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SIGNAL POWER & authority

10 Powerful Male Status Symbols

Custom Clothing

By having something tailor-made, you’re guaranteed it’s of top quality  and goes perfectly with your measurements. You don’t have to wonder if  the item has been counterfeited.

A Great Looking Watch

Women have their jewelry to show off – and men have their watches. So  you don’t want just any watch to tell you the time. You want something  classy and luxurious.

Quality Footwear

Shoes are things people tend to look at and base judgments on (even  subconsciously). If you’re wearing nice shoes – they make the assumption  that you’re a stylish man with a good eye.

The Technology You Use

Whether we like it or not – our gadgets have a say in how people see us. We want to show friends and colleagues that we’re “in” – that  we can change smartphones every other year. It’s consumerist, but that  affects our status.

The Vehicle You Drive

Much like your gadgets – your ride somewhat shows the kind of man you  are. In fact, it indicates more than your money in the bank – your  lifestyle, your priorities and where you are in life.

Strong Beliefs & Convictions

As long as you have strong convictions – it shouldn’t matter if others  think less  of you. People who share the same beliefs will be more drawn  to you and your courage. That makes a powerful status booster.

A Body By Design

This is about a body that’s not just buff or in good shape. A body by  design goes beyond hitting the gym – it’s about mastering the body so it  suits your culture or profession.

Good Etiquette

It wasn’t too long ago when etiquette was used to separate classes of people instead of clothing. Unfortunately – there’s no universal book about it. Etiquette varies from culture to culture.


If you have the ability to perform a difficult task and make it look  easy – that means you’ve got sprezzatura. It’s showing off a special  skill with such grace and confidence that people are compelled to admire  you.

People You Surround Yourself With

Whoever you spend the most time with – your wife, partner, colleagues or friends – does affect the way you’re perceived.