love information. More people were coming to my custom clothing site for the information than for the suits.”
  • “As a custom clothier, I have the clothes I’m talking about. I can get up in front of a video and show people how to walk the walk.”
  • “I’m all about efficiency. Instead of taking thirty minutes to answer a question in an e-mail, I can point people straight to the video that answers their question.”
  • “Anyone could put together ten to twenty videos by just answering the top, burning questions in their field. Most guys can push that up to more like fifty to a hundred.”
  • “If you get a good, solid answer out there on video, you own the answer to that question forever. It’s out there and people are going to keep coming to it.”
  • “If video is the only thing you’re doing, you’re going to stunt your growth. I try to wrap every video with an article, and sometimes a podcast as well. It could be an average article, but it’s going to beat the better article that has just text, because people like to consume information in different ways.”
  • “Find your voice. Just because I’m doing video doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. Maybe you’ll do best on Twitter, or Facebook, or Pinterest. You have to find what works for you and then do it like crazy.”

BIB Podcast – 250 Videos 11K Subscribers And Over One Million Views

YouTube-Marketing-Strategies-400I did this interview very soon after the YouTube channel really began to take off. The numbers are now obsolete — we have over 60,000 subscribers (in the video I say 11,000), and more than four million unique hits.

It’s still a good interview, though, and we really worked on bringing out some of the keys to success in YouTube marketing: namely, getting content out there regularly and perfecting things as you go along. I attribute a lot of my success to the first push of 200 videos in 200 days — one a day for the better part of a year. Up to 250 videos it remained close to that one a day rate, after which I started to slow the pacing down a little bit.

By that time we had the beginnings of the subscriber base, the 11,000 or so people that I reference in this video. Continuing to grow that has just been a matter of the same approach: putting out short videos on very specific questions or style points, as often as possible, so that there’s always something new.

A couple quotes from the interview:

  • “I truly believe that a man can learn anything.”
  • “Don’t edit! If you worry about it being perfect you’re never going to get it out there.”
  • “I have a personal connection with everyone. Any new client for my style system or my suits — they’ve probably seen me in a hundred videos. They know me better than some of their friends.”
  • “I started with one. My first video is still out there.”
  • “You do have to have a thicker skin. I think that keeps a lot of people out of video, that you’ve got to put up with that.”

Bibpodcast Part 2 – The Power of Evergreen Content

I did this 2nd interview with Jonathan one year after the one above.


I like how you can see the difference a year makes when you create strong evergreen content, as the interviewee clearly points out that although I only created 20% as many videos as I did the year before, my traffic still grew by 400% (from 1 to 4 million views).

Very powerful case study for investing the time upfront to create a sustainable marketing plan of



Art of Manliness – So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

How-and-Why-to-Become-an-Entrepreneur400There’s no video associated with this interview — it’s a text Q&A over at The Art of Manliness

This was one of the first blogs I started writing for, back when my only style writing on the web was the Style Guide at A Tailored Suit.

The interview was for their “So You Want My Job” series of pieces on men with great jobs, and they asked me to talk about being an entrepreneur.

It’s an older interview, from back when A Tailored Suit was still my primary business, and doesn’t reference Real Men Real Style or the information-based projects that came after it. So things have changed a bit — but that makes it a good look at what I was thinking when I was really focused on selling a physical product, which is not without use.

Since the interview is text-based (and not that long), I’ll let you read it over there, but here are a few highlights from it:

  • “I like the idea of waking up in the morning and knowing that the success of my company depends directly on the decisions I make.”
  • “A company that sells clothing should have representatives who have a deep understanding of fabrics, style, and proper fit; unfortunately most menswear salespeople do not.”
  • “People want to be able to call a company toll free, talk with a live person who attentively listens, and have their needs immediately handled by a capable and educated decision maker. Sounds simple, but when was the last time you received this type of service?”
  • “We’re not saving lives, but a well-fitted suit can change them.”
  • “Do not wait for the perfect moment, because the perfect moment to start a business will never come. People in their teens/twenties are too young, in their thirties they have to be safe for the kids, in their forties they are used to having money, and beyond fifty they are told it’s too late.”

Black Socks – The Man Behind Real Men Real Style

This was another Q&A session that we did in text, this time for the website.


