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women really don’t care about it

10 Male Insecurities That Women Don’t Care About

?ou Don't Make Enough Money

For most women, a man with an obsession for money is actually a turn-off. The ladies want guys who are driven and interesting.

Your Muscles Aren't Big Enough

 For years, society has told us that big muscles are what women look for  in men. However, it turns out you don't have to have a chiseled  six-pack to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Your Penis Is Too Small

Among the most common male insecurities is the size  of our penises. Since the dawn of time, a tiny pecker has been an insult  among men and claiming to be a big boy has been synonymous with  masculinity.

You're Not Working 100 Hour Weeks

Some men work a 100-hour week and boast about this as if they know it’s what women look for in men. If you're spending all your time at the office, your relationship will suffer.

You're Not An “Alpha Male” 

Pick Up Artists have popularized this term recently – an alpha male is supposedly dominant in every way, can seduce any woman, and never shows vulnerability. ?omen don't see these as positive traits in a romantic partner.

You're Too Nervous

Don't get insecure about your insecurities!  We all want to come off as cool and collected, but nerves are a  universal human experience. Regardless of gender, race, age or culture,  we all experience fear and worry.

You're Too Short

Height isn't what women look for in men – confidence is. If you make a big deal about the fact that she's taller than you,  chances are you’re gonna make her feel insecure about her own height!

You're Not Handsome Enough

Not that I want to make all men sound like jerks, but many men judge  women based on their appearance. Women, on the other hand, tend to look  for a deeper connection.

You Don't Drive A Supercar

Regardless of model, age, or color – a car’s purpose is to get you from A  to B in comfort. Sure, when you pull up in a nice car, you might turn a  few heads temporarily. But a shiny sports car won't keep her interest  for long.