New Money Aesthetics

What Is New Money Aesthetic?

New Money Aesthetic is all about making a bold statement through fashion. This is done by embracing opulence and showcasing one's wealth  by wearing clothing with loud designs, bold colors, and wild patterns.

Key Elements Of The New Money Look

Luxury Brands: like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga Tailoring: Perfectly fitted clothing Flashy Accessories Modern Grooming

Difference Between Old And New Money Look

The main goal of the New Money look is to show others that you have status by means of how expensive your outfit is In contrast, Old Money Aesthetics has a completely opposite way of displaying the same status of wealth.

Why Dress Like A Billionaire?

As humans, we tend to be naturally attracted to status and wealth as we see it as a means to a better and happier life. While that's a topic for another discussion on its own, when we see someone who appears wealthy, we are naturally curious.

What Advantages Does New Money Aesthetic Have?

 it is one of the quickest ways to give off a first impression that you are very wealthy.  It also can massively help you network. As I discussed earlier, people are naturally curious when they see someone who exudes wealth. 

Increase Your Confidence By Dressing Like A Billionaire

it can have a positive impact on your self-esteem and how others perceive you. When you are dressed like a billionaire, it makes others perceive you as confident, knowledgeable, and attuned to your sense of fashion.

New Money Outfit: The Modern Business Mogul

A modern-cut suit: Thin lapels and rarely seen with a tie Bold-colored footwear A large, expensive-looking watch A leather bag Bold sunglasses

New Money Outfit: The Casual Weekend Billionaire

A designer sweatshirt Designer pants: Jeans or chinos preferably with a designer look of distress A bold-colored watch Fashionable sneakers A shoulder sling bag: A casual shoulder sling with a logo or pattern

Outfit: The New Money Yacht Club

Bold loafers Bright-colored shorts Polo: Opt for something with a logo on it or even a pattern Bold sunglasses An eclectic watch

How To Balance Opulence And Subtlety

While the New Money Aesthetic does celebrate opulence, it's essential to balance it with some level of subtlety. The best way to do this is by mixing your statement pieces with a few understated items to avoid looking like a posh runway model during fashion week.

How Billionaires Influence Fashion Trends

Billionaires and celebrities often set new fashion trends by simply wearing unique and luxurious pieces. This applies to New Money fashion as well. When you see Jeff Bezos wearing an expensive watch and a designer polo on his mega-yacht, it tends to have an effect on how you perceive his fashion sense.