In October of 2012, when this interview happened, I’d really started looking to expand and improve Real Men Real Style as my main business, while keeping A Tailored Suit running as well, and the interview reflects that. We talk a lot about good information and how to get it to younger men especially”, and how much demand there is out there for it.

Again, it’s all right there in text, so I’ll let you click through and read the interview (it’s fairly short) if you want the full details, but here are a few quotes from it:

  • “Style in itself doesn’t hold my attention – what I love is the power and psychology behind dressing sharp.”
  • “To differentiate myself from the 100s of other men’s style blogs out there, I focus on business and classic style for the regular guy. No fashion models!”
  • “Nothing I teach is high fashion; in fact my most popular video on YouTube (with over 100,000 views) is simply how to fold your shirt sleeves.”

Viewsline Interview – About A Tailored Suit

This one is a video interview I did for Viewsline about my custom clothier, A Tailored Suit. It’s shorter than the podcasts above — only about ten minutes long. The visuals are a little jerky (I think there must have been some connection lag), but the audio works great, and it takes a look at a few things that the other interviews haven’t.

Just for example, when I started my business, the name “Tailored Suit” was already taken, so I just tacked an “A” onto the start and became “A Tailored Suit.” I didn’t realize at the time what a boost it would give me — any time people are making a list of clothing sites, they generally alphabetize it, and that puts me at the top!

We also looked more at social media outside of the YouTube channel that I discussed in the other interviews. Mike had me talking a bit about our Facebook page, which I adopted for A Tailored Suit almost as soon as possible. I’d always been an early Facebook user, and creating a business page and getting those “Like” buttons on all of my webpages was a big boost. (You’ll notice if you go through the style guide on A Tailored Suit that every article has a “Like” button of its own, so that people don’t have to “Like” the whole A Tailored Suit page — just whatever article they stumbled across.)

Here are a few quotes from our discussion about SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing:

  • “It’s all changing fast. Fifteen years ago, if you’d asked someone to buy an airline ticket online — that never would have happened.”
  • “It’s a double-edged sword having an SEO-driven name. It’s hard to create a brand with something that’s entirely keyword-based.”
  • “There’s a reason why Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitoon and all these guys use their own names. It’s easy to start a brand with an SEO name, but it’s hard to knock it up into that luxury name. It doesn’t sound as exclusive.”

Inspiring Innovation with Meron Bareket – From USA Marines to World Leading Style Expert for Men


This was a recent interview that took a look at the history of my business (and the history is a little more up to date than in some of these other articles — we made this recording in August 2013, after I’d launched some of my newest projects).

We also dive a lot into method and process on this one. It has a lot of my best tips for business owners of all sorts, not just men’s fashion entrepreneurs. I expressed my philosophy regarding companies in the same field as me: I don’t see them as competitors, but rather as people who share my interest in growing our field and our market. When more people get interested in what we’re doing, we all benefit from it.

Click here to view the full interview Inspiring Innovation with Meron Bareket featuring Antonio Centeno.



Dappered – 5 Favorites

I’ll finish off with this short little article & interview of sorts I did for Dappered.

It’s not an interview, really. They wanted to know what five of my favorite physical products were. I told them about my sunglasses, my cowboy boots, my power tools, and a few other things — check the list out for all the details.

Veteran Empire #65 – Antonio Centeno (USMC/Fashion)

Veteran BusinessThis is one of my recent podcast interviews I did for Veteran Empire.

We talk about my education and my entrepreneurial journey from “having tea with hundreds of tailors” in Europe and Asia to helping people use clothes as tools to help them achieve their goals.

  • “The real problem in men’s style is that most men don’t even understand the fundamentals,” Antonio says, “And they don’t know why they should care.

Where Catwalk Meets Commerce – Interview with Kelly Lundberg

FB Antonio PodcastThis was a recent interview I did with Kelly Lundburg. We talk about why is it important to systemize your business and how to reach over 6 million Youtube views.

“What led me to launch Real Men Real Style?”

Why it is so important to systemize your business

How to reach over 6 million YouTube views

Beauty Fashion and War with Antonio Centeno

Antonio Centeno Beauty Fashion War Podcast

This interview with Beauty Fashion and War is one of my most recent (Feb 2014) interview as I discussed my business with Cleo Caban.

