#1 You Find Yourself Locking Eyes With Lots Of People Research by the University of Oslo in 2015 found that your brain gives  you a dopamine shot when looking at something pleasurable. This dopamine  shot is equivalent to eating your favorite food or winning the lottery.

#2 Women Raise Their Eyebrows When They Look At You When someone raises their eyebrows, it usually means they are either  surprised or caught off guard. If someone looks at you and  subconsciously raises their eyebrows, it’s another one of the subtle  signs you're attractive.

#3 You Have a Growth Mindset There are two different types of mindsets you can have – fixed and growth. The latter is one of the signs you are a more attractive guy than you think.

#4 People Value Your Opinion Over Others In the 2011 book, “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More  Successful,” Daniel Hamermesh found that attractive people earn 3-4%  more than people with below-average looks and get hired sooner and promotions more quickly.

#5 Others Go Out of Their Way To Help You Have you noticed that others jump at the opportunity to help you with a problem you’re having – regardless of the situation? The reason for this may be another one of the subtle signs you're attractive. People are more likely to lend you a helping hand. 

#6 People Ask You A Lot of Questions Why do you ask someone questions? The answer is simple – you want to get  to know that person better. With over seven billion people globally,  why on Earth would this beautiful woman be asking you so many questions?

#7 Everyone Around You is Happy In “Biology: Your Brain In Love,” Helen Fisher found that when someone sees someone attractive, their brain hits them with dopamine – similar to how you feel when you look at a good painting.

#8 People are Shocked That You Have Any Insecurities Looking at you, people think that you have somehow avoided all the common male insecurities. Everything is perfect at your end because you look self-confident and self-sufficient.

#9 You Understand Multimodal Attraction One of the more subtle signs you are an attractive guy is understanding the multimodal approach. This means you know there's  more than one mode of attraction. It's not all about looks – it's  multi-faceted. It also depends on how you sound and smell. 

#10 You Know Practice Builds Confidence That's one reason why men who are a little older really attract women – because they know how to be a confident man.  They've developed, and they've had experience – they've taken the time to actually figure out what they  stand for. 

#11 Owning Your Style The last of the signs you are an attractive guy? Understanding and  owning your sense of style. A bit vague? Fear not, we're breaking it  down for you.