10 Clothing Items That

Make A Man More Attractive

According To Real Women

‘Man Lingerie' AKA The Suit


A suit jacket's lapel adds width to your chest. The padding and  structure in the top of the jacket build up your shoulders. Meanwhile,  the bottom of a suit jacket is deliberately cut closer to your body to  give you a tailored waist.

Medieval Armour AKA The Leather Jacket


Perfect for more  casual occasions, this classic jacket option oozes classic masculine  style and sex appeal. Why does a leather jacket make a man more  attractive?

Platform Shoes AKA Boots


Think about it, boots have heels that can give you as much as an extra inch! It's no secret women love tall men. When increasing your height is as  easy as slipping on a pair of boots why not take advantage of it?

A Frame For Your Face AKA The Shirt Collar


You might think smart shirts are sexless  items. The reason is a collar widens up your neck. It makes you look more muscular. Collars also balance and frame your face/

Your Grandfather's T-Shirt AKA The Henley


A Henley draws a woman's eye to the illusion of a built-up chest and a  trimmer waist, the same shape as the skin this shirt exposes.

The ‘V' AKA The V-neck T-shirt


The ‘V' still works to emphasize your chest and does it better than the standard rounded crew neck.

7 Metal & Glass AKA Sunglasses


Create an attractive air of mystery by using sunglasses to hide one of the most important parts of your facial expression.

8 A Sweet Or Fresh Smell AKA Fragrances


Understand that the clothing you wear is just one part of being attractive. How you smell to a woman is just as important – if not more!

Jeans That Fit


Levi Strauss created his denim jeans for California miners. They were  some of the toughest guys who have ever lived. This mental image is subconsciously created in a woman's mind  when she sees a man in a great-fitting pair of jeans.

Shiny Shoes AKA Well-Cared-For Footwear


If a woman sees scuffed, unpolished shoes or boots you haven't taken  care of…she's less likely to believe you will take good care of a  girlfriend. It's that simple, gents.