#1 Assuming Your Body Is Not Changing With Time At 30, you no longer wear the torn jeans from your college days. Your style reflects your age. Your grooming habits should reflect your age too. Accept that your body is changing with time. And update your grooming rituals and products to reflect your age.

#2 Not Having A Skincare Routine  The best way to combat this problem is by developing new healthier habits. In your 40's, 50's, or 60's? No problem, there are simple strategies you can adopt now to recover the damage done to your skin. Slow down the process of aging by taking care of your skin.

#3 Not Having A Shaving Routine A disciplined system for your grooming is the difference between success and mediocrity. It takes years of research, learning, and practice to get a handle on the right shaving technique for your skin. Learn about the different types of razors, aftershaves, creams, and brushes to find what suits your needs.

#4 Not Scheduling Haircuts If you can pre-pay for your haircut so you are forced to show up for your appointment. Some salons will offer a discount for an upfront payment and even offer you a free touch-up in between your appointments..

#5 Not Understanding The Overall Body System The best grooming rituals won't guarantee healthier skin, hair, and teeth. Approach your appearance with a holistic perspective. An unbalanced diet, dehydration, no exercise, and stress will speed up your body’s aging process.