Get Ready to Be Wowed

10 Men's Style Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Men Were The Primary Users Of Makeup

It all dates back to 10,000 years ago. Tribal men would wear paint either for camouflage (to catch animals while hunting) or for battle (to instill fear in their enemies). There was no aspect of “beautifying” oneself. It was purely functional.


Men Were Dying To Look Good (Literally)

They put their lives on the line…even if they simply wanted to shave or wear a neat collar. Why? People didn't know yet how to deal with shaving cuts. Infections eventually led to deaths.


Men & Flowers Go Well Together

Alexander the Great would grow his own roses and have them introduced to the countries he conquered. Who knows how often he got his fingers pricked after touching a brand new rose from his gardens?


Pink Was Originally A Man's Color

Men back in the 18th century not only wore pink, but dressed in pink silk suits which were embroidered with flowers. Those men were very powerful and highly respected.


Men Were The Primary Wearers Of Jewelry

Men's jewelry included gems, rubies, pearls, and other stones in their outfit. Kings would drape pearls around their necks. They dressed in purple since that color was labor-intensive and symbolized royalty. 


All Men Used To Wear Dresses 100 Years Ago

Wouldn't dresses be easier than trousers if you always had to pee? This is why boys from a century ago wore dresses just like girls until they were 6-7 years old. That was also the age when they got their first haircut.


High Heels Started With Men

Did you know that ancient Egyptian murals portray nobles and men of authority wearing heeled shoes? The reason was similar to wearing jewelry: to set themselves apart from the lower class, who walked barefoot.


Men Check Themselves In The Mirror More Than Women

Men look at their reflection 23 times a day on average, whereas women do it only 16 times!  Women mostly do it to check if anything's out of place. Men also check themselves but spend more time admiring their body.


More Clothing Makes You Look More Intelligent

By covering up (showing less of your neck and chest, avoiding shorts or sleeveless shirts, etc.) people can focus on your words and thoughts instead of seeing you as an “object.” That may sound shallow, but that's reality.