Top 10 Men’s Summer Fragrances For Every Occasion

#1: The Best Everyday, All-Purpose Summer Fragrance

Hermes H24

For most summer days, you want something that’s fresh, reliable, and universally flattering. Nothing too loud, but still distinct. A scent to conjure imagery of nature in a modern world, with a slightly metallic, technological wist.

#2: The Everyday Runner-Up:

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Ralph gets it right. For another great everyday option, consider this classic all-timer. Polo Blue combines an invigorating mix of fresh citrus with geranium, oak, and more, to great effect.

#3: The Best Summer Date Fragrance:

Cartier Déclaration

Typically, wood-based scents tend to read as more masculine. When taking that special someone out for an evening on the town this summer, you want to exude just the right, subtle degree of confidence – without sacrificing summer sensibilities.

 #4: The Summer Date Runner-Up:

Tom Ford Azure Lime

Limes are a summer essential – a sentence no one may have ever said, but one that still more or less sounds correct. You put 'em in your cocktails, so why not your fragrances? This scent by Tom Ford has powerful top notes  lime, but is well counterbalanced by a classic sandalwood base.

#5: The Best Summer scent to Wear for a Job Interview:

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

You want to come off as confident, but not overpowering. Picking the right fragrance can be key to tying your image together into a complete picture, and to truly sell yourself. Consider Jo Malone London’s popular Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance.

#6: The Job Interview Runner-Up: 

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day

A highly refined but adventurous fragrance, Sailing Day by Maison Margiela’s much-celebrated REPLICA line is a classic summer scent. Reminiscent of days spent on a boat on the ocean, this fresh aquatic scent contains key notes of aquatic accord, coriander, and red seaweed essence.

#7: The Best Summer scent  to Wear to The Office:

 Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

Most users of this fragrance note that it’s remarkably easy to get used to. Which is great for the office, because while you want to smell good in the boardroom, what you don’t want is for people to submit complaints to HR about your overwhelming cologne usage.

#8: The Office Runner-Up:

Calvin Klein CK One

For something minimalist yet still summer-adjacent, Calvin Klein CK One is an excellent option. It’s undeniably in tune with the spirit of the season, with opening top notes filled with hints of mandarin orange, papaya, lemon, and more.

#9: The Best Fragrance for Summer Weddings:

Yves Saint Laurent L’HOMME

Yves Saint Laurent fragrances are crowd favorites for a reason, and their classic L’HOMME scent truly delivers. Perfect for formal events but totally wearable for everyday use as well, its top notes of lemon, ginger, and bergamot are key players in a classic summer scent profile.

#10: The Summer Wedding Runner-Up: 

Coach Green

Don’t overlook this powerhouse fragrance – it packs a pretty great punch of kiwi in its top note, complemented by crisp bergamot. The middle note contains rosemary and geranium, while the base is made up of crystal moss and cedarwood.