Build Sexual Tension With Woman Through Text

Love Is a Highly Addictive Drug


The ‘pleasure center’ of the brain, which deals with motivation and rewards, has a powerful reaction to the people we love. The drive to win them over is a primitive response.

Looking For Love vs. Natural Attraction


Sometimes we fall in love when we’re not even looking for it. It arrives unexpectedly. he chemistry between a man and a woman plays a crucial role in making this happen.

How Chemically Compatible Are You?


We pick our mates based on how compatible their chemical makeup is with ours. This means that a person with high testosterone would likely choose a mate with high estrogen.

How To Give Her What She Wants


According to science, women have four basic romantic wishes: Loving devotion in a committed relationship; Thoughtful, honest behavior; Generosity of spirit; Satisfying sex

Watch Your Punctuation When Text Woman 


Be vigilant with your punctuation. I have a friend, and his text messages come off as monotone or even cold. He doesn't use capitals, and he throws periods everywhere. thanks. sure.

Text Her at Night


Unlike busy, ambiguous mornings, evenings are almost always a good time to text the girl you like. At this point, work is over, she's comfortable, and she feels good. She is in the right mood for romance.

Be Patient


I had a friend who couldn't get his girl out of his mind. Whenever she was out  or otherwise occupied, he would start texting her. I told him to cool it, let her have her own space, and wait until she finished doing whatever she was doing.

Don't Just Flirt with Her


Constant flirting can get boring very quickly. It's okay to ask about everyday things. Ask her how her important meeting went. Take an interest in her life. Encourage her and be her biggest fan.