The idea for Real Men Real Style started soon after I founded

In an early effort to make my company more scalable, I tried to head off questions I knew my future clients would have by building an online library about how to properly wear suits, dress shirts, sports jackets, and other professional clothes.

What I hadn’t realized is that by building this content I tapped into the internet’s hunger for solid authoritative content that is both detailed and clearly laid out. By creating a safe and private place where men could learn the foundations of style at their own pace, we gained a loyal following.

Fast forward three years: A Tailored Suit is doing well, and I want to expand outside of the confines of custom high end menswear. I want to answer your questions about casual style and go into greater detail across more mediums when it comes to exactly how to dress and build your wardrobe.

Doubt the Doubts – The Key to Success and Happiness

AC2This podcast interview with Doubt the Doubts  is about 50 minutes long and I discussed:

  • Foundation of Real Men Real Style
  • Who is my inspiration?
  • What is the key to success?
  • What is the key to happiness?
  • What is the common mistake other entrepreneurs make?
  • What is my go-to resource?

NBPO43 – Growing a Business with Style & Virtual Staff


This is a recent interview with Chris Ducker – we talked about how I started Real Men Real Style. I started from zero to over 125,000+ Youtube subscribers and an email list of 70,000+.

I discussed with Chris the way I build engagement with my customers. The reason why I decided to hire my team of virtual assistants and the mindset shift that changed my life.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The hiring and training process of my virtual assistants
  • The fastest I’ve ever fired someone and why!
  • The key traits that I look for in an employee
  • Doctors, jet pilots, astronauts and VA’s use this tool and why you should use it as well!


The Art of Charm Podcast – Episode #237

In this episode of The Art of Charm podcastArtofCharm, Jordan Harbinger and I cover:

  • Why Personal Presentation Matters (it’s not as obvious as you think)
  • The Science of Style
  • Taking Action vs. Analysis Paralysis
  • Building an interchangeable wardrobe
  • Systemizing your Style
  • Why we can’t hide from our body TYPE
  • Why tailored clothing isn’t just for corporate types anymore


10 New Rules of Men’s Style

In this video of New Rules of Men’s Style, Ryan Magin and I discuss the ten most important rules when it comes to dressing better for every men.

Ryan and I cover:

  • Paying attention to details
  • Why dressing sharp is the key to getting what you want
  • Who do you represent when you dress sharp?
  • Buying the best quality you can afford
  • And a whole lot more

SLWpodcastStop Losing Women Podcast – The Importance of Style

In this episode of the Stop Losing Women Podcast, Harry Wilmington and I discuss the importance of style when it comes to attracting women.

We go over:

  • Misconceptions of guys when it comes to dressing sharp
  • How a man can build his wardrobe, even when on a tight budget
  • Secrets to building your own personal style
  • Resources a guy can go to in order to learn more about dressing better



BBOAntonioCentenoThe Boomer Business Owner – The Best Online Business Ideas for Baby Boomers

In this episode of The Boomer Business Owner, I talk to Charlie Poznek about bridging the gap between traditional and online business.

We talk about my background and how I came to build A Tailored Suit and Real Men Real Style.

What we cover:

  • Being in the Marine Corps and relation to men style
  • The importance of dressing sharp
  • Why you need to be able to reach customers all over the world
  • Why passion alone is not enough to start an online business
  • The rules of online business that every Baby Boomers needs to know

 yfva-episode-20-antonio-fbYour First Virtual Assistant – Training VAs to Become Experts In Your Business

In this episode of Your First Virtual Assistant, Jonathan and I discuss the process of finding and training assistants. How do I train my assistants? How do I make sure that they become experts in my business even with no background?

You’ll also learn about:

  • The two keys that I look for in VAs before I train them
  • Productivity VS Information absorption – Which is more important in the first few weeks of a VA’s job?
  • What is the intensive and long training process for my VAs

 Online Business Marketing with Antonio CentenoE27 Online Business Marketing with Antonio Centeno

In this episode of Business Republic, we talk about my marketing my online business and how I made it grow.

The question, “What does it take to be a real entrepreneur?”

“Have the courage to sell your idea immediately.”

“How do you use clothing as a vehicle? as a tool?”



