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Antonio's familyHi – I’m Antonio. I’m a regular guy, just like you. Over the last 8 years I have transformed the way I present myself to the world. Just look at the image to the right – yea, I went from faded jeans and over-sized flannels to suits and sport jackets.


Three reasons:

1. Self-Respect – Despite being a grown man I was still dressing like a boy. The path to self-improvement started with me dressing for success.

2. My Family – I realized the way I dress affects my wife and my kids. I want to be a role model for my children and a man my wife is attracted to and proud to call her husband.

3. Influence – Dressing sharp gives me instant credibility with people I meet. When people first shake my hand they don’t know I have an MBA from Texas, own two successful business, or served as a US Marine. But they will see a sharp dressed man standing before them who appears professional. And that’s all I need, those precious few seconds, to state my case and make a positive impression.

You see everyday I’m working hard to be a better man….. and by dressing professionally I tell others who I am and what I stand for without saying a word. rmrs-featured-in-press-2

Below you’ll find HUNDREDS of REAL testimonials.

This is just a small sample of the thousands of men I’ve helped. By improving their appearance these men found better jobs, met the woman of their dreams, and started to live a better life. So read & be inspired. And if you have a story to share I would love to hear from you. Just fill out the form above or click here.

San Francisco Attorney John Corcoran shares why he loves Antonio’s course

Antonio,The free ebook is great. Love it. I happened across your youtube videos a couple days ago,and I’m now going through each and every one of them starting from the beginning. That,along with your website, excellent stuff……Keep up the great work. I really appreciate all the info and wisdom. Sincerely, Vern Schrock


mattAs a man in my early 30s, I knew I should be further along with my goals and plans by this point. I knew that I wanted to get more out of life and be taken more seriously, but for some reason I hadn’t tapped my potential. As I began to really apply myself, I realized that part of that was due to the way other people perceived me. My dress had basically not changed since high school. So, people viewed me not much differently than a high school kid. I know that outward appearance doesn’t necessarily mean anything-but I wanted to be the best man I could be, inside AND out. I just didn’t know how until I ran into Antonio’s material online. I went through his ample free material, and learned a TON. Then I purchased his comprehensive eBook and learned a LOT more… I listened through to it 4 or 5 times in a row. I went through his “Style System” course and gleaned all I could. Now my outward appearance truly mirrors my inner man. In the 5 months since I began to make the changes Antonio equipped me to make, I have become a lead consultant to a multimillion dollar Napa winery and I am acting as the COO of a new technology company. Dressing well didn’t teach me these skills, but it gave me the confidence to put myself out there, and the credibility to be given a chance to prove myself. Not to mention… it’s a lot easier to get dates :) I have since looked into other men’s style advisors, and although there are some great ones out there, Antonio is the King in my opinion. This man will help you get where you want to be in your life. He has had a huge impact on mine. Matt Wolcott


RMRS has done wonders in helping me up my game in the clothes department. Shoutout to Antonio for taking the time to chat with me at NMX!
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louis-3 The style system changed my life Im a 23 year old student from Vancouver British Columbia and growing up I will say that fashion was something I enjoyed. I would be on all the latest trends and being envy of my friends as well as spend my wallet on mindless sales and whats in and whats the latest and greatest. I come from a lower class family so any money I make would go straight towards myself and none investment in my future I never saw this as a bad thing because I wouldnt be lavish or extravagant I would just buy things I like instead of having a purpose to fulfill. I fed my need for immediate gratification. Well this back fried on me when my company was shut down I was layed off right before christmas the week before my aunt passed away and the week after right before new years my car was stolen. I became lazy and sloppy with my appearance I didnt want to talk to anybody or sew anyone I became encapsulated in my shell of depression the on ly thing I enjoyed learning about was the psychology of behavior and I learned that from watching antonios videos. I would watch all his videos for days and hours and weeks on end before then I studied and started subscribing to his emails which I highly suggest you do ASAP. I learned so much and I was in the hardest decision of my life pay for school or enroll in the style system. I decided to ask the man himself and with his kindness and guidance and loving generosity I found my mentor and never looked back. I attribute my success to him and I couldn’t have done it without his help. I started valuing my time and money. I used my misfortune to my advantage and went to thrift stores I donated all my clothing and started from scratch. All my clothing arw from value village or ebay. I have antonio with me everyday I would take the bus and listen to his audiobooks I read all his articles and try and better myself as a man. I had to learn the hard way to be patient and humb le and know that no matter how many failures I go through the goal is to keep an eye on the end destination and give a damn. Knowledge without action leads to frustration. Every failure is just a red stop light in the roadtrip to success no matter if u hit every light eventually you will reach your destination. I am now working at a coffee shop and on the side I model and do fashion photography ive been approached many times and looking sharp not only makes you feel more social and comfortable but also the person feels more compelled when talking to you which is the highest form of respect I love the fact that anyone can change their lives and entire outlook it may need a nice push from a good friend and antonio makes it really easy almost a no brainer when he surrounds you in a community of supportive like minded individuals! I call them my older brothers always looking out for me and I want to look out for you too! If you see something you want decide today that you can do it. Onces you know what u want you just need to be doing something one day at a time and step by step yoy will reach it. If you have any questions dont hesitate to asm antionio he wont bite! If a lady isnt thinking of baking an apple pie she would never look up the recipe as well as if a gentleman doesnt want to drive to Missouri he would never look for the directions. You need to know roughly the goal you want for yourself and have faith that you will get there. If you didn’t have faith you wouldnt persevere so have faith and envision the respect you will get from dressing sharp the way your family will look at you the example you set for your friends and the standard you hold yourself at. It will open more doors and opportunities for you and as long as you know that it is what you want then antionio will help you get it he has been my mentor for less than a year now and his guidance will last a lifetime! !!! The ebook was more than I could ever ask for and people ask me why I dress so well am I going for an interview? I merely say I am excited for what life has to offer and I want to be ready the second that opportunity arises. You can do it too im only 23 and youre never to old or too young. I too am victim for wearing my clothing a size too big but that was because I was insecure I still am but with a mentor like antonio he gives me the confidence to do better and know that I am important I am worth every penny and I am a great investment I cant thank him enough and I hope that anyone who is interested in what he has to offer please dont wait any longer your life is at the end of the sign up you can do it! Antonio will help you in every way possible after dressing better I learned about health and nutrition I lost 25 lbs and went down from 36 to 32 my clothing now fits better my shirts fit better my grooming rituals are set I even look forward to polishing shoes! Its these habits that develop discipline necessary for success! You on ly have one life no dress rehearsal so dress to kill. Thank you for reading I wish you well!~ Louis

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Hi guys. I started looking into dressing sharp for a few reasons. First I’m a father of 4 and didn’t want to dress worse than my eldest son. Second, I started working as a barber and wanted to dress up in the industry. And thirdly I just wanted to look like a man and be treated as such. I grow up without my father around and didn’t have anyone to look up to, so I just copied my friends and dressed like they did. To cut this short, I just wanted to look professional in my line of work and I didn’t want to let my children down anymore. I’m a man, a father and I want to be treated like one. I’m now working in an industry were my looks are what makes me stand out from the rest. My work uniform is white shirt black trousers. Some days ill add a black tie, others a bow tie, some days a waist coat with or without a either tie. I’ve learnt from Antonio, not only does dressing will make me stand out but the little extras go the extra mile. Best Regards Harry Antonio,Just thinking, its been a year+ since we started communicating thank you for everything so far here’s what I was wearing yesterday (to work and dinner after) / to an event earlier this week:Dr Michael ChanLooking forward to more good times to comeYours in health,Dr Michael Chan | Lifestyle Chiropractor

Mohammad-2 you may check my FB page where is lot of matter which is you like hopfully. Thanks Mohammad


My wife and I at a Vintage affair


My Service Dog and I

Dear Sir, I am not like most folks, I now have a not so looking good form of illness (Ataxia) and am now in a wheelchair at this point. I figured a few years ago, since a man in a wheelchair with a Service Dog tends to stick out in public, so why not look good doing it. When ever I go out, it is normally in a suit, so it will not look like I gave up I have been a fan of hats for years (have many) and always have one on. My life in Fire/E.M.S. was always only in a uniform, so a suit and tie was a special for me. Now I feel like I want to and need to wear a nice outfit anytime I am out. It makes me feel much better and people really like it a bunch and often mention how good to see someone dress-up. not just someone who looks like the just crawled from a bag of rags.


1Antonio, Thank you so much for your website. I just recently found your website quite by accident and I was blown away by what I saw. You’re the first person to really give the “why” about dressing sharp. I never realized how that if you want people to treat you like a man then you need to dress like a man. Your video on what a sports jacket does for a man really opened my eyes. I had never realized before watching it why a jacket is still in style after all these years!3I’ve just turned 30 and have started to think about my life for the few months before my birthday. You’ve really made me think about how I dress and how it affects me. In the past I’ve dressed like a bum. It was not just the t-shirt and jeans with me, but I would also let my hair and nails grow out. Antonio you helped me to see that the way I was dressing was affecting my self-image and helped me to change the way I present myself.I had been unemployed for quite a few years. I just recently got a holiday job at a classy department store. By dressing more professionally, I had much more confidence going into the interview. I used to be highly introverted and had trouble talking to people, but you’ve helped me to have more confidence in myself through my dress and posture. How you dress really does affect your attitude!2Another thing about working at the store is the fact that I get an employee discount and I know when the sales are going to be. I was a bit uncomfortable at first at buying a suit, but it helped a lot that I knew the salespeople and work with the merchandise. I just purchased a suit for my 30th birthday and have started on my journey to dressing like a man. However, I had to wait a few days for the tailor to get finished altering my suit before I could wear it. The store has its own tailors and does alterations on site. That was a big help for a fashion newbie like me! I can’t tell you how much I’m pleased with the results. There is nothing like the feeling you get from really dressing well.I’m also glad that you’ve helped me to feel more comfortable dressing well. I’ve been helping a local lady who runs a small social networking site designed to keep kids safe and data private. She is also studying for a doctorate in law and plans to open a law office here in town. She wants me to work with her as she gets up and running and knowing how to dress well is a big asset.Antonio, I want to thank you for what you do. You’ve helped me start my journey to looking like a man. I work mainly with men’s clothes for my job and you’ve helped me learn a lot about men’s fashion. Young men like me need to learn about dressing like man and sometimes need a good swift kick in the rear to get them out of their comfort zone. I see a lot of promise in my life, but I need to step up my game to make it happen. Thank you for helping me to change my outlook in life from boy to man. Keep up the good work!I’ve posted two videos to youtube. The first is a 360 full body of me in my new suit. A simple picture can’t do it justice I think. The second is a brief story about how realmenrealstyle has helped me.David K

This is a brief video about my experience with RealMenRealStyle. This will give you a full body view of me dressing sharp.


antonio and kevenDear Antonio:It was great meeting you at the Business with Style event yesterday! I am the style-conscious high school senior that mingled with all of you business professionals.After talking with all the eclectic gentlemen at the meet-up, I feel confident that I will be able to find speakers for my organization and that our events will be successful. It was interesting hearing about the business side of publishing online content. How do you create such a systematic approach? Since I am starting up my own YouTube channel sometime soon, I hope to be able to emulate the same organization and understanding.That being said, thank you again for taking your time to talk to me about men’s style and professionalism. Keep on doing what you do and I hope we can work together someday!Your Friend,Keven Quach
Hi Antonio,
I just read your eBook from start to finish and would like to commend you for taking the time to spread the word out and help men dress the way they are supposed to. I’m an IT guy and as you know most of us don’t dress right as we don’t usually have to. It just dawned on my about 3 months ago when I got tired of wearing off the rack clothes…..My wife and co-workers have certainly noticed this and this is huge confidence builder for me. …I guess I can say now that I have grown up. :) Btw, the eBook was great….Many thanks for your information and videos.
You have been of great help and more power to you and your business. Alain
Your site is a treasure of great information as are your videos. Thank you. Len
Hey Antonio,I think its worth it big time. Since all people have different taste or style rather, difference situations, etc., what you do is not easy. But in my opinion you are doing a great job. A majority of the information you deliver I think can be viewed as a starting point and more, a direction, ideas that help someone put together their own plan with some basic guidelines and some of their own style…. It would be great if your service became so well known, that you might inspire some men to go all in, or at least know where to go if they decide they want to do something about it. I guess for some folks its a matter of priority, but in my experience living in South America (Colombia), some of the poorest people, in some bad neighborhoods, with little to no money, still attempted to have some style, dress appropriately with what they have. Thanks again man! Have a good one. Blake
I found it excellent,straightforward,concise and right to the point. Most helpful, a great review of using common sense in dressing inappropriately. I’m in advertising in NYC, have been for over 35 years. I’m going to make this required reading for the male staff of my dept. Respectively, Ralph Widmann
I realized the importance of dress after returning a watch. dsc00434I had problems with my $100 watch, so I brought it back to the store. I was in town buying some lumber for a large outside job I was doing and I thought this would be a good opportunity to return the watch while I was in the area. I was not filthy, but I was dressed for outside work. The young lady behind the counter refused to assist me. She stated that I needed to have a receipt and a better reason for the return. She did everything except accuse me of stealing the watch. That following weekend I was going to a job interview up the street from the store. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to try to return the watch again. This time I was wearing a shirt, tie, and suit jacket. I had just had my hair cut and I looked “professional.” I walked up to the same girl at the same counter and explained my situation. She immediately filled out the paperwork and apologized for the inconvenience (all without a receipt). It was blatantly obvious that this young lady did not recognize me from just a few days earlier. All said and done, she returned the watch and let me upgrade to a much more expensive watch for the difference in tax from a previous sale price, which amounted to $6. My appearance made all the difference. Anyone who says that clothes don’t matter is living in a fantasy world. Joshua Tilley


“Hello Antonio. I just wanted to let you know how awesome your ebook was. I learned A LOT from it. I didn’t know how much of a science there is to dressing sharp. It is almost like a form of art in which I seem to be fascinated by. Honestly, I think this is the start of something new in my life….Anyway, what I really wanted to say was thanks so much for what you do and also providing the amazing HIGH QUALITY ebook along with the audio, and all for free! I’m planning to purchase your “A Man’s Guide to Style” course soon, as well. Oh, and one more thing, this all started when I saw one of your videos on youtube, which are also great. Thanks again, Antonio!”


Thank you Antonio for the free eBook. It is very through and helps me dress sharply. I like Real Men Real Style a lot. It has all kinds of dress instructions to make me dress appropriately. I have to say that ever since I read the article The Difference a Jacket Makes, I started to pay more attention to the details in clothing. Dressing sharp makes a difference. People show more respect and treat you nicely. Thank you for sharing these useful instructions. Hank


Hi Antonio, I’ve read through your book completely and have enjoyed it immensely. I’m now revisiting some of the chapters of which I’d like to get a better understanding. I’m already dressing better, feeling really good about it, and having a lot fun! Two questions though, firstly, in Australia it’s not unusual to wear a hat in the city for sun protection (something like the Akubra hat below). When are you planning to run your next Style System Course? Best regards Derek

Dear Antonio, I am sending you this email to let you know the impact that your videos and your advice has made on my life. Before RMRS, I was an introverted gamer with no sense of style or confidence. After I found your videos, I began to come out of my comfort zone a bit more and try new things. Now, I’m a social, confident, well-dressed man and I just wanted to thank you for being the force that brought it out of me. I could never thank you enough for the things you’ve done. Keep up the great work, and keep inspiring. Your friend, Dustin


Well, first of all… to get oneself out of a hole, one must stop digging… 1. I stopped wearing t-shirts or graphic tees of any kind. I placed them in storage or dropped them off to Goodwill. 2. I noticed guys wearing a blazer with an untucked shirt and noticed I used to do that. I’ve made it adamant to never do that every again. 3. I am starting with a basic white pocket square in the most basic fold for most of my blazers. 4. Got rid of my converse shoes and trying desert boots, work boots, loafers, lace-ups, etc. 5. I bought an audiobook called The Lowdown: English for Native Speakers. It helped me to speak clearly and enunciate words correctly. 6. The most important style change is how I see myself and the world around me: To have a sense of urgency in the things we do, to be confident about who a man is and inspire other men to step out and step up. Oh, I strangely love the fragrances from L’Occitane! Ken Wong


Antonio, your free eBook was the best men’s style education i had ever had. Three years ago, i purchased “Dressing the man”, and a couple other books on men’s fashion,and while they are very good books, i found the information too complicated for me. Ialso shelled out over $2,000 for a couple sessions with an image consultant and some clothes, and three years later i am as clueless about men’s style, and the clothes i had bought are still hanging unused in my closet.I read your eBook in an evening; it was short, easy to read, and contained all the information i had been desperately seeking about color and body shape/fit, information that was lacking in all the other books. I’m also learning a lot from your videos and other blogs.I am glad i found Real Men, Real Style, and i deeply appreciate all the work you’re doing.There must be thousands of men out there desperately seeking out such help as you’re offering, and i especially admire your sincerety and enthusiasm. Antonio, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Today i’m ordering the “Man’s Guide to Style“, and i just found out about your eBook “A Man’s Guide To Color”, which i would love to read.Again i thank you and i wish you much success!!!


Mr. Centeno, The ebook exceeded my expectations! I had been confused about coordinating colors and patterns, as well as choosing well-fitting clothes. I realize now that I’ve been over-complicating the matter of patterns–that my instinct was pretty strong–but that I’ve been wearing clothes a size or so too big. I’ve thrown away most ofmy shirts, and now I’m rebuilding my wardrobe with properly-fitting clothes.If you continue to rework your book, I suggest using more examples for each point you make. You have enough examples to illustrate your meaning, but more visuals would definitely improve what is essentially a visual topic. I’d say the same about your YouTube channel, which I really enjoy; that is, consider using images of blazers when you’re talking about blazers, and pointing out the way the sleeve falls at the wrist, or the way the fabric drapes over the shoulders. I would really love to see close-ups of the different weaves and seams from an off-the-rack suit and a custom suit. Another great feature might be to go to a thrift store and pick out a well-made suit and a lousy suit, identifying the major differences, including things like the shoulder padding, the vents, and so forth. I already have an idea of what to look for, having watched a dozen or so of your videos, but it would be helpful to be walked through the process, if only a bit further.I make less than $25,000 yearly working with cognitively challenged adults, but I still like to look my best wherever I go. I don’t think I’m rare in this, but I think most people get overwhelmed by what they can’t have, and simply give up on trying to dress tastefully. Given the current decline of the middle class, and the desire for the working class to regain a bit of dignity, the < $30,000 demographic might be especially receptive to your advice. Just a thought.

Sincerely, Joshua White

1I am originally from Zimbabwe, on a scholarship from my government studying in South Africa at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I am pursuing a degree in Accounting, the chartered route.2 Your lessons have made incredible influences on how my lecturers judge, I have played golf and had coffee with many of them! Some have even bought me textbook!..when you dress sharp peoples always assume that they can learn something mysterious about you…and trust me that what counts! I come from a very poor background that is why I am not on your style system but I 3love travelling and I sincerely hope that 1 day I will meet you in person. Your values on family really are humbling! I am young, on 25, got a scholarship to study when I was 24 so I have heard to climb a steep curve in such a short time….i now value quality in many areas, in my eating, dressing, communication, thinking, ettiquate and I see you have it all.I also love Mr Porter, ( though heavily overpriced but Mr Dan May is also a killer). Antonio do you know that there are classic grocery items everyman should know?That’s right you gave me the appetite to learn all these things!
I discovered your you on youtube in February last year, and I have each and every video you uploaded, from sweaters to shaving tips, Reed

Hey Antonio,I really do enjoy the PDF’s that you attach, your videos, and your insight on how to dress.I know it seems sometimes silly that people like me need advice on how to dress,and appear at work, and on a daily bases. But like so many we are caught up so many other things, and the idea of how a grown man should dress, and why we should put out a good imagine seems less important. Maybe because we don’t like toask for something that seems common, and simple..About me… I am 51 yrs old, 5’4″ 160# I served in the Army as a an Airborne Medic for 11 years.. so dress was simple and that was as you know Field attire.. or BDU..the military has a standard of wear, so life was simple.. I made sure my uniform fit properly, and I spit shined my shoes, and boots… and that was it. When I left the military, I worked in the hospital ER, and the operating room, so Iwore scrubs pretty simple, as I moved in to a clinical environment where the surgeon there wore scrubs as well…. so applying the rule of you shouldn’t out dress the boss..I continued with scrubs as well.Since last year I started my own business, as a Surgeons Assistant, I am still in the Operating Room, but I am also in the clinic, doing inpatient rounds, and the ER… But since I am responsible for my income, I had come to realize how I presented myself was almost as important as how well I provided service to my patients, especially since many of the patients have to pay for my services, I have learned the better I dress, the more they are inclined to pay.. almost as if my role in their healthcare iselevated because of how I dress. Anyway.. last year I didnt think that how I dressed mattered… This year I changed how I dressed, the opportunity to change my dress because the Surgeon I had the most contact with retired, and now I have new clients of surgeons… So once I made the decision was made, I really had little idea of how to dress well.. Color coordination was a struggle, what type of slacks… shirts etc..After having watched your videos, and read your information you have provided, I have learned so much, my dress style has improved dramatically.. I went from wearing scrubs, and sneakers, to Ferragamo, Edmond Allen shoes, I have nine pair of shoes from wingtips, plain toe caps, to slip on shoes, I wear slacks that fit, new shirts, pull over sweaters, and vest… I have yet to purchase a suit.. only because I had an immediate need for casual work cloths, and there is little call or need for a full suit.. Next I will get a blazer, or sport coat, then follow up with a suit.I know I am rambling on, but I just wanted to let you know I am thrilled, with your advice, it has made a huge difference on how I look, and how I am perceived in and out of the work place. Your Commitment to helping people like me has made a difference. Thank You.Robert E Furey

Hi Antonio, here’s a short update about what’s happening over here in the Netherlands after I finished the Style System:During the time the Style System was running and after that I have been trying to build up my wardrobe according to your advice and I am starting to come to a point where I am covering all of the basic level in the core wardrobe (still missing some high end denim though, which is my main target when shopping now!) and some of the intermediate stuff. The way you structured the Core Wardrobe module really gave me a concrete advice on what to prioritize when shopping.As I told you during our phone call some time back I knew a lot of the stuff that we covered in the Style System from before, but now I really see how this course has helped me to put this knowledge into context and make practical use of it. I am really starting to come to a point now where I feel I master the basics of man style and feel confident about what to wear when (and looking great doing so) – thanks you so much for that!I’ll round up with a story which I’m sure you’ll enjoy: Yesterday I was picking up my first tailor made sports jacket – its in a rough hopsack weave, dark brown with tints of black and some lighter shades of brown in there – just beautiful and it fits me like a glove! :-) This was just some hours before I was going to a birthday party of a friend’s girlfriend and I hadn’t decided what to wear yet. She is a designer and I knew it was going to be rather casual dressers there (rather style aware though) but I nowadays try not to let that hold me back too much. I still think being invited to a birthday party in the evening to someone’s place deserves some effort, and I now have means and knowledge to dress up properly. Therefore, seeing how awesome this jacket new was I just thought “dammit, I’ll wear it tonight together with the whole shebang” so I combined it with some grey flannels, a white oxford shirt, a dark navy bow-tie with white dots (Churchill-style!), a white pocket square and brown belt and derby’s (well polished off course). On my way there I was starting to have this nagging doubt in my head, “maybe I am overdoing it here, especially with the bow-tie and all. I hope this doesn’t create a barrier between me and the people there…”. I was therefore very relieved when first of all the hostess herself was enthusiastically complementing me directly when entering and then, throughout the night more than half of the people I was speaking to (and especially the ladies)were giving me very warming complements, especially for the bow-tie! I was even at some point hearing one (very neatly looking) lady commenting to another something like “that is one handsome looking man”. That is the first time that happened to me and is of course very nice to hear (even though I am married :-). It sure also gives a lot of confidence in keeping dressing sharp!I hope you are doing well and keep up the good work helping all guys out there! All the best, Niklas

Mr. Centeno, The eBook is extremely helpful. It really opened my eyes to how to really dress and have that little spark of style or sense of uniqueness. After studying your eBook and your youtube videos, I understand men’s styles much better and have been striving to dress better ever since. I wish I found out about you earlier. Originally, I currently have owned a set of my US Air Force Auxiliary dress blues and a 2-button black suit (center vent) for more formal occasions. I had little idea about what exactly constituted good style except from the Air Force Auxiliary’s uniforms. But after my enlightenment from your advice, I’m now setting my sights on a navy blue 3-button suit with dual side vents for where I can be more stylish. I believe all that is needed to add to the eBook is some info about tie bars/tie tacs(Sin #7) and the different types of dress shirt collars (Sin #1 or 7?) out there. Otherwise, your eBook, along with your youtube channel, are the ultimate guide to men’s style. Thank you again for your help, hard work, and service to this nation. Respectfully, Wesley Chiu

Dear Antonio, I found Real Men Real Style a couple of weeks ago when looking around the web for information about shirts with button down collars. I had just accepted a new position in an office that was a little more dressy than I am used to, so I was looking for advice. I am so glad that I found your website. Real Men Real Style has been invaluable. There are lessons and answers to questions I had always asked: what should be in my core wardrobe, when do you wear a button down collar, what is good tailoring. These ideas are typically taught by father to his son. I was never close to my father- -in fact he disowned me when he found out that I was gay–so I felt a little lost when it came what a I should wear, or even how to tie a tie. Real Men Real Style helped fill a void and for that, I am thankful. Keep up the good work! Adam

Dear Antonio, Thank you so much for the e-book. It is very helpful. To be honest, I spent half day watching your videos and reading your e-book, it is very informative, straight to the point and not boring. Keep it up! I am a bank manager from the Philippines and I am really looking for a new style. I will send you some questions after watching all your videos. Again, thank you so much. Ray


Dear Antonio, I can not thank you enough for providing this wonderful E-book for free. It has been very helpful in the selection of my first suit, as well as my wardrobe in general. I would also like to thank you for your video’s and article’s, they have helped me improve my personal style extensively. Older men (I’m 19 and in college.) have taken notice, and so have many women. Please keep up the good work. Sam.


