Shy Bladder Syndrome

Are you familiar with urinal etiquette? Never pee next to another man – everyone knows this. But where does this come from? Paruresis, AKA Shy Bladder Syndrome. This is a psychological issue in which men (or women) experience difficulty urinating in public. The closer we are to others, the harder it gets.


Morning Wood

This seems annoying but it actually indicates that you have healthy bodily functions. Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) happens because testosterone reaches its highest peak in the morning right after you wake up. While you sleep, your brain relaxes and allows testosterone to flood your system. These hormonal fluctuations can often cause erections.


Random Erections

You see a beautiful woman giving a presentation. You're not a creep, but arousal kicks in whether you like it or not. Boom, erection. Again, this is the result of normal body chemistry. You should only be worried if these never happen. Regardless, it helps to wear a sports jacket. A book placed over your crotch while sitting will do the job as well.


Premature Ejaculations

It is among the most common sexual disorders among men, with up to 39% in the general community being affected. It is believed that chronic PE results from the anxiety induced by an early sexual experience that ended in an unwelcomed climax. The result is a vicious cycle that results in both partners being unhappy.


Hover Hand

The Hover Hand occurs when a man puts his arm around a woman without touching her. What does this signal? Insecurity, indecisiveness, and weakness. The solution here is simple: reciprocate. If a lady poses with you and puts her arm firmly around your waist, it's a safe bet that you can mimic her. If she doesn't, then don't.


Making The First Move

A 2011 study took a survey of 87 heterosexual students, asking them if they preferred to approach the opposite sex or to be approached themselves. 16% of men preferred that women approach them, while only 6% of the women interviewed were willing to make the first move.


Paying For Dinner

On top of making the first move, we are also expected to foot the bill. There are numerous articles and interviews out there in which women cite this as a tactic. They use this to determine what they are worth to a man. If you are unwilling to pay for the whole meal, you are implicitly saying she is not worth the price of a meal.


Making The Money

Yet according to a 2017 study from Pew Research Center, 71% of adults say it's essential for a man to be the breadwinner. This goes to show that despite the progress we've made, the pressure is still on us to be financially successful. This is why men tend to choose unfulfilling but profitable careers – if we don't make money, then we're weak.


Physical Strength

Believe it or not, a 2017 study published by Royal Society Publishing discovered that estimates of strength accounted for over 70% of men's bodily attractiveness. This means that society has a shallow view of men and that we are objectified the same way women are. This is a shame for those more inclined toward intellectual pursuits and have a naturally smaller frame.