Habits That Make You Hot

According To Women


Loosening The Necktie

Specifically, women love to see this from a man arriving from a long day at work.  The ladies discussing it associate the look directly with sexual attraction They even talk about which ties are best to use in the act…


The Soft Gaze

Women love it when they are doing something uninteresting and catch you watching them with “moon pool eyes.” Think of it as gazing instead of staring. It's all about achieving those longing eyes. Once you do that, her heart will skip.


Speaking Passionately

Passionate men appear set on their goals. They  seem like they know what they want and nothing can stop them. This doesn't mean to prattle on endlessly about the mundane. Once the conversation broaches your interests, though, commit!


Rolling Up Your Sleeves The RIGHT Way

When it comes to a long-sleeved shirt, rolling your sleeves to the  elbow brings out the forearms. Doing a couple of rolls with a  short-sleeved shirt accentuates the shoulders a bit more.


Signature Scent

Certain scents are scientifically proven to catch a woman's  attention. These include strongly masculine fragrances – scents strong  with musk, cedar, oud… any of these can work.  Some secret habits are as simple as a spritz.



Literature brings people together. A man who read The Count of Monte  Cristo, Dune, or Great Gatsby is infinitely more interesting than the  man who likes Breaking Bad. As far as secret habits go, this one takes a little work – but the results are worth it.


Cleaning Your Nails Daily

Nails are among the first aspects of a man that women notice. Nail grooming should be a routine. The region underneath your fingernails along house tens of  thousands of bacteria. It's prudent to scrub your nails daily.


Be A Handyman

Women are attracted to men who work with their hands – who can make basic fixes without needing help. Some ladies even report attraction from tasks as simple as assembling IKEA furniture!


Be Kind

The ladies themselves know not to count themselves when gauging your  manners. They know you're after something – a phone number, a good time,  or a relationship.


Wear A Plain, White T-Shirt

Plain white tees create the illusion of broader shoulders and slimmer  waists. This makes for that much sought-after V shape in the torso. Well-toned men saw only a marginal increase in attraction, while others  had drastic results.


Rock The Stubble

Women judged heavy stubble to be immensely attractive for  one-night-stands. Full beards were judged worthy of long term  relationships. Either way, a well-groomed mane works in your favor.