10 Kick Ass Life Lessons

The Military Taught Me


Learn The Basics

When someone enlists into the Marines, they undergo a 10-week basic training program. While people may think that young men and women learn everything they need to know about being a US Marine during the program,  they are wrong. The first 10 weeks are just an introduction to what kind of life you can expect.


Work Hard And Be Proud Of It

No matter what your position in a company is, you should always be proud of it. Especially if you worked hard for it. During the graduation ceremony that I watched, all of the young men and women who were about to become Marines were asked a question by their Commanding Officer. They all answered proudly with one accord.


No “I” In Team

Every time there's a group of people involved, you need to realize that you need to work as a team. What is good for the entire group will likely be good for you as well. If you are just starting your journey to becoming a better person than you were the day before, don't think that you can achieve all of it  by yourself.


The Power Of Uniform

In the Marine Corps, we all had to wear uniforms. We were all in great shape and some of us had our uniforms altered to fit us perfectly. For those of us whose uniforms had been altered, we were always looked at differently than those who were sloppy and didn't care about how their uniform was altered.


Details Matter

If in the military, you are spotted wearing medals that you did not earn then there could be serious consequences, from being kicked out, all the way to being put in jail for falsely presenting yourself. In civilian life, the same can be applied. You always want to look at the details that you are wearing, 


Practice Makes Perfect

In order to be as close to perfect as possible, you need to practice.  This doesn't only include sports, but every aspect of your life. You need to practice putting on your clothes, wearing it the way that it  is meant to be worn and looking at yourself in the mirror to see what  you can improve on.


Follow The Dress Code

in the military there is a strict dress code that must be followed at all times, otherwise, you put yourself at risk of being disciplined. This rule has become a life lesson that the military taught me but I now use every single day to up my style. In everyday life, you may be told that there is no dress code, but that is not the case.


Social Ranks

In the military, ranks are pretty clear. You have lieutenants, captains, majors, and so on. In the civilian world, social ranks may not be so obvious, but they still exist. How many times have you seen a man, dressed to the standards of success, get the extra benefits?


Dress Appropriately

If you are a high-ranking general in the military, you will always wear your stripes when you are in the base, so that the men and women that you pass by know who you are, even without personally knowing you. The same applies to everyday life. If you are a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, you need to dress the part.


People Remember Your Character

One of the most important lessons that I learned in the military is that people will remember you for many things that you don't see as important. The importance of your character is a key life lesson that the military taught me which has gone on to impact all areas of my life, with amazing results!