10 Signs You’ll Be Successful: Do You Have Them?

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#1 Sign You'll Be Successful: You Know What You Want

Have you defined what it is you're looking for and what you're going after? A lot of people go through life without ever thinking through what they want.

#2: You've Got Grit

You know how to deal with hardship. You persevere. If someone throws an obstacle in your way you find a way around it.  You find a way over it, under it, you knock a hole right through it.

#3: You're Passionate About What You Do

Do you absolutely LOVE what you do? I know I love what I do here at Real Men Real Style. Not long ago I was having trouble choosing a watch, and a wise man told me:

#4: You Wear A Watch

There IS scientific evidence that wearing a watch gives you the edge. A  2015 British study in the journal Peer J found that if you wear a  watch you are more conscientious and more likely to be on time.

#5: You Outwork Everybody

You put in the effort. You don't shy away from waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning on the weekends to get in that extra hour of study.

#6. You Take 100% Ownership Of Your Decisions

You don't blame others. You don't pass the buck. You don't ask anyone to make your decisions for you. 

#7. You're An Action-Taker – Not An Overthinker

Anyone who's started a company or taken on a worthwhile project knows  you're going to stumble and fall. But that's all on the path to success.  Next time, you're going to be successful.

#8. You Never Stop Learning

You dive into books, online courses, audiobooks… there are so many  ways to continue to learn. I hate reading, but I devour audiobooks while  I'm traveling or doing chores.

#9. You're Aware Of Your Limitations

So many times people get overconfident. They think, ‘I had great success  in this one business, therefore I'm an awesome business person.'

#10. You're Strange

That guy who's written a book and he won't come party with you because he wants to stay home and reread it? He's crazy about this. Are you CRAZY about what you're doing?