Wardrobe Building For The Professional Man – 4 Reasons To Join My LinkedIn Group

Real-Men-Real-Style-Wardrobe-Building-for-the-Professional-Man-LinkedIn-400Did you know there is a place where you can get solid advice on building your core business wardrobe at no cost?

Yea, Yea…..I know you’re saying – Isn’t that what this website does.

Well – yes.

I do offer great courses and private community website – but what if you want something more business specific?

And sometimes you want specific information to your country, or your industry, or your profession.

Where can you find a 24/7 community where people are giving their professional opinion and taking ownership of their opinions?


The answer is LinkedIn – specifically my FREE groupWardrobe Building For The Professional Man – Click here to join the almost 2000 other members!

Watch the below video to learn more about it!

So – what are the 4 reasons you should join this free men’s style community?

  1. It’s Free – Not much more I can add here.  You have to create a LinkedIn Account – but if you don’t have one of those you’re really missing the boat.
  2. It’s Professionally Managed – We keep the group free from spam and sales pitches – this group is about professional discussion
  3. Solid Advice From Professional s Other Than Me – I say this with pride, as I am one person with one opinion.  In th group we have hundreds of image consultants, clothiers, and clothing enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with you!  Although I put out a lot of content (hundreds of free videos, articles, and college level courses) but I feel  man should be sourcing his information from multiple locations and professionals – especially if one of these other sources better resonates with your unique style.
  4. It’s A Lot More Than Just Clothing – Most of the group consists of men just like you – students, professionals, blue collar workers, business owners, academics, salesmen.  The advice is real.  What are you waiting for!


To join Wardrobe Building For the Professional Man – Click here.