#1 She's Always Criticizing You

Everyone lashes out and criticizes from time to time; we're only human.  But, repeatedly using you as an emotional punching bag shouldn't be tolerated and can lead to the other three horsemen.

#2 She Treats You With Contempt

To treat someone with contempt means using mockery, sarcasm, and disrespect. Essentially, it means your girlfriend is not taking discussions seriously.

#3 She Gets Defensive

When someone makes a mistake, they can either say sorry and admit they made a mistake or defend themself. Defensiveness will only escalate the  conflict, though; it places the blame on someone else.

#4 She Stonewalls You When There Is A Problem

Stonewalling is an alternative route to contempt that people in a  relationship sometimes take. Instead of your girlfriend not taking a  conversation seriously, she refuses to engage.

#5 She Has Different Cleaning Habits To You

Does your girlfriend like things tidier than you? She will constantly be upset with you for not cleaning up more often. Does your girlfriend not tidy up after herself? She will become increasingly frustrated you can't leave things where they are.

#6 She Needs Constant Reassurance

If your girlfriend cannot make themselves happy, they will drain all your willpower and mental energy trying to do it for them.

#7 She's Always Speaking To Her Ex

Chatting to an ex from time to time is ok. BUT, frequent contact with her immediate ex indicates the relationship is not entirely over. You should prepare yourself for the fact there is a good chance you could end up becoming ‘the rebound boyfriend.'

#8 She's A Drama Queen

Somehow, nobody has it worse than your girlfriend. Everything is a soap opera, and everyone has a vendetta against her – or so she says. You won't feel emotionally supported, which is incredibly important.

#9 She Does Not Read Or Push Herself To Grow

Ultimately, you are the sum of the people with which you surround yourself. How can you learn and grow as a person if your girlfriend or wife is not developing alongside you and not encouraging you?

#10 She's On The Phone To You 24/7

If your girlfriend is messaging you every hour of the day and expecting you to respond every time, this is overstepping natural boundaries. It will get in the way of you doing focused, productive work and spending quality time with friends and family out of business hours.

#11 She Shares Other People's Secrets With You

Gossip is tricky, but it has played an essential function in society for thousands of years – after all, how would one man know another man is a  good hunter without already going hunting with them? They would hear it  on the grapevine.

#12 She Plays Games With You And Your Feelings

It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 88. However old you are, I promise you you're too old for a girl who plays games. Enough said.

#13 She's Using You To Cheat On Someone Else

They will tell you you're different from their exes, and they would never do it to you. Reality check: you're not ‘different from their exes