10 Tips To Do Business Casual Better

What Is Business Casual?

At its core, business casual rejects traditional suiting and ties as the cornerstone of office attire. In its wake, is a somewhat confusing set of loose guidelines, born out of the absence of other, older rules. And in that absence, a somewhat mediocre uniform has prevailed.

#1: Layer Up

A finishing layer! A casual sport coat or blazer will always work. Some may falsely assume this is considered “dressy,” but if the jacket is in a casual cloth like tweed or linen, it will mesh quite well with the rest of your ensemble.

#2: All Natural, Baby

There’s nothing inherently wrong with your favorite stretch-fabric slacks, but you can often spot them from a mile away. Natural fiber fabrics often look better and when the clothing article fits you properly, can be just as comfortable, if not more. Additionally, natural fibers tend to last longer.

#3: The Color Texture Pattern Theory

It’s a common fashion idiom that still rings true – if your outfit isn’t interesting through color, then it should be interesting through texture. And if your outfit isn’t interesting through texture, it should be interesting through pattern.

#4: Do High – Low Contrast Right

You might have tried pairing jeans and a more formal shirt before, and wondered why it didn’t quite work. It can be very tricky to figure out how to combine two pieces on opposite sides of the formality spectrum. 

#5: Better Fitting Pants

It’s time to upgrade your work khakis or jeans. Try going for a more classic, roomy fit and a higher rise. The waist should come up a bit more than you might be accustomed to, and if you want to pack an even bigger visual punch, go for something with pleats.

#6: Start Loafing Around

Loafers can be dressed up or down with ease, and lend a polished touch to nearly any outfit. Wear them with chinos. Wear them with jeans. Wear them with suits. It doesn’t matter – they just work!

#7: Upgrade That Bag

Backpacks have their place, but their association with students might take away from an otherwise professional look. If you have a lot to carry, try swapping out your backpack for a leather messenger bag, or even a sleeker, modern take on the briefcase.

#8: The Polo, Perfected

Polo shirts are classic, but they can be a bit dull if left on their own. Many men opt for polo shirts as a short-sleeved option during warmer months. It can be hard to layer once it gets hot, after all. However, polos can be elevated, too! 

#9: Suit Up (Casually)!

Opt for a suit made from a casual fabric such as cotton, linen, corduroy, or tweed. Pair it with an oxford cloth button down or denim shirt to keep things grounded. If you’re feeling a bit bold, add a tie! Just go for a casual option such as a cotton, linen, or knit tie.

#10: Protect Your Eyes – Fashionably

It’s no secret that a full workday spent staring at our computer screens can be harmful to our eyesight. Thankfully, there’s a stylish solution to this that also serves as a major wardrobe upgrade.