Aging Men Beware: 10 Unexpected Changes

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You Stop Dealing With Other People's Nonsense

It's no surprise because, as you grow older, you adopt more responsibility and thus have less time. Some of the biggest desires of young people include having lots of friends and being liked by everyone.

You Care Less About What Other People Think

The insight that comes from people that matter to us is more important. We no longer waste time on gossip and rumors, in fact, we avoid them for the trouble they've caused.

You Lose Your Hair – FAST

One of the biggest fears most men face is seeing their hair start to fall off, but what really surprises them is just how quickly it happens. Most people search for cures when it's already too late, and companies like Keeps realized this.

You Start To See Yourself In Others

Most people want to leave an impact on this world in one way or another. This is why there are so many aspiring artists and sports players. Others want to change the planet – many hope to end up in the history books.

You Adopt A Set Of Core Values

As we grow older, the life lessons we've learned pile up. By now we have vast experience in all sorts of situations, and it feels like nothing can surprise us anymore. 

Life Events Become More Meaningful

Adults pay more attention to the good, less attention to the bad, and recover more easily from negative feelings. This may lead people to believe that you get less emotional overall as you age, but that's actually not the case.

You React Better To Stress

As you age, you go through many of the same life scenarios over and over again. With experience, the stress of “Can I do this?” becomes “No problem, I've done it so many times”.

You Finally Become A Morning Person

Adults wake up earlier in general. This basically means, whether you were a morning person or not when you were younger, the majority of the world wakes up and starts their day early.

Time Starts Flying By

As you grow older and your connections begin to scatter around, you realize just how precious your time is. You start having to schedule meetings with friends, sometimes days or weeks in advance, as life takes you on different paths and destinations.

You Become Happier

Happiness levels start to go down after the age of 7, but rises back up again as you approach your 70s. You learn to appreciate the little things in life that are positive, while – as we already mentioned – the negatives impact you less.