5 Reasons College Does NOT Equal Success



College Doesn't Teach You HOW To Think

Colleges can be theoretical and not in touch with reality. In a world that is in constant flux, colleges are not changing fast enough. For  many decades, too many Americans have bought into the idea that every  person needs to get at least a bachelor's degree.


Student Loans

Sadly nowadays not everyone can afford to go to college. And those who are able to afford a bachelor's degree carry the hopeful ambition that they are going to make a lot of money once they graduate. Some degrees pay for themselves but most won't.


Information & Education Is Relatively Inexpensive

Information itself is inexpensive and easily accessible. Why not try checking out one of the books every man should read?


There Are No Guarantees

People need to understand that just because someone attends college that does not guarantee anything for them, except being in debt for a long time.


You Won't Find Your Purpose There

The phrase, “finding yourself,” is commonly used by college students.  Colleges sell themselves as places a person can find themselves. That's not always true.