10 Things Stylish Men NEVER Do

1. Forget The Power Of Confidence

When you wear something that makes you feel great, people around you will notice the increased confidence you will have. Style is whatever you want it to be, as long as you do it with confidence.

2. Forget To Give Compliments

When you see someone on the street who looks great make sure you give them a compliment. Not only will they be thrilled that someone noticed their effort, but you will also feel satisfied knowing you made someone happier.

3. Wear Their Big Brother's Clothing

Fit is the most important thing you need to watch out for when buying new clothing. If it does not fit, you should not wear it. You can always take your clothes to a tailor and have the tailor alter it in order for it to fit properly.

4. Never Forget To Finish Off An Outfit

Every stylish guy knows that details matter. Every time you put on a jacket or a sports blazer, make sure you don't forget a pocket square to finish off the outfit. The same applies to the rest of your accessories and outfits.

5. Buy Clothing They Won't Wear

Every man needs to realize that the most expensive clothing he has are the pieces he doesn't wear. Stylish men know and understand the power of an interchangeable wardrobe and they use it to make their lives easier.

6. Spend Big Money On Trends

Trends change every couple of months, so in order to save money and build a good wardrobe, you want to avoid spending a lot of money on clothes that will be out of style a few months later.

7. Never Forget To Be Vain

Similar to our point about confidence, stylish men never forget to be vain. Always take pride in whatever you are doing, know your worth and you will be able to achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

8. Never Wear Wrinkled Clothing

No one should wear clothes that they did not iron after washing. You should know how to iron and you should use an iron regularly. You will also feel better knowing that you look well put together.

9. Dress Against Your Body Type

When you buy clothing, you should never think about the body you will have in three months, or six months and buy clothing for then. You should always buy clothes for the body you have right now.

10. Never Wear Cheap Shoes

When you think about an outfit, you should pay special attention to your shoes. After all, wherever you may be going to, shoes are always going to be on the front line. You will pass over mud, holes in the street and different things people just throw on the ground.