#1 Get Comfortable Wearing A Jacket The first item of flattering clothes for a big stomach you should pay attention to is a jacket. It helps to distribute your body image so that people don't focus on the gut. Wear a blazer, a sports coat, or an overcoat – any well-fitted jacket that accentuates the shoulders and creates the illusion of a slimmer frame.

#2 Fit Is King Fit is always the most important part of your wardrobe, but when figuring out how to dress a man with a big belly, it is king. Loose clothing makes you look bigger, and tight clothing hugs your body in the wrong places. Get the right fit – slim, not overly tight,  nor excessively loose.

#3 Lightweight Fabric Is Your Friend Clothing made from heavy or thick fabrics emphasizes your bulky  stature. Avoid the heat-trapping properties of heavy fabrics and switch  to clothing made from lighter materials. Avoid wearing satin, silk, or lycra, as these materials will cling to  your frame and accentuate the parts you are trying to hide.

#4 Add Some Clothing With A Stretch Fabric This tactic will give you much more comfort when you are doing your  day-to-day activities. When you're moving around in the office, reaching  over to grab the phone, or bending down to pick something up, the  stretch fabric will move with you rather than pull back.

#5 Simple Dark Colors You've heard women say, black is slimming. There is some truth to that statement. Lighter  colors attract attention while darker shades detract. If your  midsection is more prominent than your bottom half, dark clothing on top  and light on the bottom half can create a more proportionate look.

#6 Smart Accessories To Balance Your Frame – Suspenders are a practical alternative to belts. They create a  vertical, unobstructed line for the viewer. – Your  tie needs to be wider than average.  – If you decide to wear a watch, go for one with a wide strap. – A stylish hat that suits your personality makes you look more confident.