Wear A Stylish Tie & Help Veterans? $20,000 To Stop Soldier Suicide Via 400 Limited Edition Military Neckties

be-the-changeSuicide Sucks.

Over the years I’ve seen how it severely damages the people left behind.

While an active duty Marine I had 2 friends take their own lives.

A few years ago my little sister died by her own hand.

Yeah – this cause is personal.


I’ve struggled for years as to how to grieve these losses.

But recently I’ve found  my form of release is to use my business to raise funds for causes which I feel are force multipliers for the fight against suicide.  I give them a dollar and they stretch it to ten by passionately reaching out and assisting those who need it.

Click here to see the limited collection

StopSoldierSuicideLogo3Today I’m looking to bring attention to Stop Soldier Suicide, a group of veteran/active duty volunteers looking to raise awareness of the fact that 20+ vets a day kill themselves and the government isn’t doing enough to help them.

They are working hard to raise awareness of military suicide and increase the resources available to help veterans in need of help.  But they need more resources.  That’s where we come in.

My team and I are committed to donating $20,000 to help Stop Soldier Suicide reach veterans who are suffering. 

To do this I need your help.


Click On The Video Below To Learn About My Story & Why This Matters

From now to Veteran’s Day (November 11th 2013) I’m selling 400 limited-edition military inspired neckties.  

All of the profits (and then some) are going right to Stop Soldier Suicide.

Each branch of service (Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force) has 100 ties made in it’s historic colors, using a classic regimental stripe pattern I helped design.  Here is a chance for you to look good & feel great about supporting veterans and active duty soldiers/sailors/Marines/airmen in need.

Click here to see the limited collection



For each tie sold I am donating $50 to Stop Soldier Suicide.   400 x $50 = $20,000

You do not have to be a veteran to buy these stylish neckties!

I know many of you would like to buy them as gifts or have a connection to the military and would like to have one in remembrance of a friend/family member/to add to a collection.

Click here to check out the limited edition neckties.


Not in the market for a military necktie?  That’s cool – but I would greatly appreciate it if you share this page with any veteran/active duty military person who might be interested.

Please Note – there is a $30 discount available to all veterans/active duty/military spouses who buy a necktie.  Just type the word “military” into the Coupon Code box at checkout!  You’ll see the discount applied before you purchase.


If you have any questions – email me here.


Semper Fi,

Antonio Centeno

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About Antonio

Antonio Centeno is President of ATailoredSuit.com and the founder of RealMenRealStyle.com. He has created over 700 articles & videos on men's style, blogs over at the Art of Manliness, and is the creator of the internet's best selling personal presentation course - A Man's Guide To Timeless Style. Antonio has studied clothing design in London, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. He is a former US Marine with an MBA from UT Austin and a BA from Cornell College. He loves to hear from old friends and make new ones.

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  • http://donnielaw.com/ Donnie Law

    Great cause. Thanks for doing this.

  • RMRStyle

    Thank you for the support!

  • RMRStyle

    You got it Donnie – thank you for the support!

  • mantic59

    You have something against the navy? :) I click the order link but it simply reloads the page. No “add to cart” link.

  • RMRStyle

    Aye – will look into it ASAP Mark!

  • RMRStyle

    Just tested it – looks like it’s working – maybe try a refreshed browser? In anycase just feel free to message Hendrick (the guy behind Bows-N-Ties) via their contact phone/email and he’ll take care of you! http://www.bows-n-ties.com/US-Navy-Necktie.php

  • mantic59

    So weird. It works for every tie except the Navy. BUT…I tried it with Internet Explorer and it worked (and I ordered it!). For some reason Firefox must be rendering incorrectly.

  • Dave C

    I don’t see a tie for United States Coast Guard.

  • RMRStyle

    Dave – you are right. I didn’t make them as we fronted all the costs (all ties were made & designed at our expense) and I wanted to see if this would even work. I promise – if these sell out we’ll add a Coast Guard piece to the next run!

  • Dave C

    Thanks for the not Antonio. Reckon I can support the Navy or Army {heavy sigh} have brothers in each of those services.

  • Marlon

    ahhh it’s just technical glitch :)
    It happens on the Internet world. So guys, pls use either Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc or whatever browser works.

  • Eric

    My 2 closest friends (they are brothers) lost their father a couple of months ago after a battle with cancer. He was a friend of mine as well, and a former Marine. Just got each of them a USMC tie in his honor. Antonio, thank you for putting forth this fantastic fundraiser for a very worthy cause.

  • Stop Soldier Suicide

    This is awesome and we appreciate your commitment to our cause!

  • RMRStyle

    You got it guys/gals :) Proud to support you!

  • RMRStyle

    You are welcome Eric and thank you VERY much for the support!

  • Abe

    Found this and as soon as I got my pay, I went and bought one. As an actual Army soldier, I can say I’ve considered suicide but I was able to get over it. I guess all the Suicide Prevention Classes finally helped, despite all the bad rep that people give about how long the classes are. I sincerely want to thank you for putting this out there and I will wear this tie whenever I get the opportunity.

  • menstyle

    You are welcome Abe and Thank you very much for the Support!

  • Logan

    Thank you for doing this, I’m still serving and have known a lot of guys that took their own lives and lost a very close friend to suicide after he left the Army. I’ve already ordered my own and I’m sharing the link with all of my buddies and family. Thanks again.

  • menstyle

    You are welcome Logan! Thank you for the support

  • Matt

    Antonio, I clicked on your link, bought a Marine Corps tie, but didn’t see the “military” $30 off coupon code until I went back to your site. If you want to throw that $30 towards your cause, that works for me. Semper Fi!

  • dver

    I am a vet and a registered nurse and I work really close with my Vets at a VAMC, suicide really takes a toll even for caretakers the idea that a person is not there anymore and denying their possibilities and chances to maximixe their lives is just a waste, I often think when this happen what elso can we do to help this tormented souls, every bit helps thaks for your efforts in creating more awareness. My father always reminded me in providing kindness to anyone his phrase was “be interesting by becoming interested”

  • menstyle

    You are welcome! Thank you for sharing your insights on this suicide awareness.

  • RMRStyle

    Matt – ALL proceeds go to Stop Soldier Suicide so that extra 30 won’t be wasted :). The math works out as I expected 60% of people to buy at $49 and 40% at $79 – this would put us at break even as counting costs/shipping, and $50 donated per tie we do lose on the $49 purchases! But I wanted to make the math easy…..

    Again THANK YOU Matt!

  • chadly0341

    Antonio- I wish I would have seen this before Veterans Day, but I just purchased 2 Marine Corps Ties; one for myself and one for another brother as a gift. I lost my brother a little over a year ago to suicide and I am thankful for your contribution to a great cause. Love the site and all of the great information you are passing along. Keep up the great work and Semper Fi! Thank you, Chad

  • chadly0341

    Antonio- I wish I would have seen this before Veterans Day, but I just purchased 2 Marine Corps Ties; one for myself and one for another brother as a gift. I lost my brother a little over a year ago to suicide and I am thankful for your contribution to a great cause. Love the site and all of the great information you are passing along. Keep up the great work and Semper Fi! Thank you, Chad

  • menstyle

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss — thank you for supporting the awareness and I appreciate that you bought 2 neckties :) Semper Fi!