Old Money Aesthetic

How To Dress Rich And Look Stylish

Old Money Aesthetic – Defined


Picture the gentry of old Europe – men like the style-savvy Gianni Agnelli or the regal Duke of Windsor. These gentlemen were not just rich, but they knew how to dress.

How To Master The Old Money Look


1. Classic Colors and Patterns 2. Essential Wardrobe Pieces  3. Importance of Fit and Fabric 4. Subtle Branding 

Build an Old Money Wardrobe


Start with the basics. I'm talking about that one perfect suit, a few well-fitted shirts, and quality, polished footwear. Remember, guys, quality over quantity is key.

Old Money Aesthetic – Grooming


Looking sharp isn't just about clothes. Grooming plays a crucial role too. Opt for classic, neat haircuts and maintain any facial hair to keep it neat and tidy. And don't forget about skincare.

Old Money Aesthetic Icon #1 – George Clooney


Clooney is often seen sporting tailored suits in classic colors like navy and charcoal, paired with high-quality dress shirts — a testament to the importance of fit and fabric in this aesthetic. 

Old Money Aesthetic Icon #1 – David Beckham


Yet, Beckham's style transcends beyond formalwear. His casual looks often incorporate elements of the old money aesthetic, featuring well-fitted chinos, polo shirts, accessories.