#1 Refusing To Embrace Your Age Of all the mistakes older guys make trying to look young, refusing to embrace their age is the most common. Here's a better idea: embrace your age. Doesn't ‘I  want to look young' feel a little depressing – like you're faking  something?

#2  Still Wearing That Baseball Cap Yeah – it's time to STOP holding on to THAT hat. Hot weather? Sun in your eyes? Look for a classic wide-brimmed hat like a straw Panama. Cold weather? Try an insulated flat cap. You can even get one with flaps to cover your ears.

#3 Thinking That Haircut Still Makes You Look Young Maybe you've been going to the same barber for years… maybe you haven't been to a barber for years. Level up your hair game by going to the best stylist in your area.  If you've got longer hair, try a shorter hairstyle to make your hair look thicker.

#4 Partying Like You're 20 Next mistake older guys make trying to look young? They try to keep  up with those 20-year-olds – drinking and partying all night. Guys – time is going to catch up with you. Your body needs more rest. If you want to look good, you've got to take care of yourself.

#5 Wearing Running Shoes To  Look Young The next mistake older guys make trying to look young? Wearing their running shoes everywhere. Invest in some good casual footwear – like a simple white sneakers. Or, if you're worried about dirt, go with a simple black. For an extra touch of style look at different fabrics.

#6 Wearing The Wrong Jeans For Your Age And Body Type As you age your body naturally changes. You need to make sure that you're wearing jeans that work for your body type NOW. For most older guys this is going to mean no skinny jeans – and definitely no baggy jeans.

#7 Wearing Graphic Tees If your tee has funny off-color sayings – ask yourself this. What's your real goal and message in life? Are you trying to achieve greatness? Get that company off the ground?  Become the best man you can be? Be a great father and set an example? When you wear something like that – you are NOT sending the message you want to send.

#8 Wearing Your Shirt Untucked Speaking of shirts – it's time to stop letting it all hang out. When you're young you might get away with it – but when you get older there are different expectations on you. People expect you to understand when a shirt should be tucked in and when it should be worn untucked.

#9 Thinking You Need A Younger Partner In an online dating study, the most attractive age for men was 50 – the most attractive age for women was 18. Women are smarter. They realize: ‘If I want a mate who's actually  going to work for me and what I'm looking for – I need to look at the  whole picture.'

#10 Focusing Obsessively On ANY One Thing You won't look successful if you obsess about your style and ignore the one thing you're always wearing – your body. Or if you obsess about your health and ignore the way you present yourself. Take a step back – it's a bigger puzzle. It's multiple things.