1. Become A High-Value Man With a Purpose Having a purpose is about having personal standards and a desire to improve upon what you already have in your skill set constantly. Become this man, and you’ll have a far greater understanding of the journey ahead of you.

2. Demonstrate Resilience A man needs to be strong for his family, his colleagues, and for himself.  Whatever your situation may be, the fact remains: a man should be able to show strength when the occasion calls for it. Hold your head high, rise to help those around you, and work through any problems with dignity and strength.

3. Communicate Well As A High-Value Man A good set of rules to stick by:  – Avoid banter at the office – keep it strictly business. – Always politely clarify your meaning if misunderstandings occur.  – Speak clearly and use correct English whenever communicating with someone you don’t know all that well.

4. Foster Healthy Relationships Understanding how to better yourself through careful consideration of your relationships is the key. To achieve this: – Ensure that you keep conversations as positive as possible. – Engage in relationships that make you feel happy. – Don’t be afraid to help boost the emotions of others with your positive outlook.

5. Gain Valuable Resources A man that consistently learns a new thing is a man that will consistently succeed in new ways. Need to ace an up-and-coming interview? Do the research and learn about the company. Need a new tire fitted on your car? Research how to fit a new tire yourself and add to your ever-growing skill set.

6. Be Consistent Consistency is key. What’s another word for consistency? Stability. To truly present yourself as a high-value man – people need to know that they can rely on you. In short – make sure you fulfill the promises you make, stick to your decisions, and demonstrate reliability when it comes to making plans and following through with them.

7. Command Presence As A High-Value Man Commanding respect can come in many forms – your personal style, the way you talk, and how you hold yourself in day-to-day life. It’s all about confidence. Learn how to command respect by dressing with confidence, speaking with confidence, and moving with confidence.