5 Texts You Should NEVER Send A Woman

#1 Unsolicited explicit or inappropriate messages

– "Hey, I can't stop thinking about what we could do in bed together. Wanna find out?" – "I just wanted to describe in explicit detail what I'd like to do to you sexually."

#2 Sexist or derogatory remarks

– "You're pretty smart for a girl." – "You wouldn't understand; it's a guy thing."

#3 Manipulative or emotionally manipulative texts

– "If you really cared about me, you'd do this for me." – "I can't believe you're ignoring me. I thought we were better friends than that."

#4 Constant messages or stalking behavior

– Why haven't you replied? I see you're active on social media. Are you avoiding me?" – "I've sent you ten messages already. Why are you ignoring me?"

#5 Judgmental or body-shaming texts

– "You would look so much better if you lost some weight." – "I can't believe you're wearing that. It's not flattering at all."