10 Luxury Items For Men That Worth EVERY Penny!

1. Men's Dress Boots

 Boots are among the most versatile items in  menswear. They offer style, durability, and versatility in one package.  They function mainly as a way to elevate your casual game, and there  are tons of ways to go about it.

2. Quality Cashmere Sweaters

The material is often considered to be better than wool because of its  superior insulation properties. The texture is also much finer, which  lessens the probability of itchiness.

3. Signature Scent That SCREAMS Sex Machine

The right fragrance can say a lot about a man – first and foremost being that he cares  about how he smells. 

4. Luxury Mattresses

This doesn't have to do directly with style per se, but it has  everything to do with health. A nice mattress might seem expensive in  the short run, but considering that we spend about 1/3rd of our lives  sleeping, isn't it worth it?

5. Leather Briefcases

It's a timeless item  that's been used for over a hundred years with few adjustments to the  design. There are likewise several styles to choose from in this  category. As always, make sure to hunt down some full-grain leather. 

6. Bespoke Suit

There's off-the-rack, there's custom… and then there's bespoke. These  suits are nothing less than works of art.  A bespoke is made totally  from scratch – it can take any shape with any material.

7. Mirror-Clean Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are among the first things  that strike a person about your outfit. Why skimp out on it? When it  comes to your “workhouse” shoes as I call them, this is critical. 

8. Workhorse Sports Jacket

A sports jacket is a coat designed to be worn on its own without  trousers to match. It's often a casual piece of menswear.  As always, I advocate for natural materials. 

9. Electric Toothbrush

These handy devices yield a myriad of benefits. According to a 2005  study, brushes that used automatic rotation broke down more plaque AND  reduced more gingivitis than manual brushes ever could – both in the  short and long term.

10. A Badass Watch

Just like with shoes, a watch sends a potent message of power and  confidence. But where's a man to begin? Well, if you're going for a  luxury piece, you can't get a quartz watch. Quartz watches are more accurate,  but they're much simpler and thus less expensive.