Style Tips For Shorter Men

What Looks Good On Short Guys?

Match Your Shoe Color To Your Pants


If you go with shoes that are a similar color to your trousers, this low contrast visually elongates your leg – making you look taller.

The Right Haircut Makes You Look Taller


If your hairstyle looks sharp up top, that's going to make you seem bigger than you are. You'll look like a man with a stylish haircut, which benefits anyone regardless of his height.

Wear A Suit That Compliments Your Body's Proportions


As a shorter gentleman, proportion should always be a goal. A suit has  many places where a tailor can make adjustments to make you look taller

Wear The Right Dress Shirts


Shirts can be very tricky for short guys. Many times dress shirts can look massive on shorter gentlemen because of the excess fabric that billows and bunches.

Buy A Topcoat


Topcoats are a stylish weather shielding piece, so the fabric is thicker and heavy-duty. Due to this, getting a top coat altered can be an expensive venture if tailors will be open to doing the job.

Leverage The Power Of Accessories


Wear subtle accessories up high as they will draw the eye up.  Unlike other style tips for shorter men, this one is about subtle attempts to capture other's attention and keep it high.

Use Color To Streamline Your Silhouette


Streamline is the desired effect. The eyes of onlookers should seamlessly travel up and down your outfit. To do this, you have to stick with a low-contrast palette.

Choose Pants That Make You Look Taller


What kind of pants should short guys wear? Pants that make you look slimmer. The slimming look cleans up the lines and elongates your legs.

Wear Bold Glasses


Wearing bold glasses keeps attention on your eyes – right where you want it (above the neck). It's such a minor, simple change, and it has a  significant effect.

10 Find A Tailor


If the sizes are too big, they will widen you and highlight your lack of  height or take away any of the above efforts to add height