#1: Comparing Yourself To Others When you focus on other people, you stop focusing on yourself and limit your own potential. The only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Are you a better person today, what have you done to improve your life, or the lives of those around you?

#2: Not Owning Your Failures Admitting you have done something wrong is hard.  When you deny failure, you deny yourself that opportunity to learn and  grown. Owning up to failures takes courage. Understanding what went  wrong, and how to avoid it in the future is how you learn from your  mistakes.

#3: Letting Fear Guide You Fear can be  paralyzing; it can stop us from reaching our goals and living our lives.  Many people live in fear, in self-made prisons of their own  insecurities. Irrational fear is fear of the mind. Fear comes from imagining what  could go wrong, so you never try. This type of fear is the enemy – don't  let it control you.

#4: Surrounding Yourself With The Wrong People The people you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on who you  are. If you are around negative people it spreads, you find yourself  becoming more negative. Remember, if you surround yourself with people going nowhere that’s exactly where you're going to end up too.

#5: Only Thinking Of Yourself Listen when people are talking to you, don’t just think about what you  will say next. You might find you learn something or develop a deeper  relationship with someone. Not only that but you never know when those  same connections might result in an opportunity for you.

#6: Constantly Complaining Complaining keeps you focused on the negative, it stops you from  seeing what you need and how to get it and instead focuses on what you  don’t have.It pushes people away from you, no one likes a complainer. When you’re happy you're not  going to be complaining.

#7: Not Knowing Your Limits We all have limits, there's only a finite amount of time in the day, and  we can only do so much. A common mistake that people make is not  knowing their limits. Taking on a challenge that is too big is going to set you up for a fall and will knock your confidence.