#1 Lying About The Small Stuff

Now living a life without any lies would be impossible.  But, if you weave a web of unnecessary lies that only benefit you, don't expect a woman to stick around once  she finds out

#2 Playing Mind Games

Men who play mind games with women don't deserve them. Shoot straight and true, gents. That's when you deserve a lady.

#3 Only Caring About Yourself

Selfish men don't last long in relationships. How long has it been since you've  thought about getting her some flowers? These are little things that go a long way!

#4 Arrogance

Don't you just hate that one guy that's always talking big but doing nothing? He's always going on about his new car, his house, or even his clothes. This is a turn-off for women, and I guarantee your friends don't appreciate it either.

#5 Lack Of Ambition

Even women with enough power for themselves find this mindset to be nigh-irresistible. Ambition is everything. Not simply to better your own station, but to enhance the respect your lady has for you.

#6 Bad Manners

Women do not want to feel as those they're dating savage, guys. Don't go around getting drunk if you know you're unbearable when you've had too many in you. Please don't dominate the conversation when it's supposed to be a back-and-forth.

#7 Being Clingy

Spending time together is important, but so is quality time with yourself. Otherwise, she's not dating a man, she's dating a parasite. Spending time together is important, but so is quality time with yourself. 

#8 Boring People To Death

If you lack passion, drive, or can't hold a conversation right, then you might not even get past the first date. Keep her interested, especially on a first date. Discuss topics you are both passionate about!

#9 Wilful Ignorance

Willful ignorance is intentionally ignoring facts that contradict your personal beliefs. It is not cool to lack knowledge, though. Being willfully ignorant toward other people and cultures is highly unattractive.

#10 Eating Like A Pig

Not knowing how to have good table manners can completely ruin a romantic dinner. Beware – the men who are guilty of these bad habits aren't aware they do them… so the next time you're eating, take a moment to think.

#11 Being A Scrooge

You don't need to flash the cash to impress women. On the contrary, a lot of women are put off by men who flaunt their wealth. If money is tight, visit a moderately priced restaurant. You will still  enjoy your date's company.

#12 Prioritizing Your Phone Over Her

Repeatedly checking your phone or taking calls shows someone in your company that Facebook and Fortnite take priority over them. Make it clear you value their company and they have 100% of your attention.

#13 Not Listening To Her

Our male brains allow us to listen briefly before offering a solution. And that's where we get it wrong. Women don't necessarily want a  solution. They want to discuss their day or talk out their problem and  to have someone to talk to.

#14 Not Keeping Your Promises 

If you say you're going to do something, then make sure you do it. Repeatedly failing to deliver on your promises is more than one of  the more irritating habits that are turn-offs for women. It makes you  Homer Simpson. D'oh!

#15 Forgeting Her Birthday

Forgetting a birthday happens when you allow yourself to be distracted.  You are either focusing too much on the here and now or you're forgetting to learn more about the girl you are spending time with.