Dear Antonio, As a student who is just now learning to dress properly, I just wanted to say I find your videos and ebook extremely helpful. I’ve subscribed to your channel, keep up the awesome work! Daniel Geldof

Hi Mr. Centeno, the free eBook was so useful! I Love it! First of all, I have to apologise of my English; it’s not as god as it should be, I need to improve my skills, I know. (I’m working on that, if you reply these emails I will like you to correct my mistakes) :) I’m a 21 year old university student and in November I’m going to the City Council of my city to carry out the practices of my career. This is a very important part of my education and a huge responsibility. For sure I will need to improve my style and look more professional. I have excellent rates but I just can’t imagine myself the first day in the City Council in t-shirt and jeans!! I love your eBook, it is so helpful: very practical and easy to understand for people like me, who were lost in an ocean of information like Internet I really don’t know how to improve this eBook, it’s awesome, I just can say that: you saved my live!! (and style). I will say some of my friends to take a look to your channel, for sure they will not regret it. I’m also a big fan of your channel and videos, I think I’ve seen all of them twice! Thank you very much Antonio, yo’re a great person and an example to follow. You changed my life!! Benestar Salut

If the eBook was helpful? Of course! It really helped me. It changed my way of thinking when getting ready for work, a bar or chilling with friends. About improvements: what about have your web site and books written in other languages? If they are covering other languages you could also think of some kingof partnership with some stores or tailors around the world. I’m sure you can delivery the best quality and style and you can ship it world wide but, I live in Brazil and I prefer to interact, eye to eye, with my tailor. Just an idea.Now I have to watch you videos, just watched one of them and I’m already a fan. Thanks and keep up the great work, Felipe Felisberto Freitas Delivery Analyst – IBM Brazil
I’ve only had a chance to glance over the book, but I have found your videos very helpful. I think it’s awesome how you’re using social media to promote your brand, and at the same time help others for free. Keep it up. Best, Ryan Newton
I really enjoyed the ebook. I am actually starting to define my own style a little later in life and want to use this a reference. I am very happy to have found your YouTube channel. Brian Cornel

Hi,My name is Jose Miguel Jauregui Garcia, I’m from Mexico and I’m studying to get a Ph.D on Astrophysics and now working on Carnegie Mellon University for one year as part of my Ph.D.project.I just want to say thank you for the work you are making and the time dedicated on the ebook and the videos. It’s just AMAZING the way you explain everything just simple facts easy to understand and use.Since I was a child I liked to wear classic pants, button down shirts they just fell good to me, but have no idea how to combine them, two girlfriend have tried to dress me, like a kid and as I had no idea about how to wear myself I used their ideas for a time, now I feel confident on how to choose on my own. The small mention about my studies is that the way I wear in the past (with classic pants and button down shirts) helped me a lot to be admitted to the Ph.D. in Mexico and to be in CMU now, after they have accepted me they make good comments on my dressing that I was not like the rest of students,now within a week of follow your videos, discarding some clothes, buying new ones and combining them the proper way, suddenly my professor is introducing me to researchers, some girls introducing themselves with me.I spend thousands of hours each year improving my skills on math, programming,circuit design, etc. But now spending a short time on myself I have an appearance to match that and seeing huge changes,I’m going to buy your book just need to balance my expenses after buying new clothes. Thanks so much ! ! !

Jose Miguel Jauregui Garcia

Thank you for the ebook. I am 22 and starting to build a new wardrobe. Your ebook has help me refine my selections. Thank you, Mike Ash
Hello Antonio Have, as yet, only had a quick look at it but it looks brilliant. It explains things which are a total mystery to most men. If you ask your wife (girlfriend etc) about these things all you get is stuff like “it just looks right” or”that’s the way it is”. I reckon they don’t really understand it either but can’t admit it.Why don’t you write another book, when you get the time: I am currently trying to learn about men’s fragrances.You know – top, middle & base notes; which is stronger eau de toilette or aftershave; where your pulse points are; and all the fascinating things scents – patchouli, musk, bergamot etc etc. You could call the book “The 7 Scents”? Kind Regards, Mark in Torquay, England.
Hi Antonio, Just want to share something with you. After watching your videos about pocket squares I went out and bought some. They arrived in the post this morning and today for the first time in my life I wore a pocket square! Very casual; blue jeans, brown shoes, black sports jacket, white shirt and silver paisley pocket square. WOW!!! I don’t think I have ever turned SO many heads! I just want to thank you for your advice, I felt so sharp today, it’s quite amazing what a difference such a little detail makes! Thank you! David Blackhurst
Antonio Centeno, Sir, I would like to thank you on your extensive youtube video collection. Without some sort of guide I have to admit that I have been a little drawn back to the idea of dressing better, but your articles and videos are really helping me out. Again thanks a bunch A fellow Texan, Jesus Mireles


Dear Antonio, Thank you for emailing me to ask how I found your book, that was very kind of you.Simply put, I am very glad I stumbled across your YouTube channel and this ebook! Having spent the best part of a decade at university, dressed exclusively in jeans and a tee-shirt, moving into the world of professional work and the associated attire, wasquite a shock for me. Things were made all the worse by the fact that my body, at6’4″ and 250lbs, is far from the “norm”. Your ebook, together with your YouTube videos, have really helped me to work out not only how clothes ought to fit me, but also how they should look. I’m even shaving better thanks to you! More importantly perhaps, you’ve helped to give me a new enthusiasm for something that I never really appreciated before, and in turn I have a new found self-esteem and geniuely feel like a better man for it. Actually KNOWING myself that I am dressed well, and look professional, has given me a much needed confidence boost. A confidence boost I desperately needed in my new job as a school teacher!Rest assured I shall be buying a copy of your full book within the next few days. I know already that it will be well worth both my money and my time. Indeed, I know it will prove invaluable, for self-confidence is not a skill easily acquired, nor one to be underestimated.Thank you very much for all your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated and I look forward to your coming advice. You are a true gentleman, and I wish you all the best with your future ventures.

Yours sincerely, Arashdeep Sarai.

Thank you for all of the information. I started watching your videos because I saw you were military and I am also military. E3 in the army. I really wanted to mature my look and really get some good advice from a man who really knew what he was talking about. Shoo thank you for all the time and effort you put into changing the society in America and really making a difference. -PFC Don Brodnax


I found it extremely helpful actually! I’m a 35 year old who recently lost 80+ lbs and am in the middle of a career change at the same time…so to say I have no idea what I’m doing is an understatement. Just knowing what NOT to do has already been a big help in preparing for interviews, so thanks for that! I’ll be spending some quality time with your YouTube channel this weekend and taking notes! Thanks again and I’m glad I found my way to your site (for reference, I think it was a guest piece on The Art Of Manliness on dressing for CC that led me to you) Not that I carry, but I liked the article anyway! Jesse


Antonio- The info I’ve received so far has been groundbreaking. I have had two hour conversations based on the information you have given. I am retaining a lot. Just out of curiosity, what is your grand plan with the Style System. I can see you taking this info on the road, amongst many other things. I know it’s more effective in its current format but you can reach a lot more men all in desperate need for this information. It’s possible to do both. Major motivators: recently divorced (one of my friends turn student) and career (brother-in-law). Just a thought I’d share, entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Thanks for using my quote, that makes two…that I’m aware of. The first quote I was on the webinar, it was a pleasant surprise. I will be sure to make the evening webinars from now on. I can’t express enough how the Style System has made major improvements in my life. Thanks again, Tyron


Hi Antonio, I haven’t read through the entire ebook yet but so far I am liking it a lot. I’m trying not to rush through it so I understand and internalise the concepts it touches on. I must say though that I found it immediately helpful especially the bit about Not Dressing Correctly For The Occasion. I was invited to an event that said the dress code was semi-formal and I was unsure of what exactly that meant. I was racking my brain the whole week trying to figure out what the correct deviation from formal constituted semi formal. Finally, by divine direction, I stumbled on across your videos on Youtube and decided to check out your site and ebook. And from reading the first few pages of your ebook I got the answer to my question. Thank you very much for ensuring I’ll be that ‘daper guy’ at my event this weekend. Keep up the good work. Grateful Regards Thando N
Antonio, Thanks for your message.I am finding the course challenging and thought provoking. The course has exceeded my expectations and worth every penny. As you identified, this course is worth many times more than the price I have paid. I highly value the information presented, the systematic and practical approach and perhaps most of all, the energy, enthusiasm, excellence that you put into its presentation. I get a real sense that you have invested much of your value system, personality,strengths and skills into this course and I have a growing respect for you. Your use of IT, media,graphics is a eye opener for me and a really enjoyable experience. My only regret is that I didn’t have/didn’t look for this information earlier in my life. I hope to draw on the material presented for years to come.I am starting from a very low knowledge/resources base but am tackling the tasks to the best of my ability, amidst other the other pressures of life.I live in a region of relative socio-economic disadvantage (poverty mentality) and see that your message is what every man needs to hear, regardless of their station in life, to bust them out of that thinking. yours sincerely Stephen.
Hi Antonio, Just want to give a big thanks for all the work you do for men everywhere. Just last night, I was out with friends to a dinner and I wore a dress shirt and a casual tie, which is NOT the norm in this little midwest college town for a student, and yet, none of my friends said a thing because it has become the norm for me to be well-dressed. I felt great and totally natural in it. Just months ago, I was just a typical guy in terribly fit clothing and t-shirts. Hell, I even wore gym shorts to class! Anyways, I won’t go into detail on how lost I was before but you’ve not only opened the door to a whole world of men’s style, but you have also helped me with my confidence. So, thanks for all your hard work and I hope I can meet you in person one day! Best, Don.
Antonio, Finally — at the end of the Summer — I’ve been able to really give this guide to hot weather wear a good look. Thank you thank you for sending it my way, it really does answer my various questions about style for the Summer months (and other times as well, since I heat up faster than the average person). I feel prepared for 2013! Much gratitude and respect, Nick


Hi Antonio,Thank you for your videos, I think they’re great! I want to compliment you on so many things about them, the way you present yourself, how you make your point, and the quality of your suggestions. Especially compared to how ‘style blogs’ (their own words) usually seem to tell people what to do and wear. I’d say that your videos, on the other hand, present people with tools of how to look at themselves and reconsider if what they see, does justice to who they are. You share timeless information that is not just useful to be ‘in fashion’ today, but that is very valuable at any point in time. Though I’m a woman, I found your videos inspirational and was hoping that you have a suggestion of a decent site (preferably with videos) for women? I know that I checked the box ‘I am not asking Antonio a style question I could find searching Google for 10 minutes’ and I stick by that… I’m afraid Google doesn’t always guarantee quality and in this case, I can tell you that I haven’t yet found anything for women that even comes close to what you do for men. Of course, that is just my opinion and if you feel that I am sure to find something if I’d just put in more effort.


Since I just moved out of my house to come to college, my stories with the ladies are still in the process of being written, however, after watching your more motivational videos, I have felt like I can go out and talk to anyone. Although I haven’t gotten to know too many people on a personal level, I have noticed that my fear of talking to people I don’t know seemed to melt away. As far as the career field goes, I’m currently trying my best to use the confidence I have gained through your videos and find a way to make my dream of becoming a writer for a website a reality. I do feel like this would have been a very unlikely thing for me to have done if I hadn’t found your videos. Again, I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making your content. Also, I do like your choice of the word “Respectfully” to close out your email. Would you mind if I picked it up? Thanks always, Dustin


Mr. Centeno, I am 28 years old and never liked my clothing style. I used to weigh 250 pounds and wore very baggy clothes growing up. I have lost the weight and kept it off for five years, but I am still wearing the same baggy clothes because I have no idea how clothes should properly fit. To learn more about clothes and how they should fit I have begun reading style blogs. While surfing the internet a few weeks ago,I stumbled upon Real Men Real Style and after reading a few of the blog posts, I decide to sign up for the Real Men Real Style newsletter. The 7 Deadly Style Sins ebook was very informative and will help me while I rebuild my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Respectfully, Michael


I took Antonio’s course because i wanted to have an edge on the competition. Looking good is a learned process that this course will teach you. You will feel better about yourself and this comes across in everyday life. It will be time and money that will be used to serve you for your lifetime. Invest in yourself and obtain some skills that will serve you well. Antonio, thanks again. It is very cool what you are doing. Imagine making a living the way you are. What a country we live in. All the Best Don Vincenti


Antonio The longer I work the more handmade Italian shoes I can have. I would like to thank you so very much for all your hard work and the great information you provide. This knowledge has given me definable goals and practical applications on how to establish a clothing style that I can truly be proud of. My wife is very pleased with the changes and my work credentials have gained a new level of professionalism. Thank you. Dan


I joined the style system to get a better perception of style. I have to admit I knew I was lacking in knowledge, but didn’t realize how much I was once I got into the system. The style system gave me a really good sense of building a wardrobe and making with work for myself. With the knowledge I gain I am able to have clothes for any situation, and look good in those situations. I am also able to build a much more interchangeable wardrobe. Isiah Titus

Like many of you, I wanted to develop my style. I spent a lot of time researching this topic, but it lacked focus and my progress was slow. I wanted to get answers on all main style questions through a proper course – mixing colours and patterns, avoiding boring clothing ensemble and most importantly how to spend money on clothes wisely. Why did I join Antonio’s course? His answers are accurate and comprehensive, I could ask him questions through webinars, Facebook, email and one-to-one sessions. Now, when I buy clothes, I am confident that I’m buying high quality clothes that flatters me and I get it at the right price. That’s the result of the Style System.

Emil Almazovich Bakeev

Hello Antonio, I am writing for no other reason but to tell you my story. When I was young, I dressed uniquely and expressed myself in creative ways. I am an artist and a musician, and so I was always trying out new combinations of clothes to express myself and set myself apart. However, I got older and got married, had a couple kids, and went to graduate school to be a psychologist, and soon my art and my music fell by the wayside. My bands broke up and I just didn’t have time for any of that anymore. However, I began longing for a new way to express myself and break out of the mundane life I seemed to be living.Part of me wanted to “dress up” instead of dressing down in my graduate classes, at church, and to social events, but I was always a bit too timid to try that. I do have several suits and wear them whenever possible, but I didn’t want people to think I was arrogant or showing off wealth (and I am certainly not wealthy – a graduate student with two kids is about as poor as it gets). However, this summer, something happened to me.I finally went in to a dermatologist for the first time in my life, since my family has a history of skin cancer. What they found shocked me – they removed and/or biopsied 15 abnormal moles on my first visit. So I waited for two weeks to find out if I – a young father of 28 years old – had cancer. That was one of the longest two weeks of my life, waiting for the lab results. While I was waiting, I had a personal epiphany. I realized that I couldn’t control whether I had cancer. That was out of my hands.But one thing I CAN control is the way I present myself to the world. That means, dressing in a way that is authentic to ME. Instead of just waiting for fate to hand its verdict to me, I was going to take my life into my own hands and express myself in a real way again.I decided to visit some thrift stores to find some nice clothing. AND I discovered your blog and your YouTube videos, and started learning as much as possible. I LOVE your videos!Then, at the thrift store, I made a remarkable discovery. A wealthy, well-traveled gentleman had passed away and willed all his clothing to a local charity thrift store. I don’t want to waste your time with the story, but it’s on my blog here: http://arthurhatton.com/2012/08/02/thrift-storesuccess- story/ It seems the universe decided to give me a “kick start” to help me really live authentically. Soon afterward I got the results back – I don’t have cancer. However, the whole experience taught me something. I am not going to let life tell me how to live or express myself. Arthur Hatton


I’m a recently certified female image consultant who was looking to increase my knowledge in men’s fashion. The Style System not only gave me great and detailed information, it helped me understand men’s fashion from a male perspective and real needs, and gave me the opportunity to experience the actual evolution of style in a man throughout it’s seven week duration. Antonio Centeno, founder of Real Men Real Style and A Tailored Suit, brilliantly created The Style System as a powerful and easy to follow course where at the end of seven weeks and without even noticing it,your knowledge in men’s style not only increases, it starts to flow with your own personal voice. It’s worth every penny! You won’t only get what was promissed, you obtain valuable information, a groundbreaking experience, a guided and supportive tour through your transformation and the opportunity to share it with other fellow students.Being a woman I was just a spectator in certain aspects of the course but was always trying to learn from the process of others and Antonio made it so easy! Thank you Antonio for letting me get inside this world and for helping me aspire to become a better consultant.My best wishes in all your present and future projects and a standing ovation to a wonderful human being! Silvia Guerra de V


As a programmer looking to move up in my job I knew that image and soft skills would be the difference between “good programmer” and “good manager”. I found Antonio’s blog and style system while looking on YouTube for some help, and am really glad I did. Antonio’s “Style System” course gave me a lot of the information I was lacking and also helped me grow more confident and responsible on the inside as well. I highly recommend his class to every working male, young or old, that wants to take control of their personal image. Jason Schatz


Hi Antonio. Taking part in The Style System has been a privilege for me. I can’t believe the course has come to an end already. I don’t mind admitting I found it tough going at times, and it will be sometime before I have grasped all of the concepts show cased inside. But that doesn’t matter. I took the course to learn and to grow as a person, and that process is now well underway. All credit to you for what you have done. I’m honoured to have been part of the inaugural Style System group, and I wish you much future success with the program. You have my respect and my gratitude. Glynn.
I thought it was great. Seriously, you have changed my life. I started by watching your video’s, then read this eBook. Dressing better makes me feel great and my wife has enjoyed the transformation as well. Maybe you can improve the ebook by adding more pictures so one can have a better understanding of what you’re talking about; although you are pretty clear. I think having pictures of people in a proper vs. improper color scheme would be helpful. Thanks again and keep up the good work, Jaime
Antonio, It looks pretty good to me. I have just lost 36 kilogrammes so I am feeling really happy with how I look. So it is important to me that I look as good as I feel. Trouble is, I don’t know the first thing about how to dress properly, and I have to go out and buy a new wardrobe! So your ebook was right on the button in introducing me to the concepts of correct dress code. Thankyou Sam Costin


fantastic article. It shows the less enlightened the correct way to dress to create a positive appearance. At 65 it is pleasing to find someone to show me my mistakes and the correct way to dress ,, Thanks. Paul D Osborn


Dear Antonio I loved reading your ebook, it was really helpfull! I am starting to think more about combining colors and using more paterns and button ups rather than only wearing tees. :) btw I really love your youtube channel. A little anecdote:i’m 15 years old and i am going to a family party in a week and i was shopping for a suit today, the guy at the store picked a suit and i loved it. When he wanted to tie my tie i was like: I can do it myself sir! The guy was speechless 😀


First of all, thanks for the fast response!Second, I liked it. It was definitely helpful and elaborated upon quite important points together with the videos & articles you put out – and most of all you bring some good arguments to the table which are backed up by scientific studies, rules and similar. (don’t think I’ll have to tell you that anybody can say ‘something’ that can be rather meaningless without a proper argument)The ONLY thing I could think of off the top of my head that would really round it would be also going into specifics for other regions than North America in specifics as the dress code, however I do realize that would probably be asking a bit too much.Other than that I think it puts down some basic and very universal ‘rules’, it’s well articulated and illustrated and in my opinion it’s a very good entry. And for someone who would want to research further (like me) would (probably) automatically checkout your videos, articles and/or other blogs you recommend. In conclusion I’d say that I was very satisfied with it.As I have already mentioned I generally like what you’re doing. Heck, If I’m to visit some friends in the U.S. again and end up with some good pocket money I might stop by if that’d be possible. You definitely seem like someone it’s nice to work with, good sir.Kind regards, Alexander Wolf


Hi Antonio, Thanks for these words – they really make up some impotant points what it takes to be a man with values today. I agree with a lot – especially what you say about culture, history and heritage. It nearly comes close to philosophical wisdom (but I think I better stop praising you now…) Thank you and keep on posting stuff like this – it is really of high value… Many greetings from Germany Hartmut


Thanks Antonio, your kindness is much appreciated! Please keep up the great effort in providing all this style info. It’s embarrassing for me to reveal but yet, quite pertinent to mention that I looked in vain for years for a concise, pithy and relevant source of style info before quite mistakenly stumbling upon your site via The Art Of Manliness. In all truth however, you’re my single source now.

All the best, Dale McDonald

Thanks Antonio. You truly have changed my (professional) life. I’m (business) sexy, and I know it. (big words from a short round bald guy…) Thanks for the input (and the diarized looked back.) my local high end men’s store is also looking to utilize this article as well. Keep you posted on it’s posting… Ronn


My biggest style problem is that nobody else seems to have it. I have a muscular, athletic physique, and had lots of problems finding dress shirts that fit worth a dang until I started going the custom route. I have a good tailor right up the street from my office, and now I have a half dozen custom shirts hanging in my closet. It simply is amazing how something as simple as properly fitted shirts can make such a huge difference. My father wore a uniform for 28 years, and then a suit for the next 20, so I grew up with a classier view of clothing than most. Being a violinist/violist since middle school helped, too. It’s a shame just how far the downward slide has taken us. I die a little more inside every day when I go to a nice sit-down restaurant and see a guy wearing pajama pants and a baseball cap. Your website has been a great help in fine-tuning my search for my individual style. Your articles are very well-written, well illustrated, and very informative. Keep up the good work!


Antonio, I have to say I’ve been impressed with your site and I’ve been very impressed watching your marketing program unfold. I’m actually a marketing consultant in real life. In particular, I work with many clients to develop content-based marketing programs to nurture leads. I first came across your site because I wanted to get a better handle on the mysteries of “business casual. “You are doing just about everything right with your marketing and lead nurturing program. I put together a blog post this morning that referenced my experience thus far with your site which I thought you’d appreciate: http://littlewolfonline.com/content-marketing-where-are-my-leads/ The reason I’m writing is that one of my current clients is the American Marketing Association – specifically an online video channel called AMA TV (http://amatv.marketingpower.com). I have a webinar coming up where I’m going to be talking about effective content marketing programs (particularly ones incorporating video) and I wonder if you would be comfortable if I referenced your site as an example of an organization doing it right. Glad to discuss if you have any questions. Thanks, James


Antonio, OK, thank you–I saw that but, when the webpage allowed me to continue, I thought perhaps I still had a chance BUT…if you’re going to open the System again in August, well…..Lord knows I need style but–it can wait til then. Thank you and YES–virtually every bit of information at RealMenRealStyle helps in ways you can’t imagine! Thank you so very much. Leigh Kubiak


AC, Your guide can be helpful to many individuals — if they can be convinced to read it…! Given the education levels of today, it might be helpful to consider more pictures and illustrations for the majority of people; additionally, guides on how to properly tie a necktie and such would be most helpful to many men…!

Jon M. Corey, PhD Phoenix

Antonio, I finally got a chance to get through your 7 Deadly Sins manual. Wow it was like having a personal groomed. I’m in the process of building my own entrepreneur empire movement. So, I working to improve all the things you talked about in your manual. Basically keep thought into your look and that will make you stand out without looking like a highlighter to get fashion attention. I’m coming back from Japan July 21 to move to Atlanta I definitely hope to have a business conference with you to show me how to improve the game with my clients that’s into music. No limits on the direction I’m headed. Keep up the great work I appreciate it and learning a lot from you. Thanks. Duran Kelly


I have been very impressed by every aspect of your website, e-books and the methods of operating an old-fashioned client-orientated business. It is so rare in our mass-marketing environment that I marked it as a contact I will pursue as soon as I am back in the United States. Bespoke tailors have disappeared in Cape Town, South Africa in the past 20 years probably due to economic pressures and changing attitudes. Thank you for the wonderful personal attention! Regards, Gert Cloete
Your ebook is very educative. Especially for me, because I am a tailor I make suit. I learn a lot from it. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Mamman Madukor
Antonio, I am a Marine currently deployed in Afghanistan. I wanted to say thank you for all the posts, and advice. I appreciate these words coming from a Marine, and as I transition into the corporate world I know that your posts will definitely make it easier.Thanks Again! Douglas
Greetings Antionio, I yearn to inform you that your advice is sincerely appreciated. When a question exists in my mind regarding men’s style, I visit your website and videos as opposed to Google. Why? Your perspective and advice is superior to that of all others that I have yet encountered on the internet. Much modern men’s style advice must be taken with a grain of salt due to the overly casual nature of many modern men’s wardrobes. Almost all give advice advocating things that are simply not reflective of the finest taste. Your advice is trusted. I turned 17 today and I have been consciously attempting to dress well for about a year now. You are my secret weapon. None of those around me seem to be aware of the existence of your advice and I am greedily thankful for this, as I am allowed the gift of looking sharper than them. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have many resources for info on how to dress, for others simply do not possess your taste. This message may seem excessive, but I felt obliged to write it tonight after an occasion where I realized that the only reason that I am able to dress better than my clueless peers is because of you. The day that I realized that dressing as well as possible (which is not necessarily equal to dressing as formally as possible) is an actual pursuit and hobby that I can have was one of the most important of my life.While most of my 17 year old male friends pursue bodybuilding in hopes of looking better, I am able to look better more efficiently (although having a good body is also important!) using clothing. I seek to go far in life and sartorial knowledge shall no doubt remain a crucial asset throughout my journeys. It just seemed unfair for me to acquire all of this exclusive knowledge and not even thank you for it. You are my impetus in such a unique and useful pursuit that I am privelaged to chase. One day when I am a successful man in his 30’s or 40’s I will look back and remember where I learned about men’s style.Thank you Antonio, for enriching my life more than you’ll know, Akaash Nagra
Antonio, Thank you. I very much enjoyed your eBook, especially the sections on “Bad Fit” and “Dressing your Body Inappropriately”. I’m taking your advice as i step up my style, and will definitely need to reread it again, to move further up… Your website is turning out to be a treasure trove, as well. thanks, Heath Edwards
Ain’t ever seen a web or book that strictly specialize on formal fashion like this before.I’m happy l stumbled on you through google search. Infact,PERFECT IS THE WORD TO QUALIFY IT.I would also like to get your other books,video and audio analysis.Tell me what to do. Ajibola Lanre
Antonio, I am enjoying listening to the audio version but haven’t made it all the way thru yet. I have really enjoyed reading your websites as well and have learned much from the resources you provide. Thanks, Ron McGough
Hi Antonio, I think I have watched all of your videos, 3 or 4 at a time, and I have learned a lot. I particularly appreciate that you go into detailed, fine-tuning advice. The depth of your knowledge about men dress is impressive. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU. Robert Landry
Antonio, I thought the book, and your website, are very helpful. Career-wise I’m moving into senior management territory and I’ve come to realize that I have no idea how to dress for it. Suits are easy, but business casual is a mystery. The only suggestion I have for the book is to add more pictures. For example, in the section on matching you use terms like cross-hatching and checks – I had to go to Google to see what that meant. This may be on your site somewhere, but I could use more information on how clothes are supposed to fit. I’m a perfect example of the American man who buys clothes one or two sizes too big. I’ve realized you are right and plan to take my better quality items to a tailor to do it right. I have no idea what a “correct fit” means. My definition is that an article of clothing fit if I didn’t feel like I was tied into a straight jacket. In practice, that meant buying big clothes that probably made me look like a fat guy.:) Thanks, James
It was very very helpful! I am a 45 year old male who’s been overweight for most of my life and thus didn’t really care about my appearance. I’ve currently lost quite a bit of weight (50 lbs) and when I get closer to where I want to be I plan to purchase some tailored clothing. Thanks, Marvin Penick

Outstanding e-book. Timeless advice that doesn’t rely on the current fashion, that may not apply tomorrow, is always appreciated. The one change that comes to mind would be to include a small printable color wheel. I’m sure it’s easy to find one online but to have one in the book that is printable while reading about it would be great. I would think a small wheel that could be printed, cut out and tucked into a pocket for shopping reference would work the best. Sean

Antonio, The ebook was informative and helpful. I wanted some inputs on creating a wardrobe suited to my needs. Your ebook captures one aspect of it. Business casual and formal clothing advice are abundant on the internet and I have found yours to be one of the best. I am subscribed to your youtube channel. I’ll be sure to mail you any questions if i have any. Regards, Adithya Nagesh


Hi Antonio, Thanks for your email! I really like your e-book and all of your YouTube videos. Especially how to dress for differing builds as I am a person of slight build. I am looking forward to purchasing your premium package in the near future. Kind Regards, Chris Johns Sydney, Australia
Hi Antonio, Just a brief note to express my gratitude. I stumbled upon your site quite by accident a few weeks ago and was amazed at the sheer volume of excellent information that you provide. Your free e-book is great and has convinced me (once my budget permits in the coming weeks) to eventually subscribe and participate in all of your programs including your tailored suit bespoke services. In fairness to others however, as much as I’d like to, due to short term budget constraints until early July, I won’t have the funds to be able to participate in the May 23rd pilot program of The Style System as I’d planned. It would have been great to “get in on the ground floor” and have the opportunity to provide input now and then as the program is initially developed but I’ll have to wait until the next round in the fall – September? Accordingly, in consideration of others who may wish to join the pilot, I’d take it kindly if you’d please free up my allotted spot for someone else. Please continue your valuable work! Kindest Regards, Dale McDonald

Was it helpful? Thanks for the book, and yes, it was very helpful. I shall re-read it many more times I’m sure so that I rely digest of all the information properly and can put it into practice. Can I make it better? The style and voice is great, the amount of content is perfect and the structure and layout is also great. My only request would be for more diagrams (or photos). For example, while reading the text about how a suit should hang on the body I had to try to visualise for myself what each of the elements being described might look like. A few small pics, diagram or photos would help reinforce the lesson. Thanks again for sharing a great resource. With gratitude, Bruce

Incredible ebook! Like most of the viewers, I, myself, am transitioning from laid back clothing to a more mature wardrobe and this ebook along with your videos make the transitions a whole less intimidating and more exciting. I will keep watching your videos as they are a great source for men. Keep up the good work. Juan Carrillo
Hello Sir Centeno, I have skimmed through your eBook and have found it interesting, though I haven’t had the time to read everything. I like the approach that you have used in presenting the contents. I will get back to you once I’ve finished reading through it…:D thanks very much. you book has fueled my likes for smart dressing once again. God bless. Rester Solis
Thank you for this Antonio. Summer style is one which I struggle with the most. I am still trying to make a lot of adjustments to my bland wardrobe with shorts and short sleeved shirts being a large part of what I wear in the summer. I truly enjoy and have often recommended your site to friends of mine. Thanks again. Adam Greene
“The 7 Deadly Style Sins” is a great quick referene a man can use when unsure about a specific aspect of style basics. You give good, adequate descriptions of what you are talking about, and your writing is effective and easy to comprehend. This was an enjoyable read, and I think you have yourself a great eBook here. As a sidenote, I would like to just let you know how very impressed I am with RMRS. I am relatively new to your website, but it has instantly become one of my favorites. I love the videos you have in your archive. I can just sit and watch the videos you have for a good 60+ minutes at a time. Especially in this modern world where businesses and websites try to give off the impression of connecting with their audience, you don’t just give that impression: you actually do connect. It’s refreshing to see someone who actually takes time to respond to YouTube and Facebook comments and questions. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think you do a great job with RMRS and that it shows how much work you put into this site. Keep up the stellar work, Antonio.
Antonio! Excelente. Muchas Gracias!!! Saludos LCC Karla Maldonado
Man, the fashion tips that I’ve obtained through Antonio Centeno have been amazing. I’ve watched many of the youtube videos, read the free book I received when signing up and just read the hot weather dress guide. I am so thankful for all of these tips! I’m a 29 year old professional and want to look like a man – not a youth. The knowledge freely given from Antonio Centeno have contributed greatly to how I feel about myself in the clothes I’m wearing. It’s made a positive impact on my life which has helped me to make a positive impact on others. Thank you so much, mate. Mark Waters.
Thank you very much Antonio for keeping me up to date with all of your fashion tips… you’re one in a million!!! Prof. David S.R.

Dear Antonio, Thank you so much for this unexpected and precious gift! I really appreciate it. You are amazing. I wish you the best of luck!

Always a fan, Valentin

Hi Antonio, I would not usually respond to a follow up email like this but I really admire what you are doing and your presentation skills and your advice. Great work mate. Truth is I haven’t read it yet but I am looking forward to and and continue to watch your vids. Good luck to you are your family. Great work. Gareth
Hello Antonio, greetings from Slovenia. I have to say, your book is awesome for men in their early 20’s, when they start discovering the true meaning behind dressing sharp. It’s a difficult age when you’re not yet a man, nor a kid anymore and they lose themselves. I’m 23 and I was in the same position a few years ago, but lucky me, I always wanted to dress sharp, and my aunt pushed me in the right direction by showing me a few good stores where I could purchase quality Italian clothes and footwear. So it is important to have at least a book like yours to show young men how to dress properly. Knowledge is never a bad thing, and I’m looking forward to your new articles. Sincerely, Bruno Lisjak.
Antonio, I’m glad I found your Blog & Website. I did find it helpful, I’m a 43 year old software sales person and reading your Blog and others like yours has really been an eye opener to me. I’ve been a life long Men’s Wearhouse person and over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of clothes I simply do not like. Since reading your eBook I’ve completed a massive purge of clothes and I think I will still go through things once more as it has been a very healthy exercise. Thanks again. Matt


I am so glad that I discovered your site. Very informative and the eBook was very helpful as well. There are so many details I know about now and moving forward will help me dress better due to smarter purchases and tailoring! I really enjoy learning about some of the history of clothes and the meaning behind certain garments.I’m a 24 year old just starting my career with a consulting company in Chicago and I’m doing my best to dress sharp on a tighter budget. All of the people who have the positions in my company that I want dress very well. There are a fair amount of people around my level that do not put forth the same effort into their appearance. I don’t ever want my appearance to be a deterrent from an advancement at work.It’s really amazing to me how much better the service I receive from department stores, restaurants, etc. when I’m dressed well. The amount of respect is staggering compared to if I walk in with a t-shirt and jeans. Thank you for writing the eBook and creating the site – I hope to be in a position one day where I can afford to have some clothes made by you! Best regards, Mike
Hello Antonio, The ebook was super. There are somethings I take for granted and you have encouraged me to pay attention . I intend to go the whole mile with you. I seriously need help with my colours too and the ebook came in handy. Many thanks Twakorsix
Hi Antonio. I found your eBook very interesting and informative. I am 66 years old and retired. I live in the far north of Scotland so formal wear, black tie etc. and even day wear for such as Highland games, and evenings out etc. is somewhat different, but your advice still stands. Most, if not all formal events require full highland dress, kilt etc. But what one wears with the kilt is just as important as with trousers. It is far more complicated than a tux and is very easy to get it wrong and look like you are in a fancy dress costume. I am a member of the forum http://www.xmarksthescot.com/ which is USA based but has a worldwide membership. I will mention your eBook. There are many US Marines etc. in the forum. If you ever get interested in Scottish Highland Dress (which seems to be becoming more popular worldwide especially for weddings) then I am sure you can give good general advice. We live very near the Castle of Mey where Prince Charles visits every year and he always seems to dress correctly for any occasion, but then I suppose he has his own Highland Dress style advisers. :-) I will look forward to your newsletters. Best regards. Chris Lowe. Member of the Clan MacLaren Society. Member of The Scottish Tartans Authority.
Hi Antonio, I found the e-book to be very imformative, I bought my first suit (grey) not long ago and have since purchased another 3 suits. I now have most occasions covered. I found your videos on youtube to be really helpful in regard to what to look for and how to look good. Thanks for your help. regards, Ian Cassidy.
Hello Antonio, I am really impressed with your website, videos, ebook, and audio – so much so that I’m considering purchasing your Man’s Guide to Style. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Timothy Durbin
Hi, Antonio I’m not an expert yet but I definitely found it helpful. And the e-book format makes it very convenient to read on various devices. Like your other articles as well. My compliments. Will be implementing some of the advices for sure. Thank you. Regards, Kruno

Antonio, Excellent eBook, I found it very helpful. Coming from a college kid’s perspective -and certainly that of a complete beginner, the lessons within the eBook covered all of the basics I needed. Your explanations on everything from color and pattern selections, to tailoring and pocket squares really cleared up a lot of questions myself and my friends have faced. I look forward to reading more from your website articles. Sincerely, Ryan Mullen

My apologies…I have not had time to peruse it yet. I downloaded it for my sons. Two AWESOME boys (actually, young men, 22 & 20 years of age), who try to keep up with fashion, even whilst in college; both sons happen to be “color-deficit”. I created a color chart for them, in hopes of helping. While searching for online help, I came across your site. I have passed it on to both of them, while keep a copy for myself. Your time, your site, is greatly appreciated.
Antonio, thanks for the eBook. I especially enjoyed the dressing properly for body type as I have long legs and a small waist (32 ” at 6’1″ & 183 lbs). I usually find pants (32 waist 34 length) that fit well, but less luck with shirts as they are too baggy. The fitted ones (size L) for me fit well in the chest but still are a little large in the waist. Thanks again and good luck to you and your endeavors. Allen Wilson
It was quite interesting, and something I plan to share where I work. I work for a non-profit workforce services agency, and some of our services involve helping job seekers prepare for job interviews. While a bespoke suit may be out of their budgets, at least our job seekers will know what is not only appropriate but also what fits well. That, of course, translates into confidence. Never a bad thing, especially in a job interview. You had some valuable tips that I’ll be happy to pass along. Thanks.
Thank you for the wonderful customer service, Antonio. It’s pretty impressive. Eric
Hi Antonio, I have to commend you on your ebook. I consider myself as being fashionable but I’m always looking out for more information to help in improving my style. I’m really glad I came across your book ‘cos it’s packed with facts which are essential for any man who takes his appearnce serious ( I think every man should ). Keep up the good work. Regards Tayo
I found it quite useful as well as confirming some things I have already been doing. It’s good to know that there is a guide for the man who prefers classy over trendy. I equally appreciate the videos and look forward to learning more from them as well. W.C. Woods
I think that it’s the best book i’ve read about style. It gives you the depth of the details you need, not being confusing (as many other style books) and very specific. Very helpful! I also enjoy your videos, your professional job and the big amount of effort you do for us to look stylish and sharp. Thanks again! Loukas Michael


As far as suggestions go, I can’t think of any right off the bat. I am sure many people have said that more pictures would help, but I know the cost to hire a photographer would not be worth it in the long-run, especially for a free eBook. So I would say it’s just fine the way it is- just make any needed adjustments when the styles change. :) Yes, I was aware from your website that you also founded A Tailored Suit, and I found that website to be very helpful as well. Thank you for all you do, Antonio! Keep up the good work. Eric

Hi Antonio, Your e-book is really helpful. It has opened my eye to the men fashion world. All these time, i have been making the similar mistake, your tips really help to correct my fashion mistake. Bravo, mate. T. K. Yong

Dear Antonio, Thak you for your eBook “The 7 Deadly Style Sins”. Nice, concise and to-the point, in a straightforwad, manly manner. I’m not a novice on ‘dessing well’ myself -as wel as a teaching/tarining professional-, however, having these seven steps together in one source strengthens my knowledge and helps me to remind. Great work, thank you again! There is an 8th tip I would add, based on my experience in The Netherlands, but a worldwide phenomenon, and I would call it “Keep Your Monkey Inside You.” Meaning: I’ve noticed a lot of men who -at some point- start acting like ‘they don’t really mean’ what they are wearing. As in “I’m actually a lot cooler that just the guy in the suit that you see before you.” That can lead to things like (very) unpolished shoes, sagging (white) socks, undone collars under sloppy a tie, pushed-up sleeves, eerie ‘cool’ sports goggles, weirdly ruffled hair and things like that. And I’m not talking late at night in a house of ill repute, or on Friday drinks: I see it happening an hour after arrival in the office, restaurant, reception, dinner or whatever, when they “start feeling comfortable”, mostly when they are among other ‘monkeys’ who are even less well dressed. Would this be a good tip, or am I getting a grumpy old man now? 😉 Thank you for your attention, keep up the good work, I enjoy it tremendously. And again, your eBook is also very much appreciated Kind regards from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Sander F. van Hest

Knowledge is key. And I’m grateful to have found your site! Jonas
Hi Antonio! Elegant. Thanks! I love reading your stuff; you’ve helped me many many times! Rick
I really have enjoyed your book and your site. It is nice to see something finally written for straight men that actually have to look professional in the real world. George Pelason
Dear Antonio, I would like to express just how much I love your blog, in our era of blurry gender identity and mindless materialism, your websites are a source of inspiration, taking us back to a bygone era which stands for personal responsibility, moral decency, elegance and hardwork. Seriously, I rarely ever comment on blogs, nevermind contacting the website owner with a thank you note. You are a good man with good values and I think this is something all of us could relate to and seek to emulate. Keep up the good work man! Respect, Ed
Devil Dog – Your style guide is phenomenal. I skimmed through several “experts” before finding yourself through a youtube style video you posted. I am impressed with all of this helpful advice and its nice to see someone like yourself make it big. Take Care! Daniel Ignacio Cabrera
Antonio, Great information. I am passing your websites along to my 6 brothers. Looking forward to seeing or reading more advice. Thanks, Frank Vieira
I just want to take the time to not only thank you., but to also let you know, I love thease priceless lessons you have sent me. I have learned so much from you. I am truely greatful. Sincerely: Jhon.
Great! My name is aka Daniel. I give 5 star for the videos but I wish you had some more details on showing the mix-match color style on shirts, ties and suite on video. But, excellent video overall and your web site has most helpful tips about men’s style then other websites I have looked through. Thank you.
Hi Antonio I really liked the book. I am a total beginner and I am starting an internship at the Danish Embassy in Oslo on Thursday where I have to wear a suit so the eBook has helped me understand a lot more about how to dress. Thanks Jesper Blaabjerg Holm


I did enjoy the eBook. I’m new to this style of clothes so it definitely helped me get a start in the right direction. I’ve also found your webpage real men real style. I’ve viewed all of the recommended clips and I now feel confident enough to shop for a dress shirt and a suit. In one of the videos you mentioned that you were USMC…what was your MOS? I’m a Corpsman who retires in November! Anyway, thanks for the knowledge. V/R Daniel P. Hanaczewski
An absolute excellent read. I wish I had been taught this as I grew up. It is very helpful and I need to take a long hard look at my clothes and make some changes. I don’t have any suggestions at this point. Thank you, Levi
Well, I began listening to the audio commentary you made for “The 7 Deadly Style Sins” and I must say I enjoyed listening. You made some very good points and very valid tips. I found it to be extremely helpful and easy to understand. As per how to make it better: While speaking in the audio book, you speak as though we can see you. While you were talking about how to find proper sizes, you said something along the lines of: “You have to start here and here and here.” Aside from that, I havent found anything wrong with it. It is a helpful and convenient piece. Thomas Munet
Hey thanks for the response! I also wanted to say how nice it is to finally find a place for male fashion, that is for real men, as your site states. Every other site i looked at was so trendy and outlandish, there was no way I woul even want to look like some of the models I saw. I want to look good, and I want it to be a classic look, nothing too crazy. I do like to stand out and be unique, but I dont think i need to wear all this trendy designer fashionware to do so. I really appreciate your site, and am considering purchasing your actual book. I ran across this site in just the nick of time, i’m going to Boston to visit my girlfriend, and what better way to go to a new city, than with a new look. Thanks again! Brendan
Antonio, I thought your eBook was very well put together (and I actually linked from there to the Real Men Real Style website). I’m a final year university student, and I want to absorb all I can about dressing well. Aside from enjoying your eBook and RMRS, I want to let you know that I appreciate how you have created a small, highly trustworthy network of websites devoted to men’s style. When I decided recently to become informed about suits, I resolved to use my skills as a historian-in-training to research suits and concerned websites with a critical eye (obviously brand label are motivated by self interest). A Tailored Suit was the first website I looked at, and the easy, frank character of the videos and online style guide have made me blindly faithful of anything with your name on it. In a similar thread, the way you keep RMRS and A Tailored Suit separate is well done – you barely mention your store on RMRS, usually not even by name. Your preferred clientele will manage to find you despite this. I hope to develop my wardrobe, and eventually have the financial ability to construct a large suit and shirt wardrobe with help from A Tailored Suit, but until then please continue to expand the style guide on your custom clothier’s website. Slaine McKenzie

Hey whats goin on, The eBook was excellent!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the book. I have never ever been one to attempt the world of fashion. I was always so confused, and honestly a little scared of trying, because I knew I didnt have the correct knowledge to succeed. But your book and site have helped me tremendously. I have always had good taste, but i’ve never been able to properly transfer that to my wardrobe. Fear is mismatching colors and patterns, what style best fit my body, etc… I’m 6’2, and im finally getting into great shape. The most helpful tip i recieved was wearing clothes that fit right, i have always bought off the shelf, and rarely been satisfied. I think im going to take my wardrobe and have it tailored, instead of trying to purchase all new clothes. I like the clothes i have, i just needed advice on how to make them work together. I truly appreciate the book, it has given me the base i need to begin to explore and succed at looking good. Thanks again! Brendan

Very well put together and informative. I do think it is time for men to raise the bar regarding what is standard clothing in public. It mazes me how other men will ridicule another man for wearing a blazer to work! This needs to change.
Hello Antonio Thank you very much this has given me a more insight to what Bespoke and Made to measure really is. Your article has been a good lesson for me. Do you train people? Thank you.
Kia ora (greetings) Thanks so much Antonio. Brilliant stuff. If you and your family ever decide to visit New Zealand, My family and I would love to host you here in Wellington if you had the time. Coast to coast is quite popular and something I would like to do too some day. Yes we are truely blessed to live in a such beautiful part of the world. Thanks again Antonio. I really appreciate your expertise and I am applying your advice that I think works for me. Still learning colour combinations and patterns that suit me but as they say…all good things take time so all good. I would love to have a suit made from you too. Something I look forward to saving up for. Have a wonderful day. nga mihi (kind regards) Matiu Julian Wellington, New Zealand
Hi Antonio I just returned from a trip this week and was on planes for about twelve hours and driving six hours. I used much of that time listening to your audio companion to the ebook. It was a great way to pass the time and a great education. I really like the way you use a conversational method rather than just reading it.Thanks David
Hi Antonio, I watched your “Help I never wear a suit before and now i am expected to wear one” . I enjoyed it very much as I recognized my question when you read it out loud in your video. Thank you so much for taking the time and making a video which im sure helped a lot of people in my situation. Kindest Regards, Daniel Coman


Dear Antonio My name is Julius, from Tokyo Japan and one of you fan viewer. Im subscriber in your youtube channel, under named TheNetz, and also member of insider club. I would like to say thank you for you effort about mens style. I always enjoyed watching videos and reading the articles. I love so much the Free ebook you be giving, that I wondering if are there available in printed and hard cover, just as look like in the photo that post in your website. I would definitely like to buy and have it in my hand the 7 Deadly Style Sin, and A Man’s Guide to Style. PS. You mentioned that about the Men EX magazine publish here in Japan, Im wondering can you read Japanese? How many language you can speak? Appreciatively Julius
Well I wouldn’t like to repeat myself. I once said it and I still stand behind my words: your videos and tips are wonderful! Down to earth, modest tips truly meant for real man, helping them create their own real style. I personally love them and I love the approach. You said it yourself that you don’t have much time and I understand it’s hard to post a video every day, but when you do have the time please put some simple photo examples of the tips, combinations and clothes that you talk about :)) Thanks Antonio! Wish you all the best! Gordan
Antonio As a former business consultant to many of our major Canadian banks, the last 5 years I have held a general sales manager position for a local real estate company in a higher end real estate market. I am also the director of sales and marketing for a small custom builder.That said, I have lived in logo wear (predominately jeans and t shirts) We are launch a decor centre and sales office in a couple of months and I wanted to raise the bar on my marketability as a sales leader in our market and add credibility to the 30 years industry experience I have in real estate and mortgage sales.My first start to my new market image was your free download ebook and your YouTube videos. Next was your plus 600 page eBook The information has been invaluable I am the brunt of many insider giggles and jokes from my sales people, but the private emails after congratulate me on my new look, Facebook profile pictures and attitude that I’m in business to do business. They like to see their “leader” look like he can lead (and inspire confidence) I am happy to have your experience and skills at my finger tips to “success” coach me through the transition. Keep up the awesome wisdom. We’re listening! Ronn James Oakville ON Canada
Dear Antonio, Thank you for taking the time to put in an audio message addressed to me. I will try out your advise regarding the two and a half button suit. And thanks again for all the wonderful style advises. You are an inspiration and I hope to learn a lot from you via your e-book and videos. Cheers, Sandeep.
Antonio, Thank you for the follow up. I have been doing a lot of research over the past couple months, as I move from wearing suits to the occasional formal event, to wearing them in the world of sales, where that first impression can possibly open doors, or slam them shut. The information given in your ebook and recordings really pulls everything together nicely. Wearing a suit correctly does make a difference, both in the attitude of the wearer, and in the attitude of others in contact with the wearer. Further, those attitudes reinforce each other. So it’s imperative we know what we’re doing when we put these outfits together! Thank you for the information I have read and listened to. I look forward to seeing more. Kevin Summers
Thank you for your useful information about color blindness. I am an Image Consultant and am advising a color blind man. We will be going shopping soon and doing a closet audit so I would appreciate any additional tips you have. Congratulations on your e book! All my best, Jane McFadden
Antonio, Love the Info I have always worn some sort of uniform of suit for my work. Military, Boat Captain, Law Enforcement and now as an Executive Director. The only thing was I did not know what to do and not to do in certain situation. This Ebook and other info is perfect and answers my question . Thanks a million. Respectfully, Thomas
Thanks! I’m reading it tonight. I thought your video on YouTube with 9 style tips was very informative and well put together. Especially your comments about fashion changing year to year but having style is timeless. As well as your comment about dressing like a man vs. a boy. Good stuff! Alwin

IMAG2187Antonio,Nice article on wearing a boutonniere! Over the past several years, the boutonniere has become part of my style. It is rare that I will be caught dressed up without one. Thanks!

Mr. Centento, I’ve learned a lot from your channel, and I respect your advice. I’ve started to change my entire wardrobe toward dressing more like a man, which is obviously great and I’m grateful for your advice. I would love to see your channel grow; I think I would enjoy your videos even more if they included more props, maybe changes in camera prospective, and I would love to see examples of things your referring too when you suggest them. I think it would add a dynamic to your presentation. I just want to thank you again for your advice. It has definitely helped! KHall
Antonio, Haha, I participated as fast as I could. Unfortunately, I was at work when I got the email, and my computer at work is too slow to load up a YouTube video to examine a necktie you were wearing. I did use the coupon, however (thank you so much for that), to buy the “Burnt Orange Jenson” tie. The Charles Alexander tie you sent me as part of the Style Boot Camp gifts is my favourite tie (and, quite possibly, my favourite item of clothing), and I’m more than pleased with the price of the new tie I bought. I expect similar greatness.Ever since seeing your video explaining the big ideas behind The Style System, I’ve been anxiously awaiting more. While it doesn’t contain the personal touch that Style Boot Camp had (which, by the way, I’m so grateful for — you’ve been amazingly good to me), the content looks even more developed, and I’m a ravenous learner.I’m also able to use the knowledge I’ve gained in my professional life, as I’m now a Law Clerk at a local law firm, which allows me to dress business casual. I feel confident every day with what I wear, knowing that I’ve got a great style foundation from Style Boot Camp. I hope you and your family are doing well! Regards, Jonathan
Antonio, dwayneI wanted to thank you again for the free upgrade you gave me on my Style System package and thank you for the system in general. I was able to do each of the tasks except one – and the one I didn’t complete was really because I didn’t have any clothes at the time that truly fit me well. I do now, having gotten my favorite trousers hemmed so that the length is correct and having purchased a charcoal gray Boss suit from Nordstrom’s Rack. Honestly, the suit was a splurge but I decided to invest in myself and it worked out. I wore the suit during a recent trip where I was on the program with and spoke just before the Governor of Colorado. This was the National Youth Leadership Council’s annual conference focused on the benefits of service learning and the audience was largely young kids (10-18) and the adults who work with them. Early in the day I walked into the convention center wearing a pair of gray corduroys, my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots and a orange sweater with a blazer. I was fairly well dressed, but things could have been better. The sweater wasn’t/isn’t the greatest quality and the fit of the blazer is a little off. But I was okay. When I walked in someone immediately asked if I needed help. Later, a few minutes before my presentation, after I had gone back to my room and changed into my new suit, I walked into the center to a completely different response. My beard was trimmed, my locs were no longer in the corn rows they were in during the run through and were held back away from my face by a hair band and I had my suit on with a blue french cuff shirt with white/red stripes and silver knot cuff links. I didn’t wear a tie. When I walked in the gentleman at the door started to ask if I need help, then he said, “Well I’m sure you know exactly where you’re going” and smiled at me. This was an older black gentleman and he didn’t directly compliment me on my outfit but it was clear that it changed his perception of me. So much so that my beard and locs were just details in my appearance and not reasons for alarm. My facial hair and the hair on my head (dreadlocks) are often considered reasons to be concerned. Anyway, I know it was a long story but I wanted to repeat it because it’s the first time someone has complimented me on my clothes like that and it felt good because of the work I’d went through in having the arms taken up a bit and having the trousers hemmed with no break and selecting the Boss suit because of the comfortable fit of the rise. I heard his compliment as a nod to the time I had taken to get the style right. I’m looking forward to putting more of what I’ve learned to use. Best, Reginald Dwayne Betts


Thank you. I made a job transition this last year into a junior executive role at a fortune 100 company, and the style tips I have learned from your videos and website have been very useful. I formerly worked for a west coast based high tech company, where style isn’t practiced much. Now with working at an east coast based company, the appearance makes a major difference and helps to give credibility to what you are about to talk about. -Jason

At first, I wasn’t quite sure if the Style System was going to be for me. I was a grown man who still dressed as a kid. The only experience in style I had was seeing my mom buy clothes for my dad. I never learned how to properly take care of and present myself as a stylish man. I was on a tight budget, and I was going overseas for a few months where I would have no access to any stores or other services for a while. I emailed Antonio and explained to him my situation, asking his advice. Not only did he reply within 24 hours, he did so with a personalized audio recording. Instead of giving me a standard ‘Of course it’s for you, just sign up’ e-mail, he laid out the possibilities and what the potential benefits for me would be in the situation I was in. That was the green light for me. Not only did this man understand my situation, he gave me an honest answer in a prompt and highly personalized way. That’s how I knew Antonio was the real deal and that he truly cared about the men he sought to help. I signed up for the Style System and haven’t looked back. The Style System is a vast database of style knowledge, tailored (no pun intended) to my specific wants and needs. Even after the Style System had finished, Antonio did his very best to keep us updated on everything that was going on. He also designed a new website dedicated to the Style System graduates so we can keep in touch and are being kept up to date of the latest discounts Antonio has set up. I loved the Style System experience. Thanks to Antonio, I’m still learning every day and I feel like this will be an ongoing process for many years. I would recommend this to anyone who feels insecure about the way they dress and are aching to start making a difference today. You can only go forward!

Max – Toronto, Canada.

Hope all is well Antonio. Great video, keep up the good work. I’m not sure if you remember this or not but you gave me some great advice on our call last year on selecting my Barbour and going for the “classic” color (glad I didn’t buy black!). I appreciate all the help and advice on style. take care. Joseph DeMarco
Hello Antonio, Bravo! I really enjoyed the style system! The whole thing was put together very well. I’m still working on some of the lectures. It will probably take me at least another week :) In regards to the professional series, what specialized content should i be anticipating. Also, when should i schedule an appointment with you? Regards Ted Papadopoulos
Just finished the last webinar and wanted to say thanks for everything, It has helped me a lot. I wanted to share a quick story with you. My wife has been trying to get me to dress better for years and now I am. In fact I’m dressed so well now that she feel I’m always significantly better dressed then she is. Last weekend she wanted me to take her shopping to help her dress better. As if that was surprising enough we ended up in a Burberry store wondering around. One of the employees wondered over to ask if we needed anything. He actually remarked how well dressed I was and said I looked very GQ. I took it as a compliment since he was wearing a well fitted suite and seemed to know what he was talking about. Anyway I don’t think I would be where I am today without your help and just wanted to let you know I really appreciate it. Ben Beierwaltes
Hi Antonio, scottAhead of tonight’s final webinar I just wanted to say what an experience it has been, and continues to be. I wish that, now at 51, I had known what you’ve been teaching us thirty years ago. But I look forward to the next thirty years as I’m just getting started! It has been very interesting these past few weeks, walking round Capitol Hill here in Seattle, my neighborhood, the “hipster” hood in many ways, and seeing how shabbily Seattle dresses. Today’s Seattle Times even had a poll which rates us as the most dressed down city (http://blogs.seattletimes.com/fyi-guy/2013/02/28/suffering-for-fashion-not-in-seattle/). (Of course their asking people their opinion on comfort over style and completely miss the point that style does not have to sacrifice comfort!) And as I’ve found some blogs one line, photo blogs, of stylish and well-dressed men, I have found myself capturing images for inspiration (including some kick-ass pattern matching, if nothing else for the sheer visual delight). I’ve been noticing how shabbily I think I dress. And I’ve been noticing the stylishly dressed amongst us and how even simple changes make them stand out from the crowd. Since the release of your wardrobe spreadsheet I’ve been formulating my plans, at least in my head, as to my next steps. In fact I’m going to mimic your spreadsheet for my own, adding a budget column and other notes and links. (Or more likely I’ll build a FileMaker database because, well, that’s just what I do!). So a long e-mail short, thank you, I’m glad I found you, and I’m excited about the future even though my bank account is terrified! See you in the webinar in a few. Cheers, Scott
Thank you, Antonio! This is indeed a great value for everything you get. I officially got into the Image Consulting business about two years ago, although, I have had a passion for it since I was kid. Although my original intent was to work primarily with men on a one one one basis, it seems that I have gone the seminar route by accident and I love it! I am getting more and more requests for seminars and I am now considering starting a vlog myself. You have a certainly worked very hard at what you do and I admire that greatly. I’d love to keep in touch! LUIS A. TAVEL
Hi Antonio; I know it’s been a while since we communicated but always know I’m constantly checking into your blog and website. I wanted to let you know that I did finally land an ombudsman job with the University of Connecticut. I had been a finalist with various UN organizations but they never seem to be able to make up their mind and when I interviewed at UConn I knew it was the right place. Plus, my and my wife’s family are within 1 1/2 hours of UConn. I start at the end of next month.You’ve been a big help in my transition and I know I have the wardrobe now to make this transition work! Also, I will be in need for some more suits up there (A tweed perhaps and a gray or blue flannel?) but I’m going to have to wait and see how bad a bath I take on selling our home first!Regardless or when though, I’ll be a customer for life. So thanks again and I’ll be talking with you soon.All the best, Jim

Dear Antonio, This is a great list specifically, but I’m writing with thanks for four years of great articles. I discovered the atailoredsuit.com style guide articles back in the fall of 2008, via the Art of Manliness. I was in grad school at the time for architecture, and my favorite style was a shiny dark synthetic-ish dress shirt, matching tie (think Regis Philbin) pared with stone khakis, and shiny black shoes, as square as possible. Fall of ’08 I was studying for a semester in Rome, Italy, which, not surprisingly, piqued my interest in the wider possibilities of men’s fashion. I remember walking to the class building and passing by the mannequin filled glass windows of the Cosimo Colonna and Davide Cenci stores (not to mention the one-shop family tailors in Naples, Florence etc). I was fascinated, and wanted to grow my wardrobe, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Discovering the Style Guide was a huge help, and I’ve really enjoyed the Real Men Real Style videos and articles. I’ve come learn how to match my natural high-contrast complexion, combine patterns and colors, what makes a well-made jacket, fit and so on. I’m redirecting my career into the ministry, so I doubt I’ll ever be able to use the services, of atailoredsuit.com, but I’ll be a fan of the Real Men Real Style essays as long as you keep writing them. Thank you for sharing what you know, it really made a difference for this man.

Sincerely, Christopher Teague

Hey Mr.Centeno setThank you so much for the tips before my meetings at the California state capital. Here’s a photo from the journey – Can you guess which one is me? Tell me your honest opinion if you will. During the 2 days of prep to head to the capital to talk with legislatures on authoring a bill to better foster care, I wore suits to our workshops. Not always full, but slacks and a button up w/ suspenders or a vest. During the 3 days, so many people came up to me to compliment my clothing choice, as well as the keynote speaker. Despite my wear, I still was able to connect with multiple age ranges at the conference. If I got nothing else from that conference, I certainly got respect, and gave just as much. Also, during my visit to the capital, I noticed many sharply dressed men, but…. Quite a few seemed to have no idea how to properly button their jacket. I saw 3 button suits with either the bottom two, or just the middle buttoned, NEVER the top however. Lapel pins seemed to be for select individuals, but nonetheless there were quite a few of those as well. I enjoyed my self though. The senators and staffers that I met were actually quite welcoming. So much that I do think I even needed to hide my wallet ;). I was talking with a woman who worked there, complementing her earlier style. Impressed, we began talking, and she asked which office did I work at. I stopped and started thinking. Then I realized I DONT WORK THERE! However, when you fit in well, it adds a true sense of belonging. Just wanted to say thanks again, and keep doing what youre doing, people of all age ranged need you. ~Darnell M. Johnson


Anson Belt and & Buckle, I am taking this opportunity to provide some positive feedback on a purchase I made last week. First and foremost, I understand the importance of a quality referral network for the small business and feel it is important to recognize Antonio Centeno’s endorsement on his Real Men Real Style website. I have never met Antonio nor purchased anything from him, but his perceived credibility made this style illiterate’s decision much easier. Concerning the purchase. First off I was very impressed with order fulfillment. I may be wrong, but I believe I had a shipping confirmation number before clicking the final checkout button. On a serious note, very fast. I received my straps and buckles 2 days later. Very fast. The packaging was classy and professional. The products met my expectations and I look forward to wearing them for years to come. In a world of mega stores, cookie cutter products, and a general degradation in quality customer service, it is refreshing to find products and services that meet and exceed exceptions. Continued success! DJ P.S. Antonio, I have included you on this email as additional affirmation of your continued endorsement of this company. For what it’s worth.
I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you do. I purchased the book with the accompanying audio and continue to listen and read nearly every day. I have always struggled with clothing, colors and style and my wardrobe. I have been able to see a definite improvement by adhering to the timeless style concept. I am a 50 year old business owner that has undoubtedly wasted years of potential opportunities because of those first impressions you speak so often about. I just didn’t realize how much I was putting myself at a disadvantage. I know you are always looking for suggestions, so here it goes. In your books and videos, you stress the importance of making sure clothes fit. As a rank beginner, the question and uncertainty that arises, is when does a shirt fit properly? After a lifetime of dressing poorly, I struggle with knowing what to look for or when a shirt or pants don’t fit correctly. As a person in the business, it comes natural for you, and you don’t have to give it a second thought. But when I try on a shirt, I really don’t know what I am looking for. What would be helpful would be a video of you putting a shirt on, that doesn’t fit right, and then the explanation of why. Then following up with a shirt on that does fit properly and what the differences are. Until I gain more experience, I am at the mercy of others to tell me what fits properly and what doesn’t. The real danger is I would not know if they have any idea what they are talking about. This can apply to every item of the wardrobe. I know this is very basic, but it is exactly what someone like me needs to get started. The most basic information and concepts that you take for granted everyday are opportunities for more articles and videos. Think about explaining those concepts in video to someone that has worn t-shirts and jeans everday for 40 years and has absolutly no idea of even the basic terminology. Thats where I was when I found your website. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. John P. May
Dear Mr Centeno, I guess you already know that we are thousands out there who have just been saved from committing the greatest and common style mistakes. I am deeply thankful to you for that. I am a University Student of Civil Engineering. I discovered your youtube channel last year, and my very first thought was: ”this guy looks and sounds amazingly professional and yet simple.” Ever since I am watching all your videos and I must say that it did not only help me to dress better but also to think and act better. Even in my field of study it helped me in the sense that I realized the importance of being a part of the professional world. Once the mind gets expanded it does not shrink) Before I was a sob guy (t-shirts & baggy jeans), and now I am so much different (Shirt+chinos+belt+nice shoes). The people I meet for the first time now definitely show much more respect and in a way interested to have a conversation with me (not to mention the ladies). Thank You Antonio. Nitish
Hello Antonio,I want to thank you for helping me in gaining my self confidence .As after reading your e-book and other mails i came to know about the effects dressing can make to one’s life.I am a engineering final year student. After reading your mails i improved my dressing a lot and i have noticed a positive change in myself.thank you for making me understand what difference sharp dressing can make. Sourabh
We live in a world that judges us based on looks. The American culture is especially prone to this. Whether we like it or not, our society says that in order to achieve a certain professional goal, one must (often) look a certain way. Most all organizations require their members to wear uniforms. Blue collar, white collar, everyone wears one. Of course, it’s not always called a uniform; sometimes it’s simply called a “dress code”. If you want to succeed in this culture, you have to look and dress the part, especially if you aspire to climb the rungs of the white collar ladder. Sure, you can fly your anti-establishment flag, stretch your ears and put a ring through the septum of your nose if you want. But don’t be surprised when you’re still serving fries or jockeying a cash register in your late 20’s with nothing better on the horizon. When people think of uniforms, they usually think of soldiers and police officers. The military and law enforcement share a long, historic tradition of wearing uniforms. Most people are familiar with the billboards and advertisements depicting the battle ready Marine clad in his pristine dress blues, sword in hand, a paragon of honor and respect. Law enforcement is no different. In fact, much like the military, we are taught early on in the academy that an officer’s appearance conveys much more about them than their words do. Communication is 10% verbal and 90% non-verbal. This means that almost everything you say (or rather communicate) is done without even opening your mouth. Imagine that you’ve been the victim of some type of crime and two police officers show up to take the report. One is physically fit, his uniform is pressed and neatly creased, his duty gear is polished, and all of his brass is smartly shined. The other is overweight, his uniform is wrinkled, there are food stains on his shirt, and his duty gear looks like it’s been buried in the dirt. Which one would you put your faith in? I’ll never forget the day I was sworn in and put my uniform on for the first time. It felt like a combination of armor, superhero attire, and history. I thought of all the men before me who wore that same uniform and others like it. I thought of the lives that had been changed because of it. I thought of those who died wearing it. I took great pride every time I put that uniform on. I always made sure my shirts were starched, my boots were polished, my duty gear was in good shape, and my shirt brass shined. I had a legacy to uphold. After wearing that uniform for a few years, I was promoted to the investigative division. A new position meant a new uniform. No longer would I wear the twenty five extra pounds of cloth, ballistic panels, and patent leather. Now, I would wear a starched button down shirt, slacks, and a tie. The kicker was that this was my choice of uniform. It wasn’t required. I had and still have the option of wearing a polo and khakis or bdu’s and I do wear utilities on occasion (especially in the sweltering heat and humidity of the summers here). But I told myself that I would continue to maintain an air of professionalism in my new position. I wanted to project the image of a competent, knowledgeable, confident investigator who will do everything in my power to right the wrong presented to me. Before I knew it, I was getting compliments from other officers, attorneys, and even judges about how I dressed. I was being noticed. I was being remembered. It seems I’d made the right fashion choice. After a while, I had junior officers coming to me and asking my opinion on how they should dress for court or for a promotion assessment. I’m no fashion guru by any means but it filled me with a great sense of pride to know that I was becoming the go-to guy around the office for fashion advice. I have spent the majority of my career in the criminal investigations division. I have worked my way up through the ranks and was recently promoted to lieutenant. I now oversee the day to day operations of the detective division and the image my investigators portray when they interact with the public is as important to me now as my own image. Looking back over the years of hard work that got me here, I don’t regret the decision I made to choose a conservative white collar style of dress. When I wear button down shirts, slacks, and ties, I feel professional, confident, and sure of the impression I make when I interact with the public. This also applies to the criminals I deal with. I’m not just here to take a report or serve a warrant. When you see me, you see someone with the time and resources to close the case and send you to prison. A friend of mine in a neighboring agency said it best; “People see uniforms all the time. They’re used to those. When you walk in and they see a suit, shit just got real.” I say all this to illustrate how one’s choice of clothing is a key cornerstone of the foundation towards their success. While it’s not the be all or end all, I have no doubt that the way I choose to dress and carry myself has been pivotal to the success of my career up to this point. But this isn’t specific or limited to law enforcement. This applies to everyone from the President of the United States (whoever he or she may be) to the college students with grand ambitions and aspirations for their lives. It’s never too early or too late to improve the way you look. It can be intimidating at first. But it doesn’t have to be an overnight thing. Take small steps. A new haircut and a shave at your local barbershop will make you feel like a million bucks and is a start in the right direction. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt guy who is looking to improve their look, start with some khakis and a few polos. If you have one suit that you’ve been wearing to everything from church services to job interviews, expand on that. Buy a few more pairs of slacks and a few more dress shirts. Get a few new ties. You’ll have plenty to mix and match and before you know it, you have a whole new wardrobe. Buy what you can afford and build on that. When you have the money, buy something a little pricier. It’ll last longer and you’ll see why it costs more. If you’re like I was and don’t have a clue where to start when buying clothes, talk to the people at your local haberdasher. Find the guy who has been working there the longest (usually the oldest guy there); chances are they’ve been there that long for a reason. They’ll get you started on the right track. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone a little. It’s all a process but it’s a process that begins with the first step. Take that first step. Take it today. You won’t regret it. -C.D. 03/2013
Antonio, Please allow me to personally thank you for your passionate commitment to rejuvenate a dying and desperately needed part of our culture: Etiquette and Civility. Your resources and knowledge are essential and critical to achieving the goal of stylish, urbane and civil culture for young men and, in my case, middle-aged men. You are exactly correct that in order to achieve true success in life, one must first cultivate the appearance, manners and etiquette for success. You provide these tools in fresh, insightful, and occasionally humorous methods.As a former naval officer, I was given some of this training and I am grateful that you have undertaken the task of sharing your knowledge and passion to further promote this essential cause.I have learned that if you do what you love, you’ll never work another day of your life. Antonio, I wish for you great success in your business. You have inspired me and I hope you inspire countless others. May you never “work” another day in your business! Best regards, Jeff Gaudette

Antonio, It all started with a €6 hat. I was on holidays and had forgotten my tilley hat (which my wife hated – with good reason – it wasn’t the most flattering thing to wear). So we went to buy a cheap hat at the local market. I picked up a cheap straw fedora and it fit perfectly. As soon as I saw it in the mirror I though “Dam, this looks good”! I instantly looked much better than either bare headed or with my old tilley hat. I liked it so much that I brought it home on my lap in the plane so it wouldn’t get crushed in the luggage. That started a hat journey, a Panama hat followed, then a Ushanka, a trapper hat, and my current go-to hat, a Stetson Sells Fedora. Of course, there is no good having a well dressed head if the rest of you is thrown together. This is where you came in. I subscribed to the site, got the free book, watched some of the videos, and then bought the style guide. This did three very important things. 1. It gave me the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions. For example, I am 47 with the on-setting middle-age spread. Most of the trousers in the local shops are cut too low. By buying higher waisted trousers I look better. Similarly, I have a better understanding of buying to match what I already have. 2. It showed me the importance of jackets. Enough said! 3. It showed me how little you actually need in your wardrobe to be fully covered (the secret of interchange-ability). When I saw your examples of different professions wardrobes, I was surprised by how few clothes were required. However, when I started understanding quality, and caring for my clothes, it made sense. It also made me make one fundamental change (my personal eureka moment). By going through my wardrobe I realised that I had most of the necessary clothes already! I was just keeping them all for special occasions. I had nice trousers, shirts, two suits, and a jacket, but kept wearing the same old jeans and sweatshirts on a daily basis, to keep the rest of the clothes from wearing out. So rather than keeping them for special occasions, I decided to make every occasion special by wearing the clothes I had! And it’s amazing, people notice, and compliment me on it. Ok, it means my wife takes twice as long to get ready as she thinks I’m always dressed up (while in reality I’ve put on a jacket) but it’s a small price to pay. Sure, I need a few more articles in the wardrobe, but there’s no hurry, and now I will buy the right ones rather than wasting money. So thanks again, from a 47 year old who has taken the first steps on the road to better dressing.

Yours, Fintan


Hello, i am from India. I just found out your channel randomly on my news feed on Facebook and i must say you are really very good with the videos you do and the tips you give.I like to be in style ever since i was 7th grade ( now i would be graduating from university ) and i like to search these kinda stuff and know what is right and what is wrong in style. I haven’t seen any channel like yours ever before. You are just great and i always observe what you wear,your body language what kinda color you wearing and how you interact and i keep improving by myself. It’s just amazing. You are doing good job. keep going:) Thank You Antonio, Deepak Porwal
No question or problem here, I just want to say thank you. I started watching your online videos over a year ago; that led me to purchase and devour your first “A Mans Guide to Style” ebook. Naturally wanting more, I joined and practically lived off the 2nd StyleSystem Course you ran (www.stylesystem1.com) in August last year. I have been constantly going back to both, and reading the “Build Your Wardrobe” facebook group like a morning newspaper. The amount of money you charge is no-where near the amount of money you have helped me save on clothes, and in fact earned as a result of being-noticed/opportunities/promotion’s etc partly attributed to my new found (and evolving) style. To say nothing of the far more important effect on me personally; discipline, confidence, greater social impact. Your effect on your “customers” (more like students) goes far beyond money. So thank you. Even if I knew this site would not contribute anything more to me personally – which I know is not the case – I would still be more than willing to pay the registration fee. Cheers, Matthew
Thank you Antonio for your course. Every piece of information has been presented in such an easy to understand manner and has been very enjoyable to learn. It has filled me with confidence for the style journey ahead and I happily refer your course to my interested peers.Enjoy good things Cody
Antonio, I first discovered your content through The Art of Manliness this past winter. Since then I have spent much time reading your articles and watching your videos at Real Men Real Style (as well as the style guide at A Tailored Suit). I picked up your free e-book and subscribed to the Real Men Real Style Mailing list. I have learned so much from your content and have begun to implement changes in both the way I think about my clothes and myself, but in my wardrobe as well. Beyond this, I have grown in respect for you not only as a company or a brand or a businessman, but as a man. From my observations through exposure to you simply in articles and videos, you appear to be a man of genuine integrity that is not seeking to just make money, but desires to make an impact with his life. Furthermore, you appear to be a man who cares deeply about the quality of relationship you have with your wife and children.Although I don’t ever expect to be able to afford (or need) the wardrobe packages you offer at A Tailored Suit, I was excited to support your business by purchasing A Man’s Guide to Style (not to mention grow in my knowledge of clothing and men’s style). I live on a very limited budget, and I was wary of the $47 price tag on this Style Guide. It may not be a considerable sum of money, but it is not an amount I could simply afford to throw away if I were to get ripped off by an untrustworthy business. Know that I would never have purchased A Man’s Guide to Style if I did not feel like I could trust you and the quality and practicality of content you provide. I hope you take that as a great compliment. I have worked my way through the first couple segments of the course and feel confident that I have not made a poor investment. Thank you Antonio.Sincerely, Matt Lampert
Re: Fwd: This is how you have inspired me, everything has been thifted!
Hello Antonio

I just wanted to write and thank you and let you know that I recently made the jump to becoming a well dressed man. It was all started by watching your videos and reading your free EBook in December, 2012. I have always considered myself to be difficult to fit in that I am a very athletically built but somewhat small 41 year old (5’7″ and 145lbs on a good day). I have a large neck, big back and chest but skinny waist (i.e. the completely wrong shape for most North American clothing). This always frustrated me when shopping for better clothes so I resorted to the default of Polos and khaki pants for work everyday.. every single day. In my defense though they did fit great! I first received the Ebook and started watching the videos in December of 2012. I took quite a bit of time to get educated and very.. very slowly started shopping for better clothes. Clothes shopping has always stressed me out and I made a few purchasing errors along the way but realized this was part of the path of learning. By this summer I considered myself to be fairly well educated on the basics and began building an affordable interchangeable wardrobe as follows: Shirts: A mix of store brands (especially Banana Republic ‘tailored slim fit’ shirts) and some department store brands. I have about 12 which I now realize is a lot more than I really need. They are a mix of solids, stripes and checks. Now that I understand their levels of formality and the rules of pattern matching I do not stress out about which one to wear on any given day. After watching your videos I consider all shirt purchases to be just a starting point. I make a point of getting every one tailored by a seamstress with whom I have established a good relationship. The cost can almost be the same as the shirt itself as I need to get them taken in (dramatically in some cases – despite being ‘slim fit’). I usually have the sleeves slimmed down and shortened also. I learned through your videos and trial and error that a spread or medium spread collar really frames my face perfectly (I have a fairly lean and narrow face) and the spread collar helps counteract that. I would never have known that before so thanks!. I now intuitively know which shirts are better under a jacket (some collars just naturally seem to sit (or stand) better than others under the jacket) which makes pairing these two items quick and easy. I have my 3 “great under a jacket” shirts that have a lightly longer collar point length. Trousers: I am currently rotating 3 pairs of nice tailored flat front cotton trousers (Express – Producer Pants) in tan, light grey and dark grey. They fit perfectly with no tailoring and have a very slight front break. I learned from you that this helps me look taller and more streamlined. I have one pair of good quality dark straight Levis jeans also. I view this differently from my all my other casual jeans. This is my go-to ‘casual Friday’ option Sports Jackets. All I knew before is that I was a 38 Short. After watching your videos I understood the importance of fit and quality build. I took your advice and spent time on Dappered to see what the guys over there liked. Banana Republic seemed to be considered a good buy despite being fused. I was able to find a light brown and a light grey Banana Republic sport jacket in my size. The first thing I did was test the shoulder fit (the lean into the wall test). I knew from your videos that good shoulder fit was essential. They passed this test and fit everywhere else pretty good too. I took both to the seamstress and she took them in (again …substantially, even though they were ‘tailored fit’). The cost was quite high for this but the fit of both of these jackets is now perfect. I think I got the 2 jackets for about $450 and then spent another $100 on each to get them tailored. Suit This was kind of forced upon me by needing to attend a funeral at somewhat short notice. Because I was educated from your videos I was able to walk into several stores and make an educated choice (another Banana Republic purchase resulted). I picked up a basic charcoal grey tailored fit suit and again, took it to my seamstress who transformed it from a good fitting piece into a great fitting item. I am now always looking for an excuse to wear it. Retail price and tailoring came to about $750 but I think the tailoring makes it look like a much more like a $1000+ suit. Shoes From you videos I realized the importance of a really good pair of shoes. While I may have aimed for the middle and affordable in all my other purchases, for shoes I went straight to a quality menswear store and asked to see their Allen Edmonds. Currently I have just one pair of plain black Allen Edmonds ‘Park Avenue’ shoes. They fit great and look awesome. Yes they were expensive ($350) but I take care of them like a new car and actually enjoy the routine of cleaning, polishing and shoe tree fitting and unfitting. Putting it all together I had built this wardrobe slowly since watching your videos and getting the EBook. I was somewhat nervous about making the transformation at work as I was known for years as “the golf shirt and khaki guy”. I decided the best time to make the change after coming back to work from vacation. I just showed up in one of my well tailored shirts and pants and my shiny AE shoes. While a lot of people noticed and commented, a lot of people didn’t really make the big deal of it I thought they would. My workplace is a small 20 person office and it definitely leans on the more casual side of business casual, so I definitely made a bit of a splash. While making the change was a bit intimidating, I knew that if I stuck with it that my coworkers would soon just stop commenting or even noticing. As I write it has been 3 weeks of me showing up daily in well fitting shirts and pants and the same pair of AE shoes. The gentle teasing has stopped and I now get compliments on a daily basis. My confidence is way up. I definitely walk around the office with a real bounce in my step. I even wore one of the sports jackets the other day and felt amazing. I am now known as the best dressed guy in the office which feels very odd after 8 years of very casual dressing. The funny thing is that even outside of work hours I am more likely to dress up a bit more. Because all my clothes fit me great and I feel great in them I want to wear them all the time. Running errands on the weekend? Why not do it in nice shoes, jeans, a great shirt and a tailored sport jacket?. There will always be a place for the shorts and T shirts, but it really is fun to dress up a bit on the weekends even when there really is no special occasion. I feel like I have basically nailed the magic 80% of what I need to look and feel great. I also don’t feel like this has been expensive at all. I estimate the total cost of my wardrobe is less than $2000 (including the costs of tailoring). I spread this over 9 months and just added ‘style’ as a line item in my budget. Right now the only thing I feel I ‘need’ is a nice pair of Allen Edmonds brown shoes, a stylish dress watch and an overcoat to get me through these Canadian winters in style. It is nice to know that I really do not need to shop for much more unless I really want to. Thanks again Antonio for all the hard work on the videos and material. I have gone from knowing nothing about style 9 months ago to being a ‘solid B’ student right now. I know a lot of people might just browse your material and never take action but I think a surprisingly large number have taken concrete action like I did. Not sure how many write back with testimonials like this, but I wanted to make sure I did. Thanks again Andrew Calgary, Alberta D6

My story is a very simple one that ends in success. The family I come from are a jeans and t-shirt sort of family. I joined the Air Force as an adult and never had the need to dress professionally. That’s what camo is for right?I found myself on the verge of a promotion occurring, one that would involve business dressing. With haste I found myself following Antonio’s different blogs/channels. Finally, I decided to join his system. My family and I were on a tight budget, but Antonio offered a way to allow people into his next Style System class if they donate to a disaster relief company he had personally vetted.Antonio’s class was fantastic. I didn’t know what shoes, belts, attire, etc to wear. His class was able to take someone who knew nothing about colors, textures, designs and get me at an above average knowledge. This was a knowledge I used to ace the upcoming interviews I had. When you look good, you feel good, and that radiates. The Style System helped me get two job offers, and helped me begin to build my own personal style. It takes effort, but I know I have a lifetime resource now.If you are looking for a class that can take you from no knowledge to all, this class is for you. The bonus is that Antonio himself is very personable and most importantly available. There is nothing worse than buying a nice product, and then not having the support you need to fully use it. There were several times I would contact Antonio, and reliably I always got a response.I can not recommend this System enough. Invest in yourself.Cie-J
Howdy Mr. Centeno, I can’t thank you enough for your course; to say I learned a lot is an understatement! My favorite articles were on men’s footwear. I’m a military man myself, and given your military background, I was wondering if you had any specific shoe care tips for military shoes? I realize lots of your advice can be readily applied to the standard issue low quarters, but how about parade duty shoes (chloroframs) or utility boots, neither of which are made of leather? Being able to avoid scuffs on chloroframs and stains on boots would be outstanding! Thank you very much for your time. Coby S.
Absolutely every man needs some help. Steven Lewis
Dear Mr. Centeno, Thank you very much for your time; I understand how busy you must be as a custom clothier and the fact that you personally answered my question speaks volumes about your character and the unique nature of your business. I additionally commend you for your commitment to making sharp dressing a possibility for every man thanks to your YouTube channel and to your style courses. Regards, Daniel
I may not having the best collections at the moment but I’m on my way there. People might look at me differently now but they have no idea the values of wearing a proper suit to the office or wearing slightly formal outfit to go out for tea. I am very grateful to know you as well as applying your amazing tips. Bless you and your family Antonio.Jack Rae
Dear Antonio,Thank you for what you had done for me. My life now is a lot better than before, since I know how to dress better. People look at me with respect and curiosity. Works as a teacher is a lot better since co-workers value my words more. Professors at the University respect me more than everyone around, and they offers their help (to me) from time to time on assignments and examination. Of course, I must mention the lady, mustn’t I? Everywhere I go, ladies constantly glance at me, try to figure out who I am, and I love the feeling.You’re one of the best things ever happen to me. Thank you very much.Best Regard, Quyen
“Hi Antonio,I am a young professional who just wanted to drop you a note saying that I appreciate the content and style advice you publish on the web. I recently received a promotion at work and raised my business casual style (usually consisting of jeans and a polo) to a more professional level (slacks and a button-down). My boss just called me for a performance evaluation and one of his comments was that I dress and present myself well and in a very professional manner. Thank you for what you do in helping men like me make a positive impact on our society by actually caring about presentation and impressionability of those around us. Keep up the good work!Andrew”
Hey Antonio,I just wanted to wish you a happy new year and thank you for your helpfulness in 2013. Since reading your works on realmenrealstyle and signing up for a man’s guide to style I’ve learned more about myself in terms of physically and mentally I’ve learned that fit, fabric, style is the three important factors when buying clothes. Now since I dress sharp at age 19 (which is rare for guys my age) I’ve received compliments from people everywhere and that boost my confidence. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve been asked to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and will take the things I learned from you to better present myself and look professional.I recently purchased a new suit in charcoal grey slim fit from JF at JC penny’s and I felt like a million bucks my mom even gave me compliments on how good it looked on me. There were some minor alterations that were needed but when I tried on braces that instantly fixed the problem. I know this a lengthy email but there was so much I wanted to tell you. Thank you for your time.Respectfully, Andrew
Antonio, I just want to thank you for everything! You helped me a lot! -Emre
My story is a very simple one that ends in success. The family I come from are a jeans and t-shirt sort of family. I joined the Air Force as an adult and never had the need to dress professionally. That’s what camo is for right?I found myself on the verge of a promotion occurring, one that would involve business dressing. With haste I found myself following Antonio’s different blogs/channels. Finally, I decided to join his system. My family and I were on a tight budget, but Antonio offered a way to allow people into his next Style System class if they donate to a disaster relief company he had personally vetted.Antonio’s class was fantastic. I didn’t know what shoes, belts, attire, etc to wear. His class was able to take someone who knew nothing about colors, textures, designs and get me at an above average knowledge. This was a knowledge I used to ace the upcoming interviews I had. When you look good, you feel good, and that radiates. The Style System helped me get two job offers, and helped me begin to build my own personal style. It takes effort, but I know I have a lifetime resource now.If you are looking for a class that can take you from no knowledge to all, this class is for you. The bonus is that Antonio himself is very personable and most importantly available. There is nothing worse than buying a nice product, and then not having the support you need to fully use it. There were several times I would contact Antonio, and reliably I always got a response.I can not recommend this System enough. Invest in yourself. – Cie-J
First off, I would like to complement you on your website and the advice you provide for those fashionably challenged, as most of us are.Also, this is to thank you for your comments on several articles at to relying on Thrift Shops for some articles of clothing. Although I was into fashion and taking care of my appearance, as I grew older and life got more complicated, I just focusing on everything except myself. As my personal economy tanked for a few of years; my interest in my appearance, other than looking basically presentable, died out.In the last couple of years, things started to turn around. As I started to feel better about my situation, I actually started to take pride in how I looked. I am still recuperating from the economic disaster in my past, but I felt obligated to dress to my current station and role in society. (Be as you want to be seen)I would wait for specials to come around, save my spare cash for when I could by something nice. That I realized was a slow process. That is till I walked into the local thrift shop. Located in a well off area, the treasures found here were amazing for the price. I would spend $15 for a Jos. A. Bank Suit, and have it tailored for around $50. Dior ties for $3. Sure, you might spend all day searching through mountains of trashed items, but every once in a while you hit pay dirt. Suddenly I became the most well-dressed member of my team, everyone thinking I spend hundreds in clothing, not knowing that my attire probably cost less than that day’s lunch.Now, every other week I head to the Thrift, just to see what I find. Ironically this has not only helped to fill out my closet but the rest of my apartment. (Found a $500 lamp for $25) Armed with my smartphone to compare actual prices and your recommendations on mixing and matching, I can now say I am back. -Ed Garcia
Antonio,I’ve written you a couple of times and I’ve been learning everything I can about style. At first, I couldn’t find a tailor or a men’s clothier who seemed to agree with the advice you are giving, but you encouraged me to not give up.I’m glad to say I now know the name of my tailor! His name is George–he’s 74 years old and from Greece–never thought I would ever find someone like him!I had to share a couple of my success stories with you.Not long after I started upping my style game, I got a call from what will likely be the next Speaker of the House in my state. He is a friend of mine and he asked if I would emcee his fundraising dinner that night AND asked if I would be willing to lead a town hall meeting style discussion at the event. I wasn’t even planning on attending and didn’t have time to go home and change. Fortunately I was already wearing a sport coat, plain wool vest, tie and pocket square. I walked right in and felt confident standing in front of a large crowd because of the advice you had given me. (I’m a larger man and always felt self-conscious about my weight, but was following your style advice and didn’t have to give it a thought.) I would have normally been wearing my office-issued polo shirt and felt really underdressed. Next, I just got back from a conference–another topic you addressed–where I took clothing to look my best at all times. My co-worker decided to “be comfortable” and took only sweatshirts. Lo and behold, I scored a breakfast meeting with a leader in our industry. He suggested the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, where the entire restaurant was occupied by people wearing suits or sport coats–except my coworker. Again, I walked in feeling perfectly confident and we had a great meeting. I find I tend to conduct myself more professionally and people seem to treat me a little differently now as well. An added bonus–wearing a wool sport coat is very practical as well. I now have extra pockets and don’t need to wear another jacket that I have to take off when I arrive somewhere. I have had some success in asking my dad for classic sport coats and ties he doesn’t wear any longer and I love finding deals at the thrift shop as well. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. This has been quite an adventure for me learning about all this and you’ve been a big part of it! Sincerely, Paul Orrville, OH
Hi Anthony,Just wanted to thank you for being such a great mentor. I appreciate all the ways you share information to help us grow personally and professionally.Have a great day!Regards, John Klooste
Mr. Centeno. How are your doing, sir?This is Byeong-Mo Chung.I am South Korean who happend to get to know there is such a great videos on YouTube from you, couple of days ago.First thing what I did was to go check more videos and visit the website called ‘REAL MEN REAL STYLE’. (I also, of course, downloded eBook and audio files.)They opened my eyes up especially, speaking of, how and what I should do to be a real men by dressing sharp and doing etc. I myself am… I can’t say I am a well sharp dresser. But the informations from you started motivating me to be one and I know it will motivate me more and more. As everyone knows there is no such a thing as getting something free of charge but your expertise. I really would like to say thank you for everything which you have committed to and you have invested everything for people out there all over the world like me to be able to get close to the perfection. I wish you all the best!
No need to reply.Just my two-cents of opinion.I like your style because you are thoughtful and unpretentious. Nothing about your advice seems product-driven, sales-driven or ego-driven. In fact, you often “weigh options” rather than give direct advice.I find this type of “conversation” to be articularly helpful because it recognizes individual differences and provides context for other style-related decisions.I feel as if your interest in helping me (and other men) to look and feel our best is sincere. Thank you for that. -Andrew
Hello Mr. Antonio!!**Long THANK YOU and story, well worth the read**I have been a fan of yours for over a month now– subscribed to your YT channel and I know I had to send you a ‘thank you’ email. Tonight, about an hour and a half ago, I helped defend and stood up for two little girls– aged between 10 and 13. I was on a public bus, on my way home, when a grown man was constantly chatting up and hitting on these kids. When one of the girls, asked him to stop talking to them, he didn’t stop. Instead, he became obnoxious, rude and began to verbally harass these kids. A couple passengers asked him nicely to stop. He didn’t. He says out loud how he was going to “get girls to beat them up” and that he “didn’t need them, I have a girlfriend”. I have heard enough, and I got the driver involved. I asked her to “please kick him off the bus” and explained why. He got out of his seat, and into my face– he was very loud and aggressive, but I held my ground. I said hitting on 2 children, and threate ning their well-being is despicable and that he is an awful human being. He shoved me physically, but I maintained my composure and smirked and smiled in his face, and told him to relax and to “be a gentleman”. He was offended and got in my face once more, and uttered some more threats. Eventually he got off the bus. A few people thanked me, and one gentleman thanked me directly before he got off.I normally don’t get involved in situations like this, but having been dressed up nicely for dinner today, while wearing my black driving gloves and receiving a lot of attention from women, professional working men, and compliments from a biker… I felt an enormous sense of confidence all night, all the way to when this incident took place, and afterwards. Heck, the police officer taking my witness statement, complimented my driving gloves :) Had I been dressed poorly today (e.g. graphic tee and jeans), and feeling unconfident and like a slob, I am sad to admit– but I would likely have NOT stepped in, as I would have little confidence in myself. I have YOU to thank today, Mr. Centeno! You helped me make the leap from casual/lazy dressed to fashionable/classic. I’m more confident, more visually appealing and I look more intelligent too! I think in some part, you helped stand up for these 2 children tonight! I only had started dressing nicely shortly after discovering your videos. I’m glad that I did, and that I stood up to someone who was even possibly a pedophile. Keep up doing great work on your videos–I really like them! —Sincerely, Victor—-
Antonio,I just wanted to thank you for your amazing website and videos. As a young man just getting out of college and into the work place your videos have greatly helped me get the job I have now and look sharp in the work place. I can honestly say that before I saw your videos I was your typical early 20’s kid wearing concert t-shirts and jeans every single day. Now I look nice and professional, my girlfriend loves the new look to!Thanks again, and keep up the great work!Yours, Dylan
Antonio, I’ve just recently found your videos on YouTube. (I’m subscribed and I click like every time!) Thanks to your videos, I went out and bought some new clothes and shoes. They were not expensive at all, but I’m blown away by how much better I look in them. I don’t think I can go back to t-shirts, cargo pants, and tennis shoes now, haha. Style is something I put off experimenting with for a long time. The new clothes make my body look more masculine and I look a lot older and more respectable, too. (I’m 28 and I have a baby face, so looking like I’m 18 is something I’m happy to avoid if I can.)I just wanted to thank you. I’m still new to this and I’ll be updating my wardrobe slowly, but you’re the guy I trust now. Your business is extremely professional and I will not hesitate to pay for more advanced services as soon as I’m ready to. Thanks a lot!-Adam
Dear Antonio, I discovered your website about five months ago and have found your guidance excellent as I upgraded my wardrobe and developed a more stylish approach in my appearance.I am 6’3” tall Englishman, about 180pounds and consider I have a lean athletic frame (I am a keen cyclist so have never been of a heavy build). I am 48 years of age so really did need to get moving on making changes. I live in a university city in the south of England, not necessarily a centre for stylish dress but relatively unscathed by the recent economic downturn to date.Recent additions to my wardrobe following your advice include; a tweed sports jacket, a navy blazer (I went with the more formal version and purchased a double breasted style) a navy linen sports jacket and a further pale brushed cotton sports jacket. I wear suits at work and have always had regular comments on my smart appearance in my professional life. I have a number of pairs of chinos, a pair of indigo blue jeans and have ordered some grey wool slacks. My hoodies have been relegated to very casual wear and I have replaced them with a couple of items of knitwear; a navy cardigan and a high necked cable-knit jumper in off white. My previous footwear of casual bowling shoes has been replaced with some dark brown brogues. I am yet to find some loafers to add. Your T-shirt advice has been taken on board and I now own sufficient polo shirts to replace them.So you can see I have fully taken on your advice as I develop my style. I have received some positive comments from friends and family on the changes I have made and am enjoying buying clothes actually I look forward to wearing.I can recall about 12 months ago being at my favourite cafe having a coffee. A man was sat at a high stool near by and I noted his smart appearance; quality shoes, some pale chinos, a dress shirt with a pastel coloured v-necked jumper. He had a smart tailored raincoat. He looked well dressed and confident. I remembering wondering why I wasn’t dressed as well and how he had managed to assemble such a look. Learning from your instruction and guidance I am now equally as well dressed when I visit the cafe (apart from when I have just finished a bike ride and in my cycling gear of course). I enjoy looking at other people’s style, or lack of, when i am out.The key outcome is by adopting a stylish approach I have carried over the confidence I have in my professional life to free time.Thank-you Antonio and my best regards,Charles
“Hi Antonio,Really appreciate you allowing me to re-take the latest editions of your Style System. I have only taken the offer up once as I have been busy with other things since. I like to thank you for your commitment to helping me. I can really say that you have delivered on the value you promised.I have implemented what you taught on fit and look and feel better just by buying clothes off the rack that fit better. I have also took a few shirts I liked and taken them in. Sometimes I feel like I might be a little too obsessed with getting the best fit but it’s all been good.Once again thank you for what you do. Regards, Adriel”
“Hello Mr. Centeno,My name is Daniel Owen and it is about time I send you and email in the hopes that it will be read. I have been learning from you for quite some time now and have benefited greatly from the advice you shared through emails and videos and books. I am a 25 year old college student, finishing up my degree in Aviation Technology – Professional Pilot. Yes, that’s kind of a mouthful to say, but it just means I’m studying to become a commercial airline pilot. In such an industry, your advice has been invaluable. So I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me in my journey to accomplish my lifelong dream. I have had opportunities arise with various professors and other contacts simply because of the way I dress and present myself. I am truly grateful for the positive changes that have come in my life, partially due to watching your videos, reading your books, and applying your advice in my personal life.So thanks again and keep up the great work.Your friend, Daniel”
“Antonio,First, I want to thank you for your service in the Marines. It is truly appreciated. Second, thank you for doing what you do now. I found Real Men Real Style thru Art of Manliness, and since then I have tried to read everything you’ve put out- which is not an easy task since you (thankfully) produce so much content. I was in my early 20s, just getting into the professional arena, and only had the others around me to look to for examples of what to wear. I live in Wisconsin as well, so my examples were people buying $15 off the rack clothing from Kohls and had never been to a tailor even for a suit. You and the people I have found through your recommendations (like dappered.com) have completely transformed the way I think about clothing and the way I dress. So thank you.As for the infographics, my favorite is the “”how a suit should fit””. Every once in a while I get a text from a friend asking how he knows if a suit fits, and I send him your infographic. Most recently, I’ve used your scarf infographic to find the way that works best for me. For future ideas, is it possible for an infographic of things to look for while buying a dress shirt, and maybe what the different options are and what they mean? I know you have articles about this, and they helped me quite a bit.I’m sorry for the long email, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for everything and let you know you’re making a difference. God Bless, AJ”
“Hello Antonio,Thank you very much for your new updates with visuals. These emails are really excellent. I bought your style guide book. But these visuals give me quick review and easy to keep in my memory. I am a visual person. Your visual explanations are always in my mind when I plan to buy some dress. Now I think so many times just to buy a shirt. I have to make sure it fits in my wardrobe in long run. Thank you for your teaching. This is a life changing experience for me. Thank you.I notice that you have tons of patience. You try every possible way to communicate us your idea. Great work! Keep it Up!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family in advance. Best regards, Shital”
I started watching your online videos over a year ago; that led me to purchase and devour your first “”A Mans Guide to Style“” ebook. Naturally wanting more, I joined and practically lived off the 2nd StyleSystem Course you ran (www.stylesystem1.com) in August last year. I have been constantly going back to both, and reading the “”Build Your Wardrobe”” facebook group like a morning newspaper.The amount of money you charge is no-where near the amount of money you have helped me save on clothes, and in fact earned as a result of being-noticed/opportunities/promotion’s etc partly attributed to my new found (and evolving) style. To say nothing of the far more important effect on me personally; discipline, confidence, greater social impact. Your effect on your “”customers”” (more like students) goes far beyond money.So thank you.Even if I knew this site would not contribute anything more to me personally – which I know is not the case – I would still be more than willing to pay the registration fee. Cheers, Matthew


Hi, Antonio My name is Ryan and I am 22 years old from Fort Worth, Tx. Well, now I have never been quite the guy to dress well. I grew up in a small town in Granbury, Tx so everyone of course dressed with a pair of sneakers, a t shirt and a pair of jeans. Even myself, every single day. I met my girlfriend about a 8 months ago and she has always been huge on fashion. So of course of a couple of months ago I wanted to just start learning to dress well, so I did, and my girlfriend of course told me what to and what not to wear. I wanted to start doing it on my own that,s where I found you on Youtube. I started to watch all of your videos and it really helped me. I signed up for your 47 page ebook and read every bit of advice you can offer and it has helped me from dressing not so well to dressing amazing every day. I feel more confident and overall better about my self and my appearance. I thank you so much for what you have done and I of course will keep watching your videos and keep reading your website for more advice. I can’t thank you enough and hope to keep in touch because I want to take in as much as you have to offer. But I will continue to listen to you and learn and keep dressing sharp. Since I have learned a great amount when I go out in public I get a great amount of people noticing me for how I dress now and even get people to come to me for advice and I tell you i’ts probably the greatest feeling in the world, but I of course tell them about you and tell them to check out your website and also your Youtube. Thank You Antonio, hope to keep learning great advice from you.
Antonio,Just going threw an old email and hadn’t realized you had sent me a specific request about what it was I needed. Maybe it’s a a standard letter but hey it felt personal. I did want to tell you thank you. Your tips on style have changed a lot about me. I grew up with parents that were great but fashion wise stuck in the eighties to say the least. I wore aviator glasses for most of my childhood and wasn’t exactly popular. My lack of confidence followed me into my adulthood where I just recently got fed up enough to do something about it. I knew I lacked fashion so I did some digging and there you were. Once I found you I watched video after video realizing I was the exact opposite of what actually looked good. I went to work the next day and tucked in my shirt. Just one action and people could tell something was different and asked if I was going to a job interview somewhere else. I later got some real 100% cotton clothes together. Thrift shops have became my new best friend. I had purchased suits before but always went for black or blue. I had no idea how good charcoal grey looks and how very versatile it is. I still have a lot of work to do but my confidence is higher then it’s ever been. I wasn’t going to write all this but hey it felt personal.Thank you for all you do, Daniel
Antonio,thanks for your email. I am an ardent follower of your work, you have inspired me a lot since i started my clothing business. I am a custom clothier based in Lusaka, Zambia. I run a small company called defined style clothing. I formed my company just after I finished my studies in thailand in 2010. This is the third year in my business and so far so good.I read your publication for guidance and inspiration, my business is growing steadily as i have no serious competition. let me not say too much. I just want to encourage you for the good work that you are doing, I hope one day I will have an opportunity of doing something with you. let me try download now. stay happy makungo Discover...banner4

“Hi, Antonio, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and with great links. I bought A Man’s Guide to Timeless Style and look forward to learning from it. I did a search through the PDF for the word “”tall”” since I’m 6′ 4″”, and I was happy to see points of attention for people with my build. I’ll be graduating from medical school in a year and a half, so I need some interview clothing (I noticed that you addressed this exact situation in your guide). My tailor will receive fabric soon and start work on the bespoke suits I’m having him make. And I need dress shirts that actually fit — something I’ve never experienced in my whole life — and these two necessities have opened up my mind to the possibility of remaking my whole wardrobe. Never in my life have I given any significant thought to what I wear or whether it fits, but now that I’m thinking in new ways, I’m actually getting quite excited about learning something new and someday wearing a consciously-chosen outfit each day. It will be fun to study your guide and apply what I learn! I noticed on A Tailored Suit’s website in the FAQ section and on the measurement form that you ask for information that other businesses (e.g. Indochino, etc.) overlook, such as whether I hunch a bit or whether my shoulders slope. I get the impression that you go the extra mile. As I suggested in my first email, I expect all of this to be a learning process with some blunders along the way. Your expertise might be what I hire you for in the future once I have experience with my introductory purchases and am ready to take another step toward a clearer picture of what I want. Right now I honestly don’t even know what I want; hence, I’m reading guides like yours while simultaneously initiating my learning by doing. My mother and her half of my extended family are from Nichols (near Seymour), and I know that small-town life in Wisconsin has some nice advantages. (I’m from Montana but am studying in Poland now.) Best wishes to you for success. With kind regards, “

John Fuhrman Jagiellonian University School of Medicine in English, Kraków, Poland

“Hey Antonio,First I just want to compliment you on the job you’re doing with helping us men with improving our style, and ultimately other aspects of our lives.I’ll admit that when I first discovered your videos on YouTube about a year ago I wasn’t so keen on them. I believe the reason for this was my own lack of self confidence and presented with a guy like yourself who comes off as sure of himself and confident it intimidated me. However once I came to the realization that confidence comes from within and getting help from others was nothing to be ashamed of, but instead something to be embraced, I realized how helpful your advise was (or I should say “”is””). Also we can make a conscious choice as to how we present ourselves to the world, regardless of where we start out from. The way we dress helps convey the message of who we are (or want to be), helps us to face the world confidently and I’ve learned it can also draw the right kinds of people to us. We don’t need to conform to any pre-consived notion of who we are. We are free to express who we are, and clothing is one way that we can take control of who we want to be and how we want people to view us. Here’s a question that I’ve recently been wondering about and would like to get your take on. Is it possible for a man to dress in a manner which is both timeless and classic while also being modern? Or are these concepts contradictory? I think as a man in his 30s I can feel both the influence of my younger self who wishes to dress in a way that appears up-to-date and somewhat youthful, yet as I learn more about quality clothing, it makes sense to purchase items that are “”classically cut””, but perhaps not of the moment. A good example are suit and sportcoat jackets. There’s been a trend recently of tighter, shorter jackets that goes against any classic style but might currently suit the younger man. What are some tips for maintaining a high quality, timeless wardrobe, but without it either falling out of fashion or looking too conservative and frumpy. Thanks Antonio. Keep up the great work! Tom”


“Hello Antonio, how are you?I am Marcus Vinícius, 19, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.I much appreciate your videos, I follow and watch every-single one and I do accept and use your tips in my early executive life. The results of the style and behavior that you explain clearly in your videos granted me one promotion! I am happy to share this news with you.But then, if I may suggest, you could subtitle your videos in english? You speak clearly, but sometimes subtitles help us (yours foreign viewers) to keep focus with the real idea. Its easier to understand, and it can really really really, help you to abroad your work.

Thanks for your attention, Marcus”

“Antonio,I first discovered your content through The Art of Manliness this past winter. Since then I have spent much time reading your articles and watching your videos at Real Men Real Style (as well as the style guide at A Tailored Suit). I picked up your free e-book and subscribed to the Real Men Real Style Mailing list. I have learned so much from your content and have begun to implement changes in both the way I think about my clothes and myself, but in my wardrobe as well. Beyond this, I have grown in respect for you not only as a company or a brand or a businessman, but as a man. From my observations through exposure to you simply in articles and videos, you appear to be a man of genuine integrity that is not seeking to just make money, but desires to make an impact with his life. Furthermore, you appear to be a man who cares deeply about the quality of relationship you have with your wife and children.Although I don’t ever expect to be able to afford (or need) the wardrobe packages you offer at A Tailored Suit, I was excited to support your business by purchasing A Man’s Guide to Style (not to mention grow in my knowledge of clothing and men’s style). I live on a very limited budget, and I was wary of the $47 price tag on this Style Guide. It may not be a considerable sum of money, but it is not an amount I could simply afford to throw away if I were to get ripped off by an untrustworthy business. Know that I would never have purchased A Man’s Guide to Style if I did not feel like I could trust you and the quality and practicality of content you provide. I hope you take that as a great compliment. I have worked my way through the first couple segments of the course and feel confident that I have not made a poor investment. Thank you Antonio. Sincerely, Matt”
“Hi, I just want to let you know how much your website and videos have helped me gain self confidence and style. I’m a 26 year old male, and I’ve gone my entire life wearing a baseball cap, graphic-tshirt and whatever baggy pants I found that were the least dirty. I have never before in my life gotten compliments either about my physical appearance or my style. After starting to take care of myself and wanting to give a better image of myself, dressing properly and learning from your videos it has changed me alot. I get compliments almost everyday about how good I look, and its changed how I feel about myself, and reduced my default hostility and attitude towards the rest of the world. Just wanted to say thank you for what you do.Jacob”
Dear Mr. Centeno, My name is Colin. I am a fifteen year old, and I live in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. I am e-mailing you, in order to thank you for what you do. My friend, and I, feel very strongly on the subject of teen fashion. We both agree, that there are two things that simply must e brought back to out male generation, scarves and hats. Not any silly “snapbacks”, I am speaking of a proper hat, i.e. flat cap, trilby, etc. So, again thank you, as we as teenagers need people to look up to in order to bring forth a new people. Best Regards, Colin
Mr. Centeno,I just watched your Take Action and Improve Your Life and I was motivated. I agree about stepping out and taking those necessary risk, which often times result in failure before reaching success. I am a high school teacher, and I love what I do, but I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I was an academically poor student in my undergrad and my saving grace is that I have a science degree which allowed me to get my current teaching position. However, for the longest time I knew I wanted to try for medical school and nothing less. I took slow methodical steps, first by becoming a proficient educator my first year and helping my students the best I could. My first summer off as a teacher I applied to many online grad programs because I live in a very rural area in the panhandle of Texas. I received rejections because of my poor grades from the past, but I kept at it and I got in contact with a man who had a similar past as me and had overcame it. He was also the dean of the coll ege I was applying too. I got my break and was conditionally admitted. From there I began taking biology classes my second year as a teacher. It was intention to show my ability to, perhaps, hack it in medical school. After a second successful year as an educator and a successful first year as a grad student, I committed to taking the steps to apply to med school. I charged a couple of thousand dollars on my credit card for a prep course for the entrance exam. After I took the test and received my score, I submitted my application to multiple medical schools. I have received many rejections recently. Good news though, I have been invited to two interviews. I knew now that not only did I have to continue working on my grades, but also my style. I am likely the best dressed teacher at my work, and that is not saying much because I dress in dockers with a belt, dress shirt no tie, and dress shoes with black socks. However your videos have been essential in my research into buyi ng two suits that properly fit me. The old suit I have is one size too large for me, which I had never noticed until your videos. All items have been purchased but the ties I intend to wear. I am still waiting on my slim fit dress shirts to arrive. Failure is more likely than success in my situation, but I am going for it. I am truly glad you followed through with realmenrealstyle. Despite the relatively large debt I have accrued, which I have a plan to pay off if this dream doesn’t work out, I want to know at the end of the day I did everything I could to reach my dream goal. Thank you for your videos!Sincerely, Michael
“Antonio,I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you do. I purchased the book with the accompanying audio and continue to listen and read nearly every day.Again, thank you for your time and consideration.John P. May”
“Antonio,You’ve been a big help in my transition and I know I have the wardrobe now to make this transition work! Also, I will be in need for some more suits up there (A tweed perhaps and a gray or blue flannel?) but I’m going to have to wait and see how bad a bath I take on selling our home first! Regardless or when though, I’ll be a customer for life. So thanks again and I’ll be talking with you soon. All the best, Jim”
“Just finished the last webinar and wanted to say thanks for everything, It has helped me a lot. I wanted to share a quick story with you.My wife has been trying to get me to dress better for years and now I am. In fact I’m dressed so well now that she feel I’m always significantly better dressed then she is. Last weekend she wanted me to take her shopping to help her dress better. As if that was surprising enough we ended up in a Burberry store wondering around. One of the employees wondered over to ask if we needed anything. He actually remarked how well dressed I was and said I looked very GQ. I took it as a compliment since he was wearing a well fitted suite and seemed to know what he was talking about. Anyway I don’t think I would be where I am today without your help and just wanted to let you know I really appreciate it. Ben”
“Hello Antonio,Bravo! I really enjoyed the style system! The whole thing was put together very well. I’m still working on some of the lectures. It will probably take me at least another week :) In regards to the professional series, what specialized content should i be anticipating. Also, when should i schedule an appointment with you? Regards Ted Papadopoulos”
You ARE amazing! I am telling my husband (54) and my son (25) that my birthday present (today) will be their watching your piece on “Why give a damn about appearance”. I have an uphill battle with an Electrical Engineer husband living in CA and my nerd-like, genius son also living in CA. After 27 years of marriage you might think I would give up but I am stubborn and feel that I just have not yet stumbled upon the correct approach! I love what you have to say and how you present your information. I wish you lived closer… Thank you for existing! Karla
Antonio Thank you for the opportunities you offer men like myself, in bettering our appearances. Not an easy task in this world of big box stores and trendy, cheap, disposable fashion. I found out about you through “The art of manliness”, a go-to website for my questions about the lost art of being a “real” man. I find your site VERY helpful and answers most of my inquiries on conservative men’s fashion. Being from Quebec and living close to Montreal, I have the good fortune to be in a culture that favors good fashion tastes and quality grooming for men. Up until now most of my clothing choices have been a little trendy and a bit Eurocentric. Now that I’m approaching 40 and am the father of three young children, I’ve been seeking to upgrade my closet to that of a responsible, middle-aged man. But not too old or conservative. You’ve taught me through your videos how to pull this off easily. Thank you and please keep up the good work. Sincerely, Peter
“Thanks for the superb site and advice on classic, timeless style. I’m a professor at a university (small private liberal arts college) and find how a male dresses in the college years tends to correspond with their level of maturity or outlook on responsibility. Or worse, the mode of dress over time may inadvertently keep a man from, well, growing up. To be sure, there are times to wear the “”5K”” t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes when outside and in college. But even a bare minimum of a knit shirt, shorts, and running shoes is an improvement over the array of eclectic “”style”” one sees roaming around campus. Not surprisingly, the ladies are ahead of the men in dress, and to some degree maturity. I’m thinking through how your work can be infused for our young men here on campus…but after the grading, research, and outside consulting….eventually, though. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Bill”
“Nice attire, for me, gets second looks, more smiles, better service, etc. All this to say I enjoy your articles and videos. Keep them coming!! Enjoy your evening! Jim”
“I really appreciated the many ways to tie a tie. I’m able to add this level of complexity to my wardrobe while in the office or at a client’s site. Along the same note, the ways to pack a suit was beneficial. I appreciate the content. My wife has commented on my increased appearance over the last 9 months of building my own interchangeable wardrobe that is more than adequate for my business environment. Thank YOU! -Matt”
“We have lifetime access to The Style System, right? These graduation gifts are so action-packed it’s taking me a while to get through them. This program was worth every penny from what I’ve gotten from it already. I’m only halfway through and I feel more confident knowing I have your advice to guide me through presentation. In a way the feeling I have coming away from each lesson is priceless. Thanks so much for making this program. I greatly appreciate it. You rock!Logan Walsh”
383862_321911387836302_52470164_nHello there style gents, my name is Kenneth, about two years ago as of today, i’ve made the most important decision of my life when it comes to menswear.dress better”. img_0102one day while was on youtube.i happened to run cross realmenrealstyle video, but then i wasn’t ready to watch, but the next time i saw antonio’s face again, and decided to watch his video.before you know “bam” a huge transformation!! instead of me dressing up in any kind of way! such wearing comicbook character tshirts all the time, thermal shirt with no shirt over it as you see me with my friend in the photo.wearing baseball caps, jeans, and walking sneakers, matching batman buckle with the tshirt, and baseball cap, wristband, and ring! well! that’s all change because i’m 48yrs old, single, a ordained minister in the gospel.my idea is want to dress better both formal and informal occasion;however, it made a huge difference with me, and i feel a lot differ ent.it brought a difference in my social life, and profession as a minister not a pastor thank you.i’m still learning as time went on, i’ve got rid of all of my od clothes, and purchased over $500.00 of clothes, and went through too many shoes, and bought better quality shoes to suit my taste! ever since i’ve changed my wardrobe i’ve gotten so many compliments from people who i know, and ones i don’t know;however, i notice i get more respect from people when dress well! people who turn heads to recognize my new look! i was looking like batman, and looking more like bruce wayne! photo_on_20111016_at_18.04_face0books, magazines, and articles i’ve collected, and put them in notebook binder for reference helped me whole lot!! i gave myself a new user name called stylegent!! because my last name is initialed in between g-e-n-t.so i’ll keep it that way!! well! my dress up draws attention in good way from the public view! i’ve been mistaken for a professor, store manager etc. i love it ! especially woman notice my dress up! cool! anyway! i just want to thank you Antonio, and all those who are involved with menswear!! who a made it possible for men to dress well whereever they go, whatever kind of work they do it’s big difference to themselves, and the people they meet, so they can make a first impression, and taken more serious in the corporate world, and just pretty much whoever there surroundings are!! make the world a difference by your positive appearance!! thanks!


Mr. Centeno, Thank you for your response, your videos are always helpful. I also want to thank you for all of your videos and the help they’ve given me. I was recently at a high school dance, and no less than 10 girls told me how it was “refreshing” to see a guy who knew how to dress well. So, thank you again for all of your advice. I appreciate it a lot! Thanks again, -Jacob
“Hey Antonio, Thank you for your prompt reply, as always. I’m looking forward to the discount codes being added to the Build your Wardrobe membership site (great great great concept btw). Of course you can use my email as a testimonial for the Style System. I’ve expanded a bit on my first bit, so here goes: “”At first, I wasn’t quite sure if the Style System was going to be for me. I was a grown man who still dressed as a kid. The only experience in style I had was seeing my mom buy clothes for my dad. I never learned how to properly take care of and present myself as a stylish man. I was on a tight budget, and I was going overseas for a few months where I would have no access to any stores or other services for a while. I emailed Antonio and explained to him my situation, asking his advice. Not only did he reply within 24 hours, he did so with a personalized audio recording. Instead of giving me a standard ‘Of course it’s for you, just sign up’ e-mail, he laid out the possibilities and what the potential benefits for me would be in the situation I was in. That was the green light for me. Not only did this man understand my situation, he gave me an honest answer in a prompt and highly personalized way. That’s how I knew Antonio was the real deal and that he truly cared about the men he sought to help. I signed up for the Style System and haven’t looked back. The Style System is a vast database of style knowledge, tailored (no pun intended) to my specific wants and needs. Even after the Style System had finished, Antonio did his very best to keep us updated on everything that was going on. He also designed a new website dedicated to the Style System graduates so we can keep in touch and are being kept up to date of the latest discounts Antonio has set up. I loved the Style System experience. Thanks to Antonio, I’m still learning every day and I feel like this will be an ongoing process for many years. I would recommend this to anyone who feels insecure about the way they dress and are aching to start making a difference today. You can only go forward! Max – Toronto, Canada. “” There you go! Feel free to use whatever you like from the above for a testimony :) Once again, great work! Keep it up! Cheers, Max”
“Good Morning Antonio. I received your Large Man’s guide to Style and have read it front to back several times. I have started to apply the principals that you have written about with almost instant results. I’m a big guy and was in denial, so I squeezed into size 48 jeans and oversize Tee’s when I really needed size 52 slacks, most of my weight is around my midsection, (Beer & Good Food), the rest of my body is proportional but that area in the middle usually commands, anyway, once I started looking… (believe it or not I found several pairs of really great hidden elastic slacks in dark colors at Goodwill in a 52) and wearing the right size clothes and pairing them up accordingly, cultivated a nicely trimmed beard to hide facial flaws, (double chin) the wife and several others have commented on how much slimmer and more upscale I look. I have to admit I’m having a hard time with suspenders, just don’t want to look like farmer John, but am working through it. Buttons and Y suspenders may help. Anyway I have written all this to say.. Thanks!! Your books are changing people’s lives, or at least this life. This will be an ongoing project and I am having fun with it. Will let you know once I have made further advances in my quest to look good. Chad Davis”
“Good morning my friend Antonio Just a quick note to say thank you. You have inspired me (to such a higher level) it is beyond what I thought I could be. In a Facebook discussion about wearing shorts to a listing appointment (as male or female realtors) I sent in the article I wrote where you were the expert and the focus was on my transition from pedestrian to professional. So many realtors poo-poo’d the idea The thread host emailed separately and said: I love stirring the pot. It dragged out so many Realtors who believed their savvy skills made the difference. He went onto to say that he NEVER heads to an appointment in less than slacks, and dress shirts (and he’s in a rural, farming type community). He said that when he coached kids hockey, the team rule was the kids “”dressed”” for both home and way games. One evening as the team shuffled in, in their best bib and tucker (and hockey equipment) someone, then a few more started complaining about the shirt and tie stuff. One kid, middle of the pack player finally said: “”If you dress better, you look better. If you look better, you’ll play better.”” The kids stared, the parents smiled and my friend the coach never forgot this “”out of the mouths of babes”” declaration. Thank you for your inspiration, your generous spirit to make us a better us, and the step-by-step how to’s to achieve the look. Have an awesome day!”


“Hey AC!Hope all is well with you and the family.I have a good news story for you…Last week following a rigorous two stage interview process I was successful in securing a position with a very reputable wealth management company.I have no doubt that watching your videos over the past year have strongly influenced my development, self-belief and sense of style. As one of the many people who have contributed to my success, I thank you kind sir.Respectfully,Francis”
“Antonio:I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the copy of your new book on men’s hairstyles. I got your email and immediately downloaded it. I felt it was going to be very informative and I was postive I was going to take a few things away from it. I read it completely as soon as I downloaded it and definately took a rew things away from it. After reading it I submitted a review of it listing one main thing I took from it, namely I now understand why my barber always asks me how I want my side burns cut. I figured after 4 years he would know how I wanted them cut but the subleties of his art are now revealed to me. I also recommended your book to my cousin and several friends. My cousin should really get quite a bit out of it since not only does he need to figure out how he wants his hair cut but also his three sons as well.While reading your book I wondered if my wearing a goatee could derail my developing personal style. I’ve worn it for 19 years so there are not many who remember me without it. But I believe men’s facial hair, like men’s haircuts are also a topic that is not really spoken about. Could this be a possible future book we could expect from you, hint, hint?One final point on another piece of advice you gave. On one of your videos you recommended discarding shaving cream and changing to shaving lotion. I tried the lotion in hopes of reducing razor burns and excessive irritation. And I am happy to report this worked out for me, my wife even commented on the second day of the change how softer my face felt. Along with this change I also looked at the shaving website you mentioned in the video and have learned a lot about this art. It is sad to say that my first shaving experience was in basic training and was horrible. I will sum up this experience with what the one Air Force barber said to the other when it was my turn to get my head shaved, “”This boy looks like he shaved with a lawn mower!”” And I believe he was being polite! In closing I would say that whether men’s style, haircuts, shaving, etc here are now quite a few topics and concepts I am eager to pass along to my son when it is his time to need them. Thank you, Juan”
Hey Antonio–just listened to the Art of Manliness podcast…nice work! Your comment on performance related to style reminded me of my jr. high basketball coach who always made sure our shirts were tucked in, etc…and would say: “Look good, play good!”Cheers,Joe
“Hi Antonio – I got your new book for my iPad, Kindle edition, and reviewed it on Amazon. I really love your stuff. I’m a teacher, as sadly, a lot of my colleagues dress like slobs at school. It makes a statement that they don’t take their work seriously. So neither do their students. But I show up with nice slacks, a dress shirt, sport coat and a tie. And the kids notice. Twice my students have asked me in class why I wear a tie. I replied “”because YOU are important. Your education and your future is important, and you have great potential. So I have to dress accordingly, because what we are doing here matters.””They were stunned – and they thanked me. And I see notable improvement in their work and attitude.Thanks again for your help in finding my style!James”
Thanks Antonio. I recetly lost 30 lbs through diet and excercise. I feel great and desire to dress as well as I feel. To that end, I believe I will start with a sports coat due to its versatility. As I have never had any item that fits properly, a tailor (if I can find a respectable one in my area) is also on my list of things to add. I have read your articles on suit selection – thanks for the info – and I am leaning toward a Hugo “James” in dark navy as my first purchase. It is important I purchase a well made product that will last. I suppose, like everyone else, I am attempting to learn how to dress sharp and buy smart. Thanks for helping to navigate the world of men’s style. Ken
“Hi Antonio!Just wanted to let you know that I’ve read the book and left a review on Amazon.ca. Great job!I commend you for condensing so much useful information into a single package. This is perfect reading material to recommend to friends and relatives who ask for my advice when they are suit shopping, or when they want input about how to look better-put-together in general.On a bit of a tangent, I’ll add that your articles and videos over the past years have been instrumental tools on my journey toward dressing like (and becoming) a better man. I’m a rather short guy (barely north of 5’5″” with shoes on), and I’ve spent most of my life resigned to being passive and overlooked. My primary field (computer science) doesn’t tend to be very dressy, so there was never professional motivation to wear anything classier than a clean(ish) t-shirt. Caring about personal presentation used to seem silly and artificial to me, and your material has gone a long way toward changing that notion. When I first came across your site, I only owned a single baggy dress shirt and one terribly-fitting black polyester suit that was hotter than Hades and just torturous to look at under artificial light. Whenever I wore it, I kept all three buttons fastened, all day. I’ve made a few missteps on the path to enlightenment (like thrifting what I now know is a woman’s five-button blazer!), but your advice pushed me in the right directions.Today, I’m almost always the sharpest-dressed guy in sight. I rarely step out of the house without a jacket, and I receive enough compliments that I feel great about giving them out, as well. I still avoid judging others by what they wear, but I do notice, and I feel comfortable and confident about the message I send with my own style choices.Now I can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder (metaphorically, at least) with guys a full foot taller than I am. Without even trying, I’ll often put them on the defensive, trying to impress me and win my approval. People remember my name, and they pay special attention when I enter a room or open my mouth. It feels natural to volunteer more of my time and expertise in the community, when the world treats me so nicely on an everyday basis.Plus my favorite aspect of the transformation; I’m no longer afraid to walk up to a taller woman, joke around with her, and ask for her phone number on the spot. Building my sense of style has provided a conduit through which my entire sense of masculinity has become revitalized, and you are among the people I have to thank most, Antonio. Thank you. Sincerely, Jerry”
I’m already nearly done with the audio book! I’m already nearly done with the audio book! I’ve gotten more into it then I thought I would, totally interesting and I really appreciate you giving me your course! That was awesome.Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!Best, Jeremy
The Six Reasons You Should Listen to Antonio CentenoThe purpose of this brief article is to speak to all my fellow men out there about why you should listen to Antonio. Every one of us can improve our clothing and the way we present ourselves. Antonio pioneered the use of videos and the internet to bring sartorial (that means ‘related to clothes’) knowledge to the masses.1). He’s a former USMC Captain. It takes a lot to become a US Marine. It takes even more to become a Marine officer. When someone makes it to Captain (the third officer rank) they are a certified badass. Therefore listening to Antonio is like listening to Chuck Norris. Except that Chuck doesn’t give fashion advice.2). He knows about real men’s clothes. Sure there are clothiers out there who can make you look like you came from bizarro land. Antonio will help you learn how to dress well and still maintain your manliness. Antonio teaches you how to dress for your size, build, complexion etc.3). His style course and youtube videos increase your chances at getting promotions and other Dressing well is essential to projecting yourself properly. Here in the casual capitol of the world (Austin, TX) where shorts and flip flops are considered to be formal wear, dressing well has definitely put this writer in front of the crowd. My wife really likes it when I dress decently. ‘Nuff said.4). You won’t appear to be such a geek. Ever watch Big Bang Theory? I am so totally like Leonard. Fortunately, by listening to Antonio my natural geekiness is well-camouflaged. No one will know that you’re a nerd until you start talking.5). Your clothes will fit better. When you wear clothes that fit properly you feel better about everything. I did not believe this the first three times Antonio mentioned it to me. I thought he was suffering from a frozen brain. He does live in northern Wisconsin where the temperatures rarely get above zero. But no, he was right. Wearing clothes that fit correctly is a great thing to6). Knowledge is power There’s nothing quite like learning new information and then applying it. Antonio doesn’t just tell you a bunch of stuff, he shows you how to use it. Theory is good. Application is good. Using both is extra good.There you have it – the six reasons to listen to Antonio. Y’all join me in raising the sartorialMike
Hi Antonio,Hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I’m progressing when it comes to ‘style education’.After a second attempt at the Style System last year, I’ve managed to get through most of the content – I still use it as a reference though and find the core wardrobe section particularly useful.I think I understand fit much better now and that has been the single biggest improvement in the way I dress. Over the last year, I’ve made several great additions to my wardrobe, some of which I would not have considered had I not gone through the Style System (like the Baracuta Harrington jacket or Clarks Desert Boots). I have also identified a number of items that I would like to add over the next year or two – I’m 24 if you recall and feel like I have plenty of time to build my wardrobe at a relatively modest cost if I wait for items to go on sale etc.Overall, I must say I feel much better about the way I dress now and have been complimented by my family and friends, who have noticed the improvement vis-a-vis last year. The boost in confidence have also been noticeable. I must thank you at this point for all those things, as you have been instrumental in this change!I’ve got one final question – what is the best way to stay up-to-date on the new content/updates that you’re putting out on your products? I’ve joined Build Your Wardrobe on Facebook and can see some great content discussed there. I understand there is also a website with webinars etc.? I don’t think I have details for it… If you could just walk me through what I’m eligible for as Style System alumni and send me any logins that would be much appreciated.All the best, Maciej
“Just amazing you take the time to do stuff like this! Really great. Im gonna tell all my friends and family about you and hopefully they will look into you aswell.It helped alot! And funny you say that I need to visit a tailor because I ordered time at my tailor (first time) yesterday scheduled next month:DOkay I will def. make sure everything fits and then focus on the casual but classy style and eventually the big business impressions will be focused on at a later time. I just bought a charcoal grey suit and navy blue slackers so that is perfect:)Thank you again for your help sir, it really shows me that you do truly care about customers and the service you provide!Kind regards Alexander”
Hi Antonio,I have read your Man’s Guide to Colour (color). I think it’s great. It balances keeping it simple enough for most men so they don’t give up, with enough detail to get colour right. Having had my colour analysis perfomed by a professional I now know the exact colours that are right for me. But I have also gone through the steps in your guide and they direct me to a similar outcome, low-medium contrast with warm undertone, peach undertone. In seasonal terms I am a ‘spring’ which is quite hard to shop for. Far easier for a ‘spring’ man to go bespoke that off the rack, I think. So your guidance is very helpful and I like the classic examples that you have provided. I have made note of some and will seek to emulate them. I am also near completing my reading of a Man’s Guide to Style. I would like to say what a great resource you have put together here. I love the holistic approach you have taken. Reading about etiqutte, manners, and how to dress for specific occassions and just why we need to observe those dress codes and the meaning it conveys when we do. I can see myself using this resource in the years to come when I need to guide my now six year old son in the ‘Art of Manliness’. Congratulations and thank you.Regards, Tony K
“Thank you very much sir . I have read all of your articles,all of them was soo perfect information . God bless you.Bektash “


Hello Antonio,Just wanted to thank you for your help. THANK YOU!! It really helped me in so many ways. Thumbs up! I got my perfect suit with the perfect fit. Am sure there are many more men out there who have these problems and I hope they come across your site and advice. It is a life saver for sure. Wish you and your business all the very best.Yours respectfully, Noel
Antonio,I just want to say you have helped me become aware of every aspect in dressing properly. I got a corporate job a year ago where wearing a suit and tie was mandatory. Honestly, I only had one suit that I wore in special occasions maybe once or twice a year. Every job that I had after the Marines and college was business casual and in case of the Marines it was cammies most of the time (I rarely wore my Dress Blues which I really regret). I didn’t know what to do. I asked two gay friends of mine for advise but I found their tastes to be too flamboyant or too expensive for my budget. I watched a few YouTube videos about how to dress properly in the corporate world. Somehow I found most of those tips were either in a condescending way which I thought made me feel stupid or they were trying to sell me an specific brand that was either too flashy or too expensive.Then I found your website. I decided to invest in five suits but ended buying seven since I got a good deal on that. I’ve been following every tip you have posted on your Real Men Real Style site. I had no clue about how to wear a tie clip, when brown shoes should be worn, about the last button of a vested suit, how shoes and belt colors have to match etc. People at work and in my personal life have noticed the differences in the last year. When people ask how I did it or who gave me advice, I refer them to your website. I like the fact that you keep it simple, you speak clearly and not in a loud and condescending way. You look and sound sincere in trying to help men dress properly and not in a flashy or what’s the latest trend kind of way. I know you have a business and you have to make a profit but you don’t advertise it every 5 seconds on your videos and posts.I just wanted to write to you and thank you for what you do. I really appreciate it how you helped me to become a better dressed man who keeps it simple and not having to spend a fortune in clothes. Once again, thank you Antonio.Semper Fidelis,Manuel
“Antonio,I subscribe to your list under a junk account. Just wanted to send you a note and let you know I really appreciate what you do. You give great advice, (you’ve really helped me up my game) but more importantly you seem genuine and honest. Rare commodities these days. I dig it.All the best, Morgan”
“Antonio,Just wanted to drop a positive note on you. I went to the interview and nailed it. Don’t fully have the job yet, however one major hurdle down. Government is slow, as you well know. Thank you for helping me look (and thus feel) good, so I could focus the interview process. Went with a charcoal grey suit, paid to have it tailored, wore a white shirt, and a conservative tie pattern.Cie-J”
“Hi Antonio~I wanted to briefly share this with you. The made-to-measure company in Sydney you referred me to, Montagio, I have since used them a few times and am very pleased with the garments and service. So thank you for that.These guys (Jatin and Bally the owners) were also very impressed with me. As a direct result of your teaching I walked into their shop knowing precisely what I wanted, and how I wanted it. (Keep that tape measure away from me :D). They were so impressed that they offered me a job with a partnership track with their company. I am not sure I will take it – but it is a testament to your wide reaching work and your ability to improve the lives of your customers/students. Keep up the good work.~Cheers, Matthew”
Wow!!! What an awesome bank of information. You rock like that… Thanks! Rick
Dear Antonio,This is a great list specifically, but I’m writing with thanks for four years of great articles. I discovered the atailoredsuit.com style guide articles back in the fall of 2008, via the Art of Manliness. I was in grad school at the time for architecture, and my favorite style was a shiny dark synthetic-ish dress shirt, matching tie (think Regis Philbin) pared with stone khakis, and shiny black shoes, as square as possible.Fall of ’08 I was studying for a semester in Rome, Italy, which, not surprisingly, piqued my interest in the wider possibilities of men’s fashion. I remember walking to the class building and passing by the mannequin filled glass windows of the Cosimo Colonna and Davide Cenci stores (not to mention the one-shop family tailors in Naples, Florence etc). I was fascinated, and wanted to grow my wardrobe, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Discovering the Style Guide was a huge help, and I’ve really enjoyed the Real Men Real Style videos and articles.I’ve come learn how to match my natural high-contrast complexion, combine patterns and colors, what makes a well-made jacket, fit and so on. I’m redirecting my career into the ministry, so I doubt I’ll ever be able to use the services, of atailoredsuit.com, but I’ll be a fan of the Real Men Real Style essays as long as you keep writing them. Thank you for sharing what you know, it really made a difference for this man.Sincerely,Christopher Teague
Mr. Centeno,Coming from a military college I was used to being in uniform everyday. That meant, I didn’t need to pick out anything because everything was either khaki or blue. When I would go off campus I always felt underdressed and definitely not as confident as I was in uniform. Semi-formal, formal, casual it was all strange to me and I would feel embarrassed showing up in a suit, or without a jacket. With a tie, without a tie. It was mortifying.That all changed after I subscribed to you. I would really like to thank you for your genius work. With your advice; now whenever I try to fit in I do successfully, but I also stand out – which is the beauty of your work. I am well dressed and groomed inside and outside of uniform and am much happier and comfortable in well dressed social situations. Thank you so much for all of your help.Very Respectfully, Paul Cacicedo
Hi there Antonio and greetings from Stockholm!I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you put in your work to spread the knowledge of dressing sharp. You’ve managed to put me on a path of self consciousness were I perceive myself as being someone who can achieve more than I thought I was capable of.. and this by dressing sharp! It’s all about how it makes you feel and the self confidence it induces in you.Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Arash
Antonio,I’m writing to thank you for your website, videos and books. All three have been a fantastic resource in helping me learn how to dress like a grown-up, particularly in that mysterious land called “business casual.”We spoke briefly a year or two ago when I was engaged in a job search to move my family to Dallas. That search was ultimately successful – I joined a software company to head up their marketing department (in Fort Worth, which is even better) a year ago … and I knew how to dress when I showed up for work. Earlier this week we had our annual sales kickoff, which brought in the sales and marketing team from around the world. At the formal dinner on Wednesday evening, guess who was voted “best dressed”? J Before I learned how to dress from you, there’s not a chance I would have attempted to pull off a bow tie (and a real one too, not a clip on!). Thank you! James
Dear Antonio,Just wanted to say “thank you” for all of your informative men’s style videos. I have been an executive for a Fortune 15 company the last 5 years but I work exclusively out of my home so I don’t make any attempt to dress up during my work week. I live in Houston so my normal attire is shorts and a pullover shirt. I just turned 50 last November and although I have been following you for a while I made one of my new year’s resolutions to step up my game in 2014.The opportunity came for me last week at an annual leadership meeting with over 300 leaders from all over the world. I never left my room without a jacket and in the evenings I wore a sports coat with my jeans (first time in my life!). I have to say that people noticed. I received compliments on my sports coat and one of my colleagues said in front of a group of people that “I looked ready to give a presentation.” Aside from the compliments, I felt confident about my appearance. Believe me I have been taking all of your advice. You and I have about the same skin tone and the sales guy at Men’s Wearhouse advised me to wear a black suit jacket because I have some gray hair in my temples. Later that week I saw your video on color and you advised to go with a Navy sports coat, so I went with the navy! I also ensured that my pants and shirt colors did not contrast starkly (I am short). Keep up the great work. You are a classy guy and I really admire your work and image. I wish I could support you more but I try to buy your e-books at the very least. Take care and I wish you wisdom and many blessings on your life. Regards, Stephen
“Antonio In reference to you Valentine video. I was working with my team doing an heavy install into a new hospital in California. The day was a mess between the rain and mud we were onsite 16 hours.I was not going to stay so I did not have a hotel reservation but because of the time factor I decided to stay and have dinner with everyone. The hotel was a Hyatt . When I was trying to check in the woman was unbelievably rude to me. She was asking questions that I could not believe. Bordering on “”maybe the place down the street would be more your taste””.Anyway got checked in and squared away and came back down to the bar to meet up. I noticed a man trying to dress a hand wound without much success. Walked over and offered some help. He was a police officer that had a bite from a police dog he was handling. The same woman that an hour ago was looking at me like I was an intrusion into her world is now asking me if I was a doctor. Clothes do make a difference, still does not excuse her behavior.Been rough in Wisconsin, hope you and yours are doing well. Semper Fi John”


Hi Antonio, this is the first video am watching of yours that is not related to styling and clothing for men. I really liked how you connected the dots between how no matter how we look (dark, pale, tall short, fat lean…), how wealthy we are or poor we are – we all have similar struggles, anxieties, desires and motivations. Realization of such an existential fact and using that to feel confident approaching anyone was very well articulated by you. Keep up the good work. By the way, your website and videos have inspired me so much, I just spend twice as much I have ever spent on dress pants by buying three custom dress pants at Kachin’s clothing in India (you can look them up if you are curious). The Master Tailor there was flabbergasted with my knowledge of cutaway collars, MOP buttons, mid-break pant cuffs etc. He wanted to know where I picked all that stuff from, I told him I am just a genius haha…within my heart I knew, I had to thank one gentleman called Antonio. Thank you and keep up the good work! – Hari
“My style has changed dramatically since going through real style course… now I have better idea what works.. anyway, look forward to sending more pics. by the way, got the jacket for $15 got it dry cleaned…looks like new…may need a new pair of jeans to complete the look. – Donald”
Donald Medor
Wow, Antonio. This list of travel tips is one of the best ever. Not that I travel constantly, but, like you, I learned many of the same information you shared years ago. I’m getting ready for a trip to Spain in the fall. You gave me some wonderful tips that I had not thought of. Most helpful and much appreciated. Charles
I am a single mother who uses your videos to teach my sons how to dress. I am not a man but every Sunday I sit down and have my five handsome young men watch your you tube videos. I’m trying to teach them the things their father should have. You should create some vidoes for us!! Im sure there is a market out there. I would buy a whole dvd of you! Love the work you do. Love your advice!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your a definitely someone in r rust to teach my boys. God bless! -Syretta
Hello Antonio, I just wanted to send you a personal thank you letter for The Style System. I wasn’t able to hit every single module as hard as I wanted to (I travel quite a bit due to my career), but after investing a good chunk of money in some more quality clothing, I immediately saw a change in virtually every area of my life. I’ve had a few girls buy me drinks instead of the other way around, my credibility at my job went up and my opinions are taken more seriously, and my confidence is growing much faster than before. I also got called back from an entrepreneur who was interested in hiring me on board. He said it was because I took pride in my appearance and put a lot of work into my career. I was the kind of person he wanted on his team. Opportunity came knocking at my door! If I went into specific stories I’d be able to write a small novel, so I’ll spare the details, but I’m very excited to keep going back through the system to keep learning more and more. Ironing and taking care of my clothes has become a new prized ritual in my schedule. Thanks again, and I’m really looking forward to Build Your Wardrobe! Best regards, – Justin
Good morning Antonio,I hope you and your family are doing well. I commend you for the effort you’re making every day to provide information and resources to better the personal and professional image of everyday men at a reasonable price.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide some feedback on the articles identified in the email above. Yes I did enjoy the article very much, it was a quick read and to the point more importantly they are scenarios that we all have suffered through at one time or another. The scenarios are practical and several different members of our society can related to these situations. You and I can relate to situations identified in the article as Marines we have to adapt to every situation we find our selves in. There is no sick time just because you don’t feel well in the Marine Corps but if your uniform is squared away you’ll look good and feel better plus if you give 110%, your OIC may tell you to cut out early “so you don’t get the rest of us sick.” I work in the Pentagon and while dressing your best in uniform I tend to stand out when I wear suits. I get my suits made at Sofios of McLean, VA; his company has a program where those of us transitioning from the military to corporate can get the best looking set of interview suits at a discount. From 27 years of military service lessons learned I always travel in business causal and have a service dress uniform and a full suit in my carryon just in case the luggage gets redirected or worse gets lost – we’re still able to accomplish the mission and function for 24-48 hours without having to buy anything. The bottom-line is being prepared, if we plan for the worst scenario at anything we’re facing those factors are “priced-in” and you will look better, brief better, and you will feel better because no matter what happens your stuff is “always in one bag” no pun intended. Again, thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback and look forward to future communication. Best to you and your family. SF/John
“Hey Antonio, Your video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5KGbpORMeM) is great – very nice structure & it’s based on actual research. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope you’ll keep doing this! Have an awesome weekend. Chris”
“Hi Antonio, how are you? I hope everything goes well. We had schedules a skype call a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately I had a las minute meeting and it was not possible to attend, my apologies. What I wanted to share with you my experience with the systema, briefly, I feel more comfortable with my looks, people often tell me how good I look and the good impression they get from me. I recently had a call from my boss giving me some feedback about how other people in the company perceive me today, they can see a lot of difference, I must mention that I had been to Mexico city just a few times recently and people from the company have come to Campeche some other tims, (I also wanted to tell you that in January I started I enrolled in a corporate leadership program which in combination with the RealStyle course have been helping me to improve many things I was struggling with in the past. To summarize 1. Your system works perfectly, I never doubt for s second it would not work. 2. I’m very happy with the outcome and I’m now in the learning path. 3. I recommended this course to a friend who is convinced it can help him. So, thanks Antonio, again. One last thing, in the last message for the class, you mentioned that it is possible for us to take the advantage to repeat the course one more time, I would like to be considered in the course that will start in May , so please let me know if that is possible. Regards Jags”
Hi Antonio I’ve taken a look at the companies you’ve recommended and I really like the idea of custom shirts especially since I’ve got a bit of a wacky upper body proportions. I just want to thank you again for all your help. Your product A Man’s Guide to Style was one of the best purchases I’ve made and I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to answer my questions! Regards, Jeff
Hello Antonio,I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for your videos and knowledge that you share with us. I recently received an offer for a permanent position working as part of city staff (to keep it short), and I strongly believe that your tips and advice help me get that offer! I was told that out of many interviewees and applicants, they felt I was the best candidate! This isn’t a position as city mayor, but still a position that many people wanted, and I got it. You are owed some credit in this Antonio, by taking bits and pieces from each of your videos, I was able to take action and do well in my interview, presenting myself as professional as can be, while keeping and showing my great personality at the same time.As I fill my knowledge with your advice and tips, not only on how to properly present myself, but life wisdom as well, I am not only fastly gaining an advantage over others, but learning useful tools so that I can teach my children. I am 24 years old, and up until a few months ago, have had the same, not so nice style since high school! I’ve slowly changed my wardrobe to properly present not only myself, but family as well (wife and 2 year old daughter). I feel and look like a more mature man than ever in my life, people at work and school give me compliments all the time, and I’m really not trying to boast, but just trying to tell you how you’ve helped me out and the effects. Thank you is not enough to show my gratitude, but I hope this story keeps you going and maybe lifts your self-esteem by a notch.Its amazing what a properly fitted dress shirt, pants, and blazer, along with Antonio’s tips and advice, can do to help out ones life! It’s like a domino effect, changing my style has had so many different, great, beneficial effects! This post might sound exaggerating to some, but coming from a semi-lost young man, husband, father, student, and employee, I can honestly say that by changing my style, I’ve become a better me with advantages that lots don’t know or care about. I now understand your title, I really feel like a “real man!” Plus, my mom tells me all the time also:) Again, THANK YOU Antonio! Keep up the GREAT work!Best Regards, FelipeP.S. I first wanted to keep your videos a secret because this is gold, but know the right thing to do is try to give back my promoting your videos to people I know who could use your guidance. Tell them check out ‘real men, real style’, very useful website!
Hi Antonio,I’ll make it fast for you and the others! LOL!Was raised in a small village in Quebec, Canada. Very limited money, we had very simple clothing on us, no big brands, just clothes with the purpose to wear something. We shared clothes between brothers, faded, nothing fashionable.Moving to college, a bit more means, got some low level clothing from Point Zero and some athletic wear. After 4 years in college, got in the city (Montreal). Got overlooked a lot because my clothing was “shit” compare to people from the city. I went to better shops for “better” clothing but was not very happy. I met my spouse and started to make more money. I went through all the shops in Canada for men (I’m 6 feet 4 inches, 175 lbs) so not everything fits as you know. Got to buy Tom Ford shirts at $500 a pop (50% off) but still, $250 for a dress shirt that is still ill fitting is not intelligent. Was still spending $200 on shitty cheap China shoes… I finally decided that my hard earned money would not be wasted. I started to find what was style and not fashion, quality over quantity, fit over brand. I found you and understood that I was on the good track :-) After reading about 2 months, listening to you and other people (styleforum.net), I went bespoke for my work attire. My tailor (top 10 in Canada) is now my only source of clothing for trousers, suits, sport jackets, dress shirts and ties. What a utter difference! I got into Vitale Barberis, Thomas Mason, Scabal, Dormeuil, it is fantastic! The choice, the fit, the quality of craft is impressive for good price. Right now, I just got a promotion so I’m looking to buy a wool coat for winter (Dormeuil) and a nice suit, very classic, the Dr. No suit, very British, made like the ones of Anthony Sinclair. :-) Thank you for being a model for young men (I’m 31) and to push us to look better. Men around me look at me and they compliment me a lot. Women too! LOL! Simon B
Works great in Boise Idaho! Thanks for all the tips, I have greatly improved my wardrobe with your site. I’m at the age of figuring out how I should want people to view me and it’s been a blessing to learn that it pretty much doesn’t matter what age you are you should always look your best. Thanks again! Sean Reum
Hello Antonio, I am impressed with the book you sent me; thanks a mil! In addition, I enjoy reading all that you have to say on dress and appearance. It has been my experience that appearance matters and has a direct influence on the way people perceive you and the manner in which they respond, treat and deal with you. Antonio, please keep it coming as it serves as a gentle reminder to me. Best wishes and best regards, Annetta
Hi Antonio! I just found your Youtube channel while looking for videos on public speaking tips. I really appreciate the emphasis you put on mens style. I have been dressing up for years and everyone thinks I am crazy but I am of the opinion it is vitally important! It had served me well too, you should have seen the employees at Target when I showed to work my part-time, seasonal sales floor position in a dress shirt, tie, dress shoes and tie clip, I think you would have enjoyed it! Within 3 months I was management. That is very much a tangent because I am emailing to say thank you for your channel, tips and shared knowledge, we men out here need it! I think the most useful thing I have found so far (it has only been 15 minutes since I found your channel) is your video on the 4 Ways To Tuck In A Shirt. I am definitely going to tailor my dress shirts to get rid of the excess material (I am tall and lean so finding a shirt with long enough arms but a slim waist and neck is nearly impossibl e) and use the undershirt underwear tuck! Are you coming to the Seattle area at all for conferences any time soon? Sincerely, Camden Meyers
Hi Antonio, I have been on YouTube a lot and I saw some of your videos about how to look better in a suit, I want to thank you so much for posting those because you helped me a lot on formal night on a cruise I went on everyone told me I look great. I have a midnight navy blue suit that I got off the rack and it fits perfect. Thank you. Alexander

Dear Antonio, Let me start by saying that i been following you, and your page realmenrealstyle, for some time now – And it is absolutly brilliant. So when you send me the mail with 9 “unconventional” steps to become a better man I immediately when to get the book and read it. When I read number 3, “send someone a handwritten note”, I discovered that I had Already done something very similar. 2 Weeks ago my girlfriends family came to visit us, and celebrate her birthday. My girlfriend and I have been together for some time, and lived together since January, but it was her family’s first visit (The live a good drive away, so visiting is a weekend experience). And since they had not really seen Copenhagen ( capital of Denmark) before, we took them on a canal cruise. When we sat down in the boat I instantly grabbed my iPhone and took a couple of pictures of my girlfriend and her family. Nobody really took any notice of this, and I din’t say anything, until we waved goodbye on sunday afternoon. As we had dinner that night my Girlfriend told me how happy she was that everything had gone that well and that I had been so welcoming. I looked at her and said that her family was important not just to her, but to me ass well, And that is why is thought that we should send them a thank you card with the pictures from the canal cruise ( the reason why I took them in the first place) And that we could do it tonight, right from my phone ( The Danish App is Called “postkortet” But is similar to “Postagram Postcards”). She looked so overwhelmed and happy and i know that her family was too, when they got the postcard.’ It was not hand written, but the picture’s made the note personal, and furthermore, her family did not expect the thank you card at all – which made reaction so much stronger. So even thought this effort was so quick and cost me almost nothing I received so much recognition for it, both from my girlfriend and her family ( brother, mom, dad and grandmother). My point is: Pay attention to detail. I know, I Know – it’s not a new thing, we all know and yet so many of us forget it – I forget it more often than not! We remember it when hosting a big party, like a weeding or so, when we are holding a big presentation, when anything special is happing, but i am not talking about this. I am talking about the small everyday things. Most of us dress to the occasion, but what really separates men is the small details, like a watch, or a handkerchief. Or evening being the one wearing a shirt when everyone els is wearing a polo. It is important not to over do it, but it equally important to distinguish yourself from the rest – And it is so easily done. I does not have to be much. The Postcard made a great impression on My girlfriend – and on her family, none of her former boyfriends has ever done anything like this before – two shots with my iPhone and less than 10 minuets of work, that is all it took to set me apart from all the rest. Once Again thank you for a brilliant site, and all your great tips. Anders Schultz, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Antonio, Personally, I have a high regard for you for contributing to the blogs and websites and for guiding and helping all those people who want to know the right way to dress up, me included! I would love to buy your course material but actually I’m low on finances at the moment. Moreover, I’m already aware of most of the things you teach and write about being from an army family myself. It’s only the small details that I need an advice on some times. “Your articles and videos about dressing sharper are the best I’ve seen. I would like to let you know that I really appreciate all your tips and advices as they are the best I’ve read so far surpassing all those contradictory opinions of the fancy magazines and those fashion designers. I really like the way you’re not a slave to the latest fashions and changing fashion trends. You not only teach the correct way of dressing but also the one that will stay in fashion always.” The above paragraph is something I wished to write to you for a long time but didn’t know how to contact you and now I think it is the right time to let you know how much you’ve helped me with certain things I always wondered but never knew about. Please feel free to publish it on your website or anywhere you feel like as a testimonial from my side :) Thanks, Kind Regards, Chirag :)
Antonio Ceneto,It was great to see that two persons whom I admire and follow in the field of style statement, were together. Both of you and Aaron are amazing when explaining the basics of grooming and styling. I am 22, from India, just passed the college and got a job and now I am using most of your techniques for the formal dress like tucking in the shirt, rolling the sleeves, fitting of the shirt and many more. Thank you very much for the valuable tips. Keep it up and best of luck.Abhirup Chandra
Antonio, I just wanted to say thank you for dedicating yourself to the better meant of men’s fashion. I was raised old school and watched my father dress with great taste. He always insisted that I look as good as possible, because you don’t know who you will meet during the day. Since graduating college with two degrees at the age 48, I really see the need to look ones best everyday. For twenty years I wore the uniforms of the United States Air Force, well let’s just say as you know their isn’t much room for style. Now that I work at a small computer shop in Myrtle Beach, SC fashion is so important to me. I’m still reading threw your 47 page E-book. I have taken one of your suggestions to heart about increasing your wardrobe, that is shop at stores like Goodwill. That one tip has increased my personal clothes so much that I had to install another hanging system where I live, not to mention the almost 30 pairs of dress shoes that I was able to acquire. Once again, thank you for being a role model. Thank you for your service to this great nation of ours. Thank You, Sincerely Scott H. Smith SSgt, Ret. USAF
Hello Antonio, You know, I can really respect a guy who can pull off the “straight up: how come you’re a weenie?” line. As a matter of fact, I’ve been wanting to join The Style System for a while now, but it’s been a matter of timing (since you asked). I first encountered your writing via Art of Manliness, when I discovered that all of articles I got the most out of were written by the same man. What I appreciated the most was your triad of fundamentals. This I found more useful than any other guide or advice system out there. I currently work in the trades, in a joinery shop that makes and restores heritage windows and millwork. As you can imagine, style is about the furthest thing from anybody’s mind in an environment like that. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that I’m one of two tradesmen who bought your Man’s Guide to Style. Most style writing is for people in offices and urban creative jobs and the like. Thus: buy this type of suit, get this accessory, etc. However, the fundamentals you describe apply to my situation more than most realize. I won’t bore you with the obvious, but imagine if a workshop or jobsite was filled with people who wore clothes that fit, that matched, and were clean? Basically, I’ve been dressing as though I were in an office environment but in cotton duck instead of fine wool. I did get a bit of a razzing when I polished my work boots, though (I too am ex-military, if that didn’t give it away). But here’s the thing: after I began putting effort into buying and maintaining stylish and functional work clothes, the other workers in my shop began dressing better too. I saw nicer sweaters last winter, cleaner t-shirts, a little less wiping glue off hands onto cover-alls, etc. The language cleaned up too. It’s not to say that my buying new pants changed the world, but when one person takes the time to look and act well, it boosts everybody. I think you could do well applying your fundamental principles to blue-collar style as well as to the professional mix. As to the timing, though: I’m certain you’ll see me in your style system soon. I’m currently in negotiations with my shop owners to become the next production manager. I ousted one guy who was up for the job and jumped ahead of about 3 others higher in seniority and experience than myself. A little attention to style and personal presentation go along way to convincing the people in charge you’re the man to put in front of customers and represent the company. However, most of my educational resources will be spent in more direct job-related interests for the moment (project management, budgeting, team building…). However, style is proven profitable in even the most unlikely and typically unstylish environments and is an investment I will continue to make. One of my first jobs was in a restaurant kitchen and I was given this piece of advice I’ve carried with me since and has paid dividends: If you want to be a chef, look like a chef. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us all. I look forward to learning more from you! Cheers, Daniel.
Hello Antonio,I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for your videos and knowledge that you share with us. I recently received an offer for a permanent position working as part of city staff (to keep it short), and I strongly believe that your tips and advice help me get that offer! I was told that out of many interviewees and applicants, they felt I was the best candidate! This isn’t a position as city mayor, but still a position that many people wanted, and I got it. You are owed some credit in this Antonio, by taking bits and pieces from each of your videos, I was able to take action and do well in my interview, presenting myself as professional as can be, while keeping and showing my great personality at the same time. As I fill my knowledge with your advice and tips, not only on how to properly present myself, but life wisdom as well, I am not only fastly gaining an advantage over others, but learning useful tools so that I can teach my children. I am 24 years old, and up until a few months ago, have had the same, not so nice style since high school! I’ve slowly changed my wardrobe to properly present not only myself, but family as well (wife and 2 year old daughter). I feel and look like a more mature man than ever in my life, people at work and school give me compliments all the time, and I’m really not trying to boast, but just trying to tell you how you’ve helped me out and the effects. Thank you is not enough to show my gratitude, but I hope this story keeps you going and maybe lifts your self-esteem by a notch. Its amazing what a properly fitted dress shirt, pants, and blazer, along with Antonio’s tips and advice, can do to help out ones life! It’s like a domino effect, changing my style has had so many different, great, beneficial effects! This post might sound exaggerating to some, but coming from a semi-lost young man, husband, father, student, and employee, I can honestly say that by changing my style, I’ve become a better me with advantages that lots don’t know or care about. I now understand your title, I really feel like a “real man!” Plus, my mom tells me all the time also:) Again, THANK YOU Antonio! Keep up the GREAT work!Best Regards, FelipeP.S. I first wanted to keep your videos a secret because this is gold, but know the right thing to do is try to give back my promoting your videos to people I know who could use your guidance. Tell them check out ‘real men, real style’, very useful website!
Antonio,This might be a little long but it’s important. Feel free to edit for content.Several years ago I came across your articles on The Art of Manliness and your review of Details Men’s Style Manual. Now I had been reading GQ and Men’s Health and always thought that there was something missing because to me those were for guys that were already in shape and most of the clothing that they advertised were for only 15% of the population. At the time I was a size 54 with a 46 inch waist. And I was tired of going to the Big and Tall Section were nothing fit me correctly anyway. I hated shopping at DXL because they mostly carried synthetics and their own house brands. All the cool stuff was for size 38 waist and under. So I decided to exercise more and try to do better in my clothing. I’m going to be “The Best Version of Me” that I can be. Then out comes the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love” where Ryan Gossling tells Steve Carrell about how he is wearing the wrong suit size and he just needs an interchangable wardrobe in order to do better in life, his career, with the ladies. So that just reinforced what you had said.My tailor had recently had her car totaled and she was looking for a replacement vehicle and I was looking to get rid of an extra truck that I had. I packed the truck with every article of clothing (except underwear and socks) and took them to her for a critical assessment. She was ruthless!!! I went from over 200 pieces down to 25. 40 items went to the consignment shop, 60 to the trash and the rest to the mens mission. She adjusted two pairs of pants and two shirts and sent me home with 4 items. She then fobade me from wearing pleated pants. I had over 25 ties, she whittled it down to six. I had over a dozen suits and she let me keep only two which she recut. Then she fixed the rest of my shirts, some needed to be recut, others just cuffs adjusted, some had to have the sleeves trimmed a bit. She then made up three custom shirts for me and two suits. I had to run all future acquisitions through her. Doing it this way brought me a lot of relief because like when the Romans invaded the Isle of Briton they had burned their ships. There was no going back! I even tore out my old closet and had a flexible one (Martha Stewart from Home Depot) installed in it’s place. I was looking at my meager articles of clothing but instead of seeing not much to wear I thought of the endless possibilities with what I had.I then bought your system A Man’s Guide to Style and that helped me out a lot. I love the Audio files and I listen to them on trips and for commuting. Over the next two years I put your info in to action and realy upped my game. This increased my confidence and saved me a lot of money on clothing. So much so that when I was visiting New York City I was in a diner and a waistress walked in to begin her shift. She was cute and young and tossed me a smile and walked two feet and stopped then she looked back and came over and sat down next to me with a guilty look on her face. She said , “I can see by your wedding ring that you are married and I’m not coming on to you…but… I looked at you twice. What just happened?” I smiled and told her that what she picked up on was that while I’m a big guy (not her type) I was dressed in a fitted shirt and 7 For All Mankind jeans. I told her, “You picked up on the clothing, and the confidence of the man wearing it. You see that kid in the corner drinking coffee and trying not to stare at you? The one in the oversized t-shirt and baggy jeans. His clothes are wearing him. I can tell you like him but you have reservations. So take him shopping and teach him how to up his game. Good luck!” Because I’m in Banking/Finance I have to have a large enough rotation and keep a bag packed for travel so overall I have 4 suits (not counting the Tux), 4 sportscoats, 14 dress shirts (4 seasonal), 8 casual shirts (4 seasonal), 6 slacks, 2 vests, 2 jeans, 2 shorts, 4 polos, 4 plain solid t shirts. Being as that I’m a big guy and I live in the warm, muggy South I sometimes go through 2-3 shirts a day because of sweating ( I already have 100% natural fibers and the lightest weave possible. It’s my Myan French heritage-hot blood on both sides). That’s why I have 50 items. I’m now down to a 48 chest and a 38 waist. I’ve introduced pocket squares and french cuffed shirts to my wardrobe. It took me about 3 years overall to cultivate “The Collection” as my wife calls it. She doesn’t understand my fascination with clothing. But she does appreciate the fact that the closets have more space available, look less cluttered and that I’m dressing better. She also notices that when we go places many me give me “The Nod” or even call out greetings. When we travel I generally get upgraded without having to ask. I tell her it’s because of my Lauro Piana Blazer and Ermenegildo Zegna slacks. She just rolls her eyes and says “Whatever. I have done a lot of reading and I especially like Clothes and the Man by Alan Flusser and Gentlemen: A Timeless Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel. I’ve had to replace these books at least once because my tailor “borrowed” them and I’ve never gotten them back. But she is such a dear that I didn’t mind. I also give talks to prospective students at my Alma Mater and part of that includes how to “Up Your Game and Dress to Impress”, because some of these students come from a blue collar background and they are moving up to the next level. I make sure to tell them about you and your style system and e-books that you’ve written and give credit where it is due. I’ve had bosses ask me to mentor those coming up and help them get ready to be promoted. Sometimes that includes taking them shopping and a trip to the tailors. Thanks for everything Atonio. You ROCK! Semper Fi! Donovan D. Corzo ddc
Antonio,For years I went on not paying any attention to what I wear. I was that 26 year old still wearing t-shirts with logos and almost all my attire was black but now I have seen the light thanks to your website and videos. I am slowly replacing my wardrobe one piece at a time.Thank you so much!Gibrhann
Hey Antonio,My name’s Tom, and I’m a university student from the UK. I’ve been a ‘lurker’ for the past two years, and I think it’s about time I thanked you for the fantastic tips on dressing well. Since incrementing small changes to my wardrobe like tailoring my shirts, switching to dark jeans, and adding more stylish pieces like cardigans, henleys and Wayfarer sunglasses; I feel like I’ve advanced in my academic and social life:1) Lecturers (a British term for ‘professor’) take me a lot more seriously than they did when I wore hoodies, T-shirts and faded jeans to class. 2) I feel like I am a lot more popular and have made many friends in my lectures, simply because I look attractive, and the high-quality, well-fitted clothing was a reflection of my personality. 3) I have performed better in exams due to my increase in confidence. Perhaps I wouldn’t attribute this entirely to clothing and style; but I scored at least ten points higher in my second-year results than in my first, when I dressed like a slob. The notion that society makes snap decisions about people based on appearance is spot-on, and this can apply to absolutely anyone. This is a true story that I was once told. It sounds very cruel, but this hopefully reinforces why it’s important to put your best foot forward. ESPECIALLY when meeting people for the first time… There’s a local 28-year-old man in a wheelchair (“Peter”) who doesn’t care about style or his personal appearance at all, and is proud of it. He has unkempt hair, long fingernails, hairy arms. Despite being several pounds overweight, Peter’s outfits, day-to-day, consist of tight graphic T-shirts, plaid shorts and sandals. Upon graduating from university, he met his landlady for the first time, in a very similar outfit. The house Peter had been allocated was perfectly fine… but, he ended up relinquishing when he overheard his landlady on the telephone, making remarks about his personal appearance, commenting that the person she is dealing with is ‘disgusting’. He ended up living in a hotel for the following six months, out of sheer embarrassment, until he found another home. Now, most of us would probably side with the man in the wheelchair in this situation; but no matter what your physicality, it was within Peter’s power to control his image, and act and dress himself professionally. His housing situation would probably have turned out very differently, had he done so. Many thanks again for the great videos and articles. I am a follower for life! – Tom.
It was seriously great.
And then I noticed just how polished and professional and full of GREAT content your website is.
I am really, really freaking impressed with what you’ve done in business.
What you are doing is you are simply achieving excellence in all areas, and I really admire that.
I’m glad I came across you, my friend!
( a man needs a bit of inspiration every now and then. to see what’s possible.)


Dear Antonio,Thank you. Thank you for all that you have done. You have made a huge impact in my life. I am a 17 year old male in Los Angeles, California, and your videos have changed my life. I use to not care about my appearance or style but when I came across your channel I started to change. I became interested in men’s style and the history of certain articles of clothing. By watching your videos I began to change my style and as a result I was perceived as more professional, classy, and even attractive. I graduate high school in a week and now I’m on my way to college. Looking back in my high school career I’m proud of what I accomplished. All these accomplishments were a result of all the knowledge I gained was from your videos. Antonio I want to thank you for all your hard work and I want to let you know that you have a young audience watching your content. Again thank you for everything Antonio and I hope your business continues to grow and becomes more successful.Sincerely,Eric Contreras


Hello Antonio,I completed The Formula. The content is fantastic.From part 1, I think the best part was highlighting “Fit”. This is a concept that I have recently embraced on my own style journey over the last six months. Specifically, I wanted a new pair of jeans back in October, and I was sick of wearing jeans that made me look like a hobo…so I ended up buying a pair of slim straight jeans that fit me! I am in pretty good shape, and had been wearing so many clothes that fit me like a garbage bag. Seeing the importance of Fit in section 1 really drove that lesson home.I also liked the whole value concept, specifically the number of wears and how you feel. My Lucky jeans are probably the most money I have ever spent on a pair of pants, but every time I wear them I feel like a million bucks, they fit phenomenally, and the only reason I don’t wear them more is because I don’t want to wear them out (I have considered buying another pair just for that reason!) These are way higher value to me than the $19 Old Navy jeans that either a) fell apart or b) never got worn and were donated. That’s $19 in the trash.Section 2 really helped bring the whole interchangeable wardrobe concept together for me. I now realize that a lot of my old wardrobe was full of one trick ponies (frequently oversized one trick ponies). I don’t even own a plain solid light blue shirt, and blue looks fantastic on me! This is my number one priority. Number 2 is to enhance my core wardrobe and to also do some upgrades. I really don’t need 5 pairs of baggy cargo shorts, or 32 graphic tees. Am I joking…sadly I am not, and that 32 graphic tees is POST PURGE…

Now, on to section 3. This is what I was waiting for, and this is the section that I think was the most important. It really built on sections 1 and 2, and puts forth an action plan to make these changes happen. The part that I really liked was forcing us to go for a walk dressed a little nicer. I don’t think this will be the hardest thing for me to do, but I think it may end up being the most motivating.

I know that I have very little time, and my disposable income requires a lot of planning and budgeting, so upgrading and expanding will be difficult, but I feel like if I have a plan on attack on what to buy, where to shop, and how much to spend, I can actually get the pieces that I am lacking, and really round out my wardrobe.

A couple issues that popped up, some you may be aware of, some not. I know in your talk yesterday you mentioned that we were essentially beta testing, so I wanted to point these out:
– I don’t think the site works very well with Internet Explorer. It works completely fine with Firefox. Not a huge deal, but I was getting a few buggy issues today.
– Some of the downloadable content (the graphics) were not properly linked.
– The bonus material graduation presents (downloadable ebook, clothing/grooming/accessory recommendations) links are to nothing, just a title page.
– I was having trouble getting my “submit” to work on section 3 today using IE, but tonight on Firefox it worked fine.

Overall I enjoyed the course, and the greatest value to me was the action plan to really get moving, get motivated, and to push my wardrobe and my style to the next level. I appreciate the discount, and even though I only paid a small amount, it does in fact increase my own personal accountability to following through more than it would had this been completely free.

Chris Harvey


Dear Mr. Centeno,We exchanged a few e-mails about a month back concerning when is it best to upgrade one’s wardrobe when on a budget. I am also aware you recently made a video with 5 excellent tips that certainly helped me.So instead of just asking, because at this point I don’t have a particular problem, I’ll rather share my story which is largely the success of every bit of free information you are giving.My background is what most Americans would describe as a rebellious hillbilly, even though I have nothing to do with Appalachia. I don’t really find that word offensive as much as I find the humor behind it often truthful. However if you know that guy who prefers his old jeans, boots and tends to look like he is always down for fishing, hunting or simply having a few next to a grill, that is me.
In the last few months my professional attire simply had to change since all of those laid back casual things weren’t appropriate and more so I wasn’t being taken seriously.That is the part where you came in. The information you give is somewhat widespread, but that is good since it gave me the classical style guidelines, the things to look out for, both good and bad, and most importantly the rules. Can’t break ’em if you don’t know ’em. At least not with a specific purpose in mind.
Now my professional attire could for the most part be considered business casual, and while I still am in the process of expanding on that wardrobe (like getting another sport coat), it perfectly goes along with your “fake it ’till you make it/be yourself” philosophy. It is appropriate for most functions, it allows me to play on my assertiveness and a bit of that bad boy charm and it is by no means some predetermined format that boxes me in.Just as an example, we talked about ties. I’m not much for wearing ties, but when they are absolutely needed, I won’t avoid them like the plague. On the other hand that little piece of fabric known as the pocket square is something I truly adore. It has to clash, in a way at least, it can be very unruly, it simply gives a statement of a somewhat unorthodox, pragmatic, professionalism.So in a few short months I have achieved strides not only in my style, but also in dealing with the question of am I selling out by finding what works, what to look for and how to incorporate it just by watching maybe 30 minutes of your videos weekly and reading the appropriate articles.
Not only that but you’ve also turned my attention towards Aaron Marino from Alpha M, who again has given me some very valuable information trough his content.Thank you again.With respect,
Matej Viher


Hey Antonio!How is it going?You won me over to come to the StyleCon a while ago, but I live in the United Arab Emirates so it wasn’t feasible.I bought your program at $50 and while many guys wrote testimonials that you helped them save tons of money, I can’t say the same happened for me. Somehow your course convinced me it was a good idea to get a sports jacket, shirt and nice wool trousers made by one of the top end bespoke tailors in Dubai. This cost me a cool $1800 bucks! Of course this gets me very high end worsted Cerruti wool, many fittings to ensure a great fit and a high end lining construction. Anyway, I’ll let you know how much I love them once they are done.

For now, I just wanted to highlight the difference between a sneak peek and a sneak(y) peak. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/sneak_peek I hope you find it amusing.

Anyway, I mainly emailed you to say thanks. If you can entice me with another nice product (sorry, not the teeth whitening), I’ll be happy to be a repeat customer. If anyone ever asks, I’ll definitely recommend your style course. I learned SO much!


Andreas KL van Leeuwen Flamino


Anthony,Thank you for your article on undershirts. After a four year stint in the Navy, a crew neck undershirt became pretty much part of my uniform and I never saw anything wrong with that. I certainly never considered a v-neck. So my wife ‘lets slip’ one day how she doesn’t like the look of my t-shirt showing out from under my dress shirts and I thought, “What’s the big deal?” There are plenty of men who do the same. I see them every day.After spending some time going through A Man’s Guide to Style, I’ve begun to change the way I approach my dress habits. I also notice (now that I know what to look for) that there are plenty of much younger men who seem to already know the unspoken rules that I’ve been learning from you recently. I hate to admit that I’m a forty five year old man who is just now learning (or caring to learn) about how a man should dress. I never had anyone teach me any of this stuff and it’s for that very reason that I want to learn in order to teach my son (both in words and by example).I forget how I discovered you and your work, but I am glad that I did. So, thank you very much for what you do. I, for one, am grateful that you are passionate enough about the subject to share what you’ve learned with so many others. Keep enlightening men!

David LeDoux


Hello Antonio (or to whom it may concern),
I want to start off thanking you for producing these videos. I grew up homeschooled, so most of my wardrobe was graphic t-shirts and sweatpants. I never really had anybody to teach me how to dress up and carry style like a gentlemen. I’m 23-years-old, I work as a busboy and a custodian at my church, so I can’t afford a lot of expensive clothes. But the tips you have provided learned what types of clothes do what, and it encouraged me to go out and redo my wardrobe. And over the past year, I have received more compliments on how I dress than I have in my entire life. I even have my father and brother dressing up better as a result. It feels really good to be a good influence, and I have you to thank for that. Know that what you do is not in vain, and that you are helping so many young of this generation (such as myself) to dress like the gentlemen they can be. Lord knows we need it.Now onto my question: one of my favorite articles from your website is your Men’s Winter Jacket Infographic. Though short and to the point, this convenient little picture helped me incredibly when it was time to buy new outerwear. It allowed me to see what I needed, and how to accomplish all the strong-suits (weather protection, formality, etc.) while buying as few jackets as possible to save money. I’m quite the minimalist, I prefer quality over quantity. I was wondering if you could make more infographics similar to the Winter Jacket infographic. Specifically for types of shirts and types of trousers, maybe even hats and shoes if you find the time. I not only ask this for myself, but I feel like a lot of your subscribers would also find this information educational. It may really put into perspective what the function for each article of clothing is for. But, this is all based on request. If you feel you don’t think these infographics may be worth the investm ent of time, please don’t feel obligated. You and your team are already doing a great job. I’m not great at ending these long letters, so I’ll just thank you for reading it.-Best Regards, Aaron Pounds


I am Jeevan.
I enjoy reading your articles much more than anything else. Your site is incredible. It helped me in a lot ways to start dressing better.
Thank you!


Dear Antonio,Thank you for your prompt response. I was reading through your e-book today and look forward to watching the videos you’ve sent soon. I’ve started to apply what I’ve learned already. I went to the thrift store and found a decent blazer and a few nice sport coats. I wore one to church the other day and received very positive feedback. More importantly my wife really likes my new style. We’ll see what happens at work next week as I teach my students. Thanks for your help with teaching me about men’s fashion. I’ve never liked dressing nice, but now that I know more of the WHY and the HOW and even some of the history behind it, I honestly feel better about why I’m dressing in a more respectable way, and I look better too. Thanks again for your help, all God’s best to you and your family.Sincerely,

Chris Kemp


Hi Antonio,I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but it was for good reason. I was flown out to Arlington, VA in order to attend a 3-day interview/recruiting event. The hiring agency was the FDIC and I was extended a generous offer, which I promptly accepted. I can honestly say that your videos helped get me hired. Thank you!

To the main issue: You wanted to know why I thought the site setup was conspicuous.
I like the main page (http://realmenrealstyle.com), it is nice and clean.
I like the products page (http://realmenrealstyle.com/products), it too is nice and clean.
The page that loads upon clicking A Man’s Guide To Style is where I am a little put-off. In my opinion, the Click to LEARN MORE; the big