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Spring 2023 List

10 ESSENTIAL Accessories For Men

Watch With A Metal Band

Spring is coming around. Temperatures are rising, which means you're  sweating. Leather bands are problematic when it's hot. Your sweat eats  into and damages the leather.

Stylish Pocket Squares

Pocket squares let you express yourself for a low, low price. They come in a wide range of patterns. You can find paisley, polka dots,  checks, and stripes. Too much? You can always default to a plain  square.

Men's Wallets

Your wallet says a lot about you. It tells a little about your personal  taste, but also how organized you are. An overstuffed wallet is ugly to  look at, and lugging it in your back pocket can mean back problems down  the line.

Stylish Shades

Men's sunglasses offer a variety of benefits to the wearer. They add  symmetry to the face, they protect you from the sun, and they also help  you express your personal style.

Panama Hats

 Despite the name, Panama Hats are  originally from Ecuador. They offer a similar style to a fedora but with heat protection. The straw construction allows for air to pass in and out while keeping your head from the sun.

Tie Bars

They hold your tie against your dress shirt so it doesn't flop around.  They also bring a tinge of pizzaz to your outfit as a literal  centerpiece. It levels the rest of your ensemble out while drawing eyes  to your chest.


Bracelets and rings should serve to complement your outfit, not be the center of attention. Keep it modest – no more than two pieces of jewelry per wrist. Rings are fascinating pieces because they represent something.


Every guy has music they love – whether it's while cooking, walking, or  working out. Why not invest in a comfortable, high-quality headset? Sound quality is paramount of course.

Durable Phone Case

Phones are expensive these days – the slightest drop can crack your  screen and set you back a few hundred bucks. Why take the risk? Once you  buy a new phone, take measures to protect it. Your first priority  should be a new case.

Stylish Pens

Well, it's what you write your signature with – shouldn't you be proud  of what you deliver it with? Pens can end up being as expensive as a  premium watch at times, but you don't need to go out and get a Bentley  Pen.