 Episode 005 – Fire and Adjust Target Identified with Antonio of Real Men Real Style

005 – Antonio Centeno founder of — Fire And Adjust

In this episode of Fire and Adjust, we talk about

  • How I became a Marine
  • How needing a suit led to my business, Real Men Real Style and A Tailored Suit
  • How Youtube has helped with the growth of my business
  • Standard Operating Procedures


7 The Man Within the Clothes w Antonio Centeno Steven Davis Dating Advice and Dating CoachShy Man’s Dating School Episode 07 – The Man Within The Clothes w/ Antonio Centeno

In this podcast episode of Shy Man’s Dating School, we discuss:

  • Real style for real men on a budget
  • How clothing helps to bring out the man within
  • The internal changes that need to take place
  • Parenting from the male perspective


MB004 Dressing for success with Antonio Centeno MILBIZMILBIZMB004: Dressing for success with Antonio Centeno

In this episod of Milbiz, we talk about:

  • My path to becoming a Marine
  • Living in the Ukraine and taking up business studies at the University of Texas
  • Answering the Big 5 – advice and resources that I live by



Antonio Centeno InterviewThe Sport of Business – A Discussion With Antonio Centeno: July’s Role Model Of The Month

In this article of The Sport of Business, we talk about:

  • My typical work day
  • Morning routine
  • Importance of Dressing Well
  • First Suit to Buy
  • My Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • My Advantage in the Sport of Business


podcast01039 Antonio Centeno, Real Men Real Style – Timelines of Success

In this episode of the Timelines of Success, we talk about:

  • How I started my business – A Tailored Suit and Real Men Real Style
  • How much training did I have in fashion/retail before starting Real Men Real Style
  • What is the best advice I’ve ever received


FDF Episode 055: Style and Success with Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style

Screen Grab of FDF Episode 055In this interview of Style and Success, I discuss with Jay Scott how I started in the military and transitioned into business.

He asked about my interest in clothing and I stated that to be honest, I am not really interested in clothing. I am more concerned about helping the man in the clothes. I am happy to help people while also making money.

He asked me about what I think about fashion and style and the differences between them. Fashion is temporary and will change through time but style is personal and classic.

Jay came to my channel because he wants to avoid choosing clothes that will go out of style in time and he wants to look good so people will trust him to be able to form a business relationship.

We also discussed about first impressions. Dressing sharp gives you the respect that you deserve and people will look at you differently. It gives you the impression of being credible and trustworthy.

Why do some men think that they don’t need to dress sharp? One thing about it is that they are not actually sold into the idea. Most of us have a lot of going on in our life that we don’t see the importance of it until it slaps us in the face.

Jay asked about a system that can be used by men who want to start dressing in style. The answer is first of all, make a commitment in order to start dressing sharp. Light that fire to get things going.

We also discussed about tailoring. Most men need to work with a tailor but if you find a good brand, an off-the-rack suit is also good.

For success, zero in on what’s important and then proceed. Work on your life in individual areas can improve it as a whole.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

  • “It is important to help people but also making a living from it.”
  • “Fashion is fleeting. Style is timeless.”
  • “Family is the most important. “


LAMS Podcast Ep 011-What Business School Didn’t Teach Me With Antonio Centeno

Antonio Centeno

In this interview of the Life After Military, I discuss with Michael Ragland my transition from the Marine Corps to the style business – Real Men Real Style.

We discuss what signals you’re sending when you’re dressing up – what a smart man looks like. I also discuss my background – from where I grew up and starting A Tailored Suit back in 2007.

I also discuss why I transitioned from taking new customers on A Tailored Suit to teaching people about style. We talk about the how I built my business and how I help people with the content I put out.

I also talk about my position in the Marine Corps, what I did and how I transitioned in the civilian world. By listening to this podcast – you will learn more about what my biggest fear was when I left the military. We discuss the importance of hard work to be able to do what you’re passionate about.

I also share my proudest achievement in the military and my awesome new website and podcast High Speed Low Drag.

  • “I try to be the best in the world.”
  • “For people who are starting in the military – make sure to find mentors. Find people who you can go to and seek advice from to inspire you”
  • “You’ve got to put the time and the effort – You need to put in 10,000 hours!”
  • “The advantage that we, veterans have – we don’t give up. we work hard. we know what it’s like to go through adversity.”


