9 Skills Every Man Must Master To Be A Success



Have a Defensive Mindset (Be Able to Defend Yourself)

The world can be a dangerous place.  Hopefully, none of you have to experience  this in life – but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


REALLY Listen to Others

Listening is one of the most critical skills you have – your ability  to listen well has a significant impact on your career effectiveness and  the quality of your relationships with others. Today, too many people listen to respond rather than listen to understand.


Understand What’s Actually Important In Your Life

You have to understand what’s actually essential in your life.  That’s an important distinction. Your life is different from others –  what you value the most will be different as well.


Achieve Financial Maturity

Financial maturity means that you’ve taken the necessary steps that lead  you into financial adulthood. This allows you to live a more  financially secure and independent life and shouldn’t be confused with  financial independence or security.


Have Self-Reliance

For example – can you change a tire, or do you need to call your  insurance for roadside assistance? It’s essential to take stock of the little everyday skills you can learn that you rely on others for. Learn how to make small repairs around the house – instead of calling someone to do them for you.


Never Lose Your Curiosity

Do you remember when you were a child, and everything was interesting  to you, and you questioned everything? Much to the chagrin of your  parents, you would always ask why. It’s easy to lose curiosity about everything.


Don’t Assess Your Worth From Your Career

The  satisfaction you feel after an achievement will only last so long. While  this hunger to be better is absolutely necessary to be successful, you  need to divorce yourself from your career.


Don’t Assess Your Worth From Your Career

Part of the human condition is growing and changing. Along the way, you will make mistakes; no one is perfect. It’s easy to put yourself down – but you have to accept yourself for who you are.


Allow Yourself To Feel Empathy

With all of the negative experiences you go through in life, it’s easy  to lose empathy for others. Empathy  is imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes.