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Thank-You-400Thank you for reading Real Men Real Style.

Over 10+ Million Page-views!

Thank you for sharing my website with your friends.

Over 3+ Million Unique Visitors!

Thank you for watching my Videos on YouTube.

Over 4.5 Million Views!

Thank you for supporting me by purchasing my courses & being a part of my community websites.

10 people employed, hundreds of unique articles written, hundreds of unique images created, tens of thousands of men dressing better.


Here is a quick video message of thanks from me, Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style.


Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to turn this “side project” into a full time sustainable business.


A business that not only employs people, but also a company that gives me the resources to give back to projects that are making this world better.

Seriously – my company stands for a lot more than just clothing.

Click here to see how Real Men Real Style has directed resources to help thousands of women combat depression and suicide.  This is VERY personal to me – but I felt it was important to share as I hope it inspires you to take the negatives in your life and do something positive with them.


Upcoming Projects

New Men’s Hair Style eBook – Look For It On Kindle in June/July – it’ll sell for just under $10, but look for me to make it free for a limited time – I’ll notify the men on my email list about it.


Large Man Guide To Style – Look For It On Kindle in July – it’ll sell for just under $10, but look for me to make it free for a limited time (see a pattern here :) ) to the men on my email list.

 Build Your Wardrobe – Set to open in August, this is a private community website where you can work with a group of like minded men as you build your interchangeable wardrobe.  FY, we already have almost 200 members (all graduate of my Style System) – I look forward to you joining us.


  Self-Study College Level Menstyle Course

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About Antonio

Antonio Centeno is President of and the founder of He has created over 700 articles & videos on men's style, blogs over at the Art of Manliness, and is the creator of the internet's best selling personal presentation course - A Man's Guide To Timeless Style. Antonio has studied clothing design in London, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. He is a former US Marine with an MBA from UT Austin and a BA from Cornell College. He loves to hear from old friends and make new ones.

  • Marco Godano

    No, thank YOU.
    Sharing your knowledge in depth, concisely, and for (mostly) free . Thank you again and may your site (as well as your business, of course) prosper. I look forward to new articles.

  • RMRStyle

    Thank you Marco! Appreciate it sir.

  • Style is the Man

    Thank you. This is even more impressive than what I’ve been following. I may be an atypical reader. I’ve been interested in dressing as well as possible for as long as I can remember. Now I’m in my late 60′s and working a blue-collar job at night, following your blue-collar wardrobe tips. I am using your articles to remind me of things I’ve forgotten, such as tie clips and rolling up sleeves, and to update me when necessary, as when buying a blazer or belt. I don’t want to dress like a youngster, but you have the perfect name for the services you provide: Real Men Real Style — I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • RMRStyle

    Thank you sir – happy to hear that my information has been a good reminder. In fact – you make a great point – much of what is style is simple and has been around for hundreds of years. But every new generation needs to learn it and even those that learn it need to be reminded as we all veer of course!

  • Ed

    Thank You, Antonio! I am forty-seven years old. I have been following your site and a Man’s Guide to Timeless Style. I recently had to purchase a suite for a wedding and I didn’t feel like I was on Mars when I walked into the store. I finally knew what I was doing. Finally! Thanks! All the best to you and yours!

  • menstyle

    That sounds great Ed, glad to be of help! :)