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Self-Destructive Behaviors

Stop HURTING Yourself

Listening To The Voices In Your Head

You shouldn't let those bad thoughts get to you. Statistically, we make  things out to be worse than they actually are by thinking about them. At  the end of the day, it's all just in your head.

Thinking You Need Washboard Abs

Instead, focus on achieving results. When you hit the gym, set your goals  and do what you need to do to reach them – whether that be a new  personal best on the bench or simply hitting the gym more often.

Not Developing A Ritual

A ritual consists of a series of actions performed according to a  prescribed order. This is a way to introduce more structure to your day  rather than sticking to bad habits.

Taking Unnecessary Risks – “Hold My Beer”

Consider the return on every decision you make. Find a balance between  risk and reward – you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Listening To Unsolicited Advice

It's critical that you choose carefully who will act as your confidants.  Need family advice? Consider asking that close friend who – though not financially successful – has an amazing relationship with his wife and  kids.

Comparing Yourself To Others

The successes you see on social media don't comprise the whole story. A  friend might post about their big house, but they might have serious personal issues. Avoid jealousy always – but especially when it comes to your friends

Avoiding Doctors

According to statistics from Trinity Med, men are more likely than women to deliberately avoid going to see the doctor. 20% of those who did admitted to doing so just to get a loved one off their  back.

Drinking Way Too Much

Remember that everything in moderation is key if you must drink at all.  The maximum healthy and safe alcohol intake for men under 65 is two drinks – remember that, or avoid it altogether.

Eating Too Much Junk Food

It is theorized that junk food amplifies oxidative stress, which in turn damages the cells which produce sperm. Do you care about the boys below? Then watch what you eat.

Being Closed-Minded

t's very possible that some principles you have are either outdated or  plain wrong. This doesn't mean you need to compromise your values, but  you should always be assessing them while being inquisitive.