Tips To Look Smart Fast 

Quickly Appear More Intelligent


Shut-up (Listen more, talk Less)

Have you ever heard the old adage “You have two ears and one mouth so  you should listen twice as much as you speak”? It's very colloquial but  the wisdom that's conveyed is spot on. Listening is a skill that needs  to be developed. It allows you to ingest all of the information that is  being presented.


Ask Simple but Insightful Questions

When you pose questions is this manner it allows a conversation to flow  naturally and intuitively. The person you’re interacting with will  definitely enjoy the chat you will have left a great impression on them.


Maintain Appropriate Eye Contact

Have you ever seen the guy that walks with his head down; or the guy  that stares through your soul as you’re walking by him in the gym? Both  are odd.


Effectively Use Quotes To Appear Smarter

This may seem like you’re being a know-it-all and it’s quite the  contrary. As long as you’re not going around trying to impress people  with stats and being super deep all the time, it will be seen as an  attractive quality that you are a well-read and well-versed person.


Get Enough Sleep To Look Good

The benefits of getting sleep are widely known. Sleep seems to be looked at as a commodity in today's  world. Everyone has entered into the rat race – on the go all the time  and not getting adequate rest. Getting rest is paramount for a healthy  lifestyle. It helps you.


Wearing Glasses Makes You Look Smarter Instantly

It's a recognition thing. Popular culture has drilled into our heads  that the smart guy wears glasses. Movies, commercials, and TV shows are  riddled with examples of the nerdy guy with specs. I'm not saying that you will look like a nerd.


Smell Pleasant

Over and over again I’ve heard countless women say that a man who smells good is extremely attractive.  I can’t imagine a scenario where the opposite would be true. Being a  man who wears a fragrance is synonymous with a being a man who is clean.


Wear Well-fitted Authority Uniform

This kind of look should be your uniform. Whether you’re going to the  grocery store or a board meeting, you should endeavor to look nice. This  doesn’t mean that you have to wear a suit to go pump gas but it does  mean that you should take time and care about your appearance.


Wear a Bit of Red

Wearing red is a great way to draw attention to you. It’s a bold  statement that communicates power and authority. This is a universal  notion. Think about it, all traffic lights around the globe turn red to  stop you. The color literally controls how you drive.


Leverage the Latest Smart Technologies

Staying abreast of the latest technological application can, for some, be a bit daunting. If you are savvy enough to be able to understand how to use the newest form of technology you will have a leg up.