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style-system-comingThe Style System registration is open.

This 5-Week College level course is the most comprehensive and powerful men’s style course anywhere.

The Style System is a proven action-focused course I developed from my experience running a custom clothier and building clothing for thousands of men.

I guarantee you’ll dress better in 5 weeks – or your money back.

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The Style System course gives you:

Confidence – Upon graduation you’ll have your most burning questions answered and know you are in the top 99 percentile when it comes to understanding the mechanics of dressing sharp.

Knowledge – 120+ unique style lessons based on science, history, and experience + my bestselling home-study course A Man’s Guide To Style +enough bonus content to fill another

Community – Lifetime access to our private community at Build Your Wardrobe.

LIVE Training – Front row seating at 10 online live-training sessions.

Value – You’ll make smarter buying decisions after the course – saving you thousands of dollars in just a couple years!

Opportunity To Take Action  – The Style System is about you taking what you learn and applying it – expect to be help accountable and in 5 weeks to have completed the foundation of building your own sense of a personal style.

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What Is The Style System?


Just an examples of two bits of content we will cover – this university level course is very detail oriented!


My team and I have spent thousands of hours researching, writing, filming, and recording to bring you the world’s most comprehensive style course for men only.

The Style System Course Is Designed For:

  • Businessmen
  • Lawyers
  • Recent Graduates
  • Engineers
  • Image Consultants
  • Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Pilots
  • Doctors
  • Civil Servants
  • Craftsman
  • Artists
  • Transitioning Veterans
  • Men Seeking Work
  • Custom Clothiers
  • Sales Professionals

Basically busy men who understand the importance of their personal appearance and want to take full advantage of what a well curated wardrobe can deliver.

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This is a university level course designed to help you:

1) Take action now

2) Give you the information you need when you need it

3) Hold you accountable to your commitment as you complete the course with other motivated men.


More sales, more respect, and better luck with the ladies are the natural results of  a man confident in who he is and how he looks.

I guarantee you will be dressing better in five weeks – or your money back!


The Style System includes:

5 Core Modules

  1. Science of Style (5 Sections)
  2. Understanding Your Body Type (5 Sections)
  3. Clothing Fit (5 Total Sections)
  4. Matching Color & Patterns (4 Sections)
  5. Budgeting Your Wardrobe (5 Sections)

2 Graduation Gifts 

  1. The Core Wardrobe (70 Sections)
  2. The Habits Of Stylish Men (15 Sections)

$1000+ In Bonuses

  • A Man’s Guide To Style ($97)
  • Lifetime Access To Build Your Wardrobe ($477)
  • Manly Manners ($47)
  • Male Etiquette ($47)
  • Guide To Nightclubs ($47)
  • Body Language ($197)
  • Male Grooming ($47)
  • Modern Hair Styles ($47)

It also includes

  • Access To Our Active Private Facebook Group
  • 5 LIVE Training Sessions – All Recorded
  • LIFETIME Updates
  • Email Support
  • Consultations & Coaching Available


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  • Victor

    Hey, Antonio! What an amazing collection of advices you got on your videos and articles! Been watching the channels only recently, but, got to say: great job, man!
    Well, here’s my question:
    See, I’m a Brazilian fifteen-year old adolescent and I noticed you focus more on adults and young men around the age of 20-25. So, why don’t you land some considerations on teenager style on an oncoming video or article? Of course, I guess you have a lesser contact with people at this age, living in rural Wisconsin and with your children that are only 7 and 3; but it would be awesome to see a guy with such respect talking about a matter that most people disrespect.
    Again, I personally think your work is outstanding because you bring the style question to a broader extend, and says how it matters not only to our presentations, but for our lives. Thank you very much.

  • menstyle

    Hi Victor,

    Thank you so much! Check out these links and perhaps on some style tips for young men! Hope this helps and thanks again


  • Johnny Barker

    man, I think he said he’s 15.