Wearing Sneakers in the Winter 

Sneaker Style For The Modern Man

There are numerous types and styles of sneakers, all with their own design intent. Knowing the design intent will help you figure out how to make them work for you. And the way you can wear them effectively in any situation.

White Sneakers 

The white sneaker is the most important among the long list of sneakers you will run into (pun intended). It will be the most versatile shoe in your wardrobe. It can be worn with shorts, jeans, chinos, and vibrant or dark colors.

Dress Sneakers

It was only a matter of time before the rapidly disappearing formal style caused the dress shoe to change. While dress shoes may be essential for your suit in many formal situations, dress sneakers are a great substitution

Iconic Sneakers

Iconic sneakers are those specific brands or models that stand out due to their status in our collective sneaker hierarchy of adoration. These are those shoes that we have seen on T.V. and in magazines and made famous by your favorite athletes, actors, and musicians over the years.

Low Tops

Just like your white sneakers, low tops are some of the most versatile in your closet. While the white sneakers are meant to be as basic as possible, these are a little more fun. They will have bright colors and details like brand insignia that keep these at the top of the style game.