How To Deal With Excessive  Sweating


Rehydrate Your Body To Prevent Excessive Sweating

Regulate your body temperature by drinking at least 8 tall glasses of water each day. The water prevents your body from overheating and preventing the need to sweat. Drinking lots of water flushes odor-causing toxins from the body through urine.


Change Your Deodorant

Use a natural body deodorant that is paraben-free as these products don't contain any testosterone-reducing xenoestrogens (like parabens and aluminum). Talcum powders are generally safe, but messy to apply. Use a roll-on deodorant that is specifically designed to keep your pits fresh and dry.


Protect Your Crotch From Excessive Sweating

Swamp crotch is a problem that is not openly talked about. Look for a product that soothes and cools your skin and is not made with talc or menthol (because they burn), aluminum, or parabens. Regular application prevents chafing in your groin and keeps your nuts cool, fresh and dry.


Wear The Right Clothing To Prevent Excessive Sweating

- Choose fabrics that absorb sweat. - Wear breathable fabrics. - Wear light layers. - Select the right colors. - Bring extra clothing. - Wear loose clothing.


Change Your Diet To Prevent Excessive Sweating

Avoid fast foods, processed ready meals, artificially sweetened candy, soda. Skip spicy foods. It raises body temperature and leads to thermal sweating. Eat fresh foods. Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet,


Build Good Habits To Prevent Excessive Sweating

Have a daily bathing routine Take lukewarm baths or showers Use a handkerchief, wet wipes &    tissues Carry a natural deodorant  Exercise. 


Reduce Stress To Prevent Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating may also be caused by anxiety, fear, nervousness, pain, tension, and stress. To avoid this, you should learn to relax and deal with your emotions. Being more relaxed increases your confidence and reduces the possibility of your sweat glands going into overdrive.


eek Medical Help To Prevent Excessive Sweating

Profuse sweating can sometimes be a sign of a serious medical condition. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a medical condition that induces the sweat glands to overreact to stimuli.  Hyperthyroidism can also cause excessive sweating and requires medical attention.