Short Sleeve Shirts for Men

Why Are Short Sleeve Shirts For Men So Popular?

Short sleeve shirts are to summer what suits are to the corporate world. They're inherently designed for comfort and ventilation in hot weather, while also offering opportunities for showcasing your style.

What Makes The Perfect Short Sleeve Shirt For Men?

The first rule in choosing a short sleeve shirt is to pay attention to the material. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or blends of these. They're natural fibers that allow air to circulate, wick away sweat, and keep you feeling fresh.

How Should Short Sleeve Shirts For Men Fit?

Finding a well-fitting short sleeve shirt is essential if you want to look good this summer. Too tight, and it will accentuate any imperfections and restrict movement. Too loose, and it can look sloppy and unkempt.

Styling for a Casual Day Out

Opt for a casual design, like a bold print or a tropical motif, to make a statement. Alternatively, a simple solid color or classic pattern like stripes can also work for a more understated look.

Styling for a Smart-Casual Look

When aiming for a smart-casual look, a solid color or a subtly patterned short sleeve shirt works best. Avoid loud prints or overly casual designs.

A Word on Undershirts

While not mandatory, an undershirt can absorb sweat and prevent unsightly stains, enhancing your comfort during hot summer days. If you opt for one, choose a fitted V-neck in a breathable material so it stays hidden beneath your short sleeve shirt.