Things Men Should NEVER Wear

You've often heard me say that fragrance must be discovered, never announced. Too much fragrance is not only a turnoff, it can cause migraines and allergic reactions. Most men have a poor sense of smell and become desensitized to their cologne.

#1 Too Much Fragrance

Clothing that displays brand logos is a smart marketing move for the company selling You are not a walking billboard for a brand advertisement. Advertisers would love this but unless you're getting paid, why would you want to promote a huge logo or brand on your shirt?

#2 Large Logos On Clothing

Despite the best intentions of top designers, emobroidered pants are best left to sophisticated Italian women who have the attitude to match their fancy pants. Avoid wearing pants that are covered with preppy shapes, designer logos, little whales (or lobsters), flags and motifs.

#3 Logo Embroidered Trousers

This is not how you show off the body you're working so hard for in the gym. This is not your greatest DIY project. If you have a good build, people are bound to notice. Showing off your side boob is not going to excite the opposite sex – you may as well go shirtless if that is your intention.

#4 Side-Cut  Tank Tops

Despite the protests against oddly shaped shoes, men continue to wear them. Shoes with a pointy toe make small feet look gigantic and clownish. It's time to retire this passé trend and switch to a more natural looking chiseled toe shoe.

#5 Pointy  Toe Shoes

Another extreme shoe shape, the square toe shoe was the rage in the 90's. The clunky and square design of the shoe is suitable for men with foot abnormalities or broader than usual feet.Nothing screams late 90’s more than chunky-soled, squared-toe dress shoes. 

#6 Square Toe Shoe

Unless you're wearing diapers and eating pureed food, velcro shoes are a trend best avoided. It reminds people of the cheap wallets you started using in 6th grade. Your shoes (unlike your wallet) are on public display. While they are functional, velcro shoes are suggestive that the wearer is incapable of tying their shoelaces.

#7 Velcro Shoes

Tight jeans reinforced with spandex that hugs to your thighs and calves, is not an attractive sight. For most men, skinny jeans create an unattrative silhouette. Unless you're really thin, you'll probably end up looking like a lollipop in skin-tight jeans. 

#8 Skinny Jeans

Any top that shows off a little too much man-cleavage shows poor taste and results in the above mentioned public ridicule. There are much more practical shirts if you want to feel the wind on your chest. A normal V-neck or a Henley is a far better alternative.

#9 Deep V-Neck

A well-fitted outfit flatters your body shape and invites compliments from those around you. Ill-fitting clothes have the opposite effect. Wearing clothes that are too big for you makes you appear unprofessional and sloppy. Understand the importance of a good fit and get your clothes altered to fit.

#10 Baggy Clothing

Any chain around your neck should be concealed by your top. Or beaded necklaces. It's excusable on a 17-year old who just returned from spring break in Hawaii.

#11 Choker necklaces

A shirt reserved for party nights? Shiny black shirts were the rage for club nights two decades ago. Not anymore. A patterned, shiny shirt will only make you look creepy. Switch to plainer, classic outfits.

#12 Shiny Club Shirt