Episode 36: How Getting Rid Of Your TV Can Help You To Focus And Grow Your Business

Ep_36_mtcycThis is an interview for Marketing to Crush Your Competitors with Fabienne Raphael.

Fabienne asked me to say a little bit about my background and I gladly said that I am a regular guy giving out style advice which is practical to other regular guys out there. I make style applicable to the regular guys out there.

I described my entrepreneurial journey in one word and I chose “discover”. I am constantly learning new things and I discover new ways and strategies to create a successful business.

Fabienne asked if I have ever taken no as an answer. I discussed about developing systems to help automate some of my business processes. One important program that I use is Infusionsoft. I use it to send out follow ups and offers. This way, I just simply send information out, make the offer, and see who says yes.

We also discussed about times when I thought of giving up. I said that there are dark periods but as an entrepreneur, you have to have the ability and thick-skin to be able to push through and realize that you are fighting for something.

I wanna make other people’s lives better and transform them. I focus on helping people not making sales. I look at it as the help that I give is the sale itself. I make money and they get transformed for the better. Many successful businessmen are not hated for their wealth because what they give is so much more than the money they make.

What’s your secret to optimize productivity, Fabienne asked. I manage time wisely. I have a sign in my work desk which says “Is the time I spend working on this project worth the time I could be spending with my family?” That is my measure.

In becoming who I am today, my greatest influence is my mom. She focused on education. She taught me how to apply knowledge in action. She always has a positive attitude.

There are things that I still struggle with concerning marketing and that’s because the landscape changes but it’s exciting. I never have enough resources, never have enough time, never have enough work.

But my marketing strategy is “Don’t crush competitors, make them your friends.”

My key to financial success is living within your means and spending less than what you make.

Keep things in balance. Set up a system to keep that balance. Don’t be the guy that watches from the sidelines. Get out there.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

  •  “It is not hard work but we call it delayed gratification.”
  •  “Turn down good opportunities to pursue amazing opportunities.”
  • “I make sure that my ‘Why’ is aligned with what I wanted to do.”
  • “The more things change the more they stay the same.”


Veteran On The Move PodcastVeteran On The Move Podcast: Antonio Centeno – Marine Veteran Teaches Real Men Real Style

This is an interview for Veteran On The Move Podcast with Joe Crane.

On this episode, we discussed my military experience in the United States Marine Corps. I also talked about my transition into the civilian world.

I  talked about starting my business – what path did I really want to go down? I discuss my love for networking and making friends. Why I decided to create an online business? How important quality time with the family is for me?

What prompted me to start A Tailored Suit and Real Men Real Style? I also pointed out the importance of working with my team in Real Men Real Style.


41 Antonio Centeno Create Videos to Get Millions of Views Conscious MillionaireConscious Millionaire Ep 41: Antonio Centeno – Create Videos To Get Millions of Views

This is an interview for Conscious Millionaire Podcast with JV Crum III.

On this episode, I share my journey as an entrepreneur and my insights on how you can make money by making a difference.

I discussed my business, Real Men Real Style – specifically in the video marketing area. I also described my custom online business, A Tailored Suit.

What is my Marketing Strategy?

My sales strategy is being the first one to give value, then people will want to give back.  I want to help someone and have someone offer to help him so the goal is to grow together.

Quote in this episode:

“I really enjoyed that I created a business that makes a difference in the world and I’ve been able to automate to create systems in the company that allow me to make this world a better place”

 To read the full interview – Conscious Millionaire Ep 41 with Antonio Centeno, click here.


100 Percent Business English100 Percent Business English 017: Real Men Real Style with Antonio Centeno

This is an interview for 100 Percent Business English with Paul Urwin.

On this episode, I share my concrete advice on How to make an impact in business situations, starting with what to wear (and what not to wear!).


“Baggy clothing makes you look smaller and less masculine. It makes you less functional. The beauty of buying a clothing that fits you is it makes you look exceptional.”

“Focus on the Pyramid of Style – Fit, Function and Style.”



EasyspaceThe Easyspace Blog – Interview with Antonio Centeno, founder of Real Men, Real Style

This is an interview for  The Easyspace Blog .

On this episode, I share my background and what led me to starting Real Men Real Style. How is it different from other men’s fashion advice websites? How much training or experience did I have in fashion retail before starting Real Men Real Style?

I talk about my marketing strategies on the business and Youtube. I also discussed how I make money with my business.


“I never act like I know everything, and with that, having that information, I think, really helps me set myself apart because I’m always trying to learn, and I’m always a student.”

” I think mistakes are just part of the learning process, and I make mistakes every single day. This year alone, I’m looking at… I’ve got probably 10 big mistakes or things I wish I wouldn’t have had to run my business through, but that’s the only way you’ll learn because, for every mistake, we get a better batting average.”



Art of ManlinessPodcast #102: The Science of Style With Antonio Centeno

This is an interview for the Art of Manliness podcast with Brett Mckay.

In this episode, Brett and I talk about the origins of the military clothing in relation to men style, the science of style and how it affects your environment. We also discuss : Who’s more vain? Low testosterone or high testosterone men? How your clothing can change the way you feel about yourself?


“No, it’s not feminine to care about your appearance.”

 “I love communication. I love the way we can use visuals to send a message.”



And that’s it for the history and experiences that have gone into Real Men Real Style, as retold in various interviews all over the internet…for now! There’s always more to come later as I continue with my business and my mission to bring great style to as many guys as possible.

DebossidiedDebossified | Top Secret Business Strategies

From Pink Slip to Golden Ticket – Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style Will Empower You

In this episode, Antonio shares:

  •    The necessity of multiple passive income channels (he has 20)
  •    Favorite business book: Competitive Strategy, by Michael Porter
  •    Why throwing money at a vendor isn’t always a solution
  •    The wins that come from taking action versus talking about it
  •    How content generation is key at the onset for online sales if you’re small
  •    Why eyeing competition, not obsessing, can be leveraged
  •    And much more!

Sterling asked me about my bad boss story. I mentioned about the time when I just graduated from the University of Texas. I was hired as a CFO of manufacturing plant but after 4 months, I was fired.

I was debossified by the end of 2007.

I was not sure about being entrepreneurial before but I identified problems early on. I couldn’t find a suit in Kiev, Ukraine so I had one custom made suit for $1000.

I continued to tell the story about business school where I ran into a tailor. From then on, I wondered if I could make it into the entrepreneurial world.

Sterling then asked me how I monetize. My idea of making money is the old fashioned way which is selling a product and I get paid for it. I looked at the best tailors in the world which led to my 1st company – A Tailored Suit. By that time, there were only 3 other businesses in the world like mine.

I still keep on learning and I went to bookstores, researched on how to create websites. So from selling, I went on to do sales copies, web development, and online marketing. From my personal notes, I turned them into articles.

We talked about Men Style Con which will be on May 2015. This event was created because I built friendships with persons in the same industry. The act of reciprocity is very evident in this kind of event.

We proceeded to talk about information marketing. From the formal world f suits, I received a lot of requests for casual styles. That’s when Real Men Real Style was created.

My final piece of advice to become debossified, “Take action.”

Quotes from this interview:

“There is opportunity here and I need to jump on it.”

“Today I make money in 20 different ways.”

“I am a big believer of quality.”

“The amazing opp was going to be information marketing and going that path.”


Linda_Yates podcastExecutive Edge Podcast | Dressing with Style

The Executive Edge Antonio Centeno shares how dressing with style is an edge to achieving success.

Highlights from this episode:

– Begin with the end in mind

– How style impacts our ability to succeed

– Importance of visuals and your ability to connect

– Man or woman behind the clothes

– The power of putting your best foot forward

– 3 tips to energize your image

– Purpose of different clothing items

– Style doesn’t have to be expensive

– Breaking stereotypes

– How paying it forward brings joy

– How to pick yourself up from disappointment

– How to keep your priorities straight

– How to set up systems to highlight your strengths

The interview started with me sharing my memorable travel experiences. I told the story of travelling to Ukraine as my wife is from there. Seeing how people live differently in other places can make an impact in your life.

We also talked about how I define success. I look at what is my end goal. Start with the end in mind.

Linda stated that knowing what your style is and leaning towards that style is an edge. I agree and pointed out how important visuals are nowadays.

Clothes don’t make the man, they reveal him.   This means that I really don’t care about clothes but the man behind them. I write for the guy who cares about putting his best foot forward.

