15 Simple

Conversation Starter Questions

You Can Use Today

Who Do You Text The Most?


This gives you insight into the person you're dealing with. It's especially useful to learn about a potential date. Let's say she texts her mom often – it means that she's close to her family.

What Is Your Dream Job?


like this question because it's aspirational. It prompts the other  person to think outside the box and consider their wildest dreams.

What Is Your Morning Routine?


Maybe the person has a rigid system in place when they wake up. They  rise at 5 AM every morning, hit the gym, and are ready to work by 7.

What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?


It can start a business,  pay off debts, invest in the stock market… even buy a house. How the person would use that money will help you understand how they'd manage  finances.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?


This is a more personal question better suited for somebody that already has a rapport with you. I do believe in love at first sight. When I saw my wife for the first  time, 

Do You Believe In Soul Mates


 This is similar to question 5 but far deeper. Again, this is appropriate for somebody with a more established relationship. Don't open a conversation up with this!

Do You Believe In Luck?


his is an easy conversation starter question that opens the doors to  more conversation. Someone who suffered a slew of bad experiences could believe themselves to be cursed

Tell Me About Yourself


Ok, not technically a question – but it's too easy to pass up.  It's a  totally open-ended request. The other person can tell you anything, and  this is valuable. 

What's Your Story?


Everyone thinks they have a great story. They have unique experiences  that left them unique insights – and they're dying to tell you. This  question invites them to indulge in themselves a bit by telling you some  tales.

What Did You Do Last Weekend?


A very safe and shallow question is to ask how their weekend went. You can learn more about what they do in their free time.

Do You Believe In Aliens?


Ok, I admit this is a curveball, but hear me out. This conversation-starter question throws ANYBODY off. I like to use it in job interviews for that reason. 

How Is Your Week Going?


Another simple, easy question. They might tell you about having an  amazing work week – packed with promotions, raises, and new experiences. 

What's One Thing You Miss From Childhood?


They are bound to have memories they want to start over. It could be a  friend they had that they lost touch with or grandparents that aren't  around anymore.

What's Your Favorite Restaurant Around Here?


This is a simple way to get a taste (get it?) of the other person's culinary inclinations. You can easily deduce whether they love a hearty steak or prefer Japanese cuisine.

Who Is Your Role Model?


People emulate their role models – making this an important question. If  a man admires Harvey Specter from Suits, you might assume he strives to  be as suave and well-dressed as the famous TV lawyer.