#1 Stress Could Make You An  Ugly Man Sure, nobody looks at you and thinks, ‘Ugh, that ugly man has a cortisol  level that's off the charts.' But when people see a stressed-out man with higher cortisol levels, they instinctively rate him as less attractive.

#2 Not Getting Enough Sleep A 2013 study found that sleep deprivation could make you an ugly man. Apart from giving you bags under your eyes, it makes your skin look dull and unhealthy. Make sure you get enough sleep, gentlemen.

#3 Bad Table Manners A 2014 British study found that 86% of women would turn down a second date with a man if on the first date he showed bad table manners. Because bad table manners suggest other bad qualities. Maybe you're rude in other ways. Maybe you're a slob in other ways.

#4 Bad Grammar Makes You An Ugly Man In a 5000-person study by Match.com, bad grammar outranked everything.  More specifically, it was by far the most frequent answer to the  question ”What really makes a profile look bad?” Even the researchers were surprised.

#5 Poor Oral Hygiene I know you don't want to go to the dentist (who does?).  But you need to. If somebody gets up close to you, and you have bad breath, gum disease, and a gnarly-looking cavity… it's quite off-putting. Worse still, it's often a deal-breaker and makes you look like one heck of an  ugly man.

#6. A Bad Attitude Is An Ugly Man's Habit Being mean. Being grouchy. Being someone that no one wants to be around. If you're an ugly man on the inside, your perceived PHYSICAL attractiveness is actually going to go down. Be nice, gents. Malice is an ugly man trait that you might find hard to come back from.

#7 Not Being Creative A 2017 study from Scotland found that if you don't identify yourself as creative, you are perceived as less attractive. Keep a journal. Pick up a new hobby, perhaps a musical instrument. Learn a foreign language. Sign up for a cooking class. Do something that requires you to think creatively. You'll be glad you did.

#8 Not Smelling Good Women don't like men who smell bad. Do you have a signature scent? The truth is… we all do. Even if you wear nothing, you are still giving off a  bit of odor. People will be able to that pick that up – especially if you don't wash. And 99% of them aren't going to be thrilled that you smell like a locker room. There's a reason we use deodorant.

#9 Your Asymmetrical Features We find symmetry attractive – when, for example, the left side of a face mirrors the right. If you've got a little bit of a  sloping shoulder, or one side of your face droops or is slightly different from the other, it's perceived as less attractive.  Just make sure that you're not using style to your detriment and accentuating something you don't want to.

#10. Dishonesty Makes You An Ugly Man Once again – an ugly man on the inside is an ugly man on the outside.  The most offensive example of this is a man who's a liar. In fact, lying makes you BUTT ugly. If people know you're dishonest, you instantly become far less attractive.