The challenge that thought me a lot was out of business school, I was hired as a CFO in a manufacturing plant but got fired a few months after. I learned from that experience that you have your life and you have your family. Those things matter.

Linda asked what inspires me. I answered that I am inspired by little things. Emails from people, my daughter, and my business. A lot of things inspire me.

Quotes from this interview:

“We will find shortcuts.”

“A good professional image allows shortcuts.”

“I really enjoy using style to make a difference.”


Dude_LivingThe Science and Art of Being a Modern Man

This is an interview with Eric Pangburn of Dude Living.

In this podcast, I talked a bit about my background and how I started up Real Men Real Style on the heels of my first successful site,, with the goal of enhancing the scalability of my business endeavors, and addressing questions that future clients may have about men’s style and fashion.

By building Real Men Real Style, I produced a comprehensive and well-organized online library for men’s fashion. But more than that, it serves as a hub for authoritative content that serves as a solid foundation for professional dressing.

Eric asked me about Men Style Con. I explained how it started with the help of my good friend Aaron Marino. Some think that we are competitors but we became good friends and decided that we should have something where we could be together. Thus, Men Style Con was created. This year, it is going to be on May 1st until the 3rd.

Then I proceeded on answering how my experience as a Marine carry over to what I am doing now. I think the Marine Corp taught me a lot about how a uniform should fit, and how clothing should fit, and what it means to, in a sense, be able to send a message with image.

I told Eric that I don’t have entrepreneurial background but I have been constantly learning. I have an instant connection with people and I think that is very important.

I also talked about Major Lee who was my mentor in the military. He helped me during my down point in my military career.

Eric also asked about what made me decide to create a men’s wear style business. There were a lot of things that led to this moment but the first thing was losing my job as a CFO for a manufacturing plant.

I concluded this interview with the thought that connecting with people in the industry is always a good thing. I think people should reach out and attend more conferences…go out and meet people and help each other.


Leading Men from Combat into Better, More Squared-away Lives

Lee_Warren_Interview_SnapshotThis is an interview for with “No Place to Hide” author, Dr. W. Lee Warren.  This is Episode 46 for You Start Today Podcast.

In this podcast, I discuss with Lee how I started my life as a veteran.  I came home from war and had my turning point when I had difficulty finding a suit for my wedding.  I saw the opportunity of equipping men with the knowledge they need to dress well and professional.  That’s when I started my first company which is

After I created, I then realized that it wasn’t my sweet spot.  I started another company which is now

Years after, I realized that I was not satisfied with my own success.  I wanted to offer a hand to other vets in transition into the civilian world.  That’s when I started High Speed Low Drag.  I created this website along with John Lee Dumas and Tom Morkes, both veterans, to equip the veteran community achieve their own success.

By working smarter through systems, I believe that peace is achievable in spite of circumstance.  I had to deal with losing my sister but it was when I found value in helping others and focus on what really matters in life.

We concluded the interview with the thought that we should start today.  We have to make things happen and take the path to balance and success.

Quotes from the interview:

“If you want to feel better, do better.”

“Peace is achievable in spite of circumstance.”

“The time to start is today. You start today.”


An Entrepreneurship with Style | Sidepreneurs Interview

Sidepreneurs_Interview_SnapshotThis is a podcast interview for Sidepreneurs with

In this interview, I talk about how I became a style expert, speaker, consultant and blogger.

I like to equip men with the education and tools they need to achieve their individual style. I started to create blog posts for The Art of Manliness then developed the personal presentation course A Man’s Guide through Timeless Style. I built and founded Real Men Real Style.

It took me a while to start my business but I learned from school and my experience as a military officer.  That equipped me to help my clients’ needs.

My success is because of my wife and I thank her for her hard work as well.

I went on to tell the story about my dilemma of trying to find the best suit for himself for my wedding.  I found a person who can make custom clothing of great quality but less price.  That was the beginning of my business.

Now, I help men find great style by trying to make them care about how they present themselves. I try to make style practical and applicable for the regular guy.

Lessons from this interview:

Focus in on content marketing, be an expert to be successful.

Find a mentor – someone who’s ahead of you.

Start to build your network.

Always be a go-giver – find ways to give.

Daily self-education.

Talk to your support system all the time.



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