Don't Try To Buy Their Affections

f you want to date younger women, the best thing you can do is focus on  being the best man you can be. Be confident, secure, and always strive  to be better. When you're focused on being the best man you can be,  younger women will naturally be attracted to you.

Don't Be Afraid To Show Your Age

A common mistake middle-aged men make when trying to date beautiful  young women is assuming they need to try and look as young as possible.  They downplay their age, dress young, and do everything they can to try  to make themselves seem like they're in the same age bracket as their  date.

Act Your Age With Maturity

Instead of trying to compete with younger guys, focus on what you can  offer that they can't. Be confident in your age and experience, and let  that shine through. Younger women find the fact that you're a mature and  confident man attractive. They don't want a wannabe frat boy trying to  be something he's not.

Reflect and Be Mindful Of Yourself And Others

When it comes to dating younger women, one quality that you can't  overlook is mindfulness. Younger women are attracted to guys who are  aware of the world around them and who are always looking for ways to  improve.

Show Her That Chivalry Isn't Dead

One of the most common mistakes older guys make when trying to date  younger women is that they try to control them. They think that if they  can just tell them what to do, then eventually they'll start to like  them.

Provide The Commitment A Younger Man Can't

The best way to show that you're ready for a commitment  is to be honest with her about your feelings. Tell her how you feel  about her, and let her know when you're ready to take things to the next  level. Be open and honest with her, and she'll be more likely to  reciprocate those feelings.

Be Confident In Your Maturity

One of the best ways to show your confidence is by being yourself. Don't  try to be someone you're not, and don't put on an act. The more genuine  and authentic you are, the more likely she is to see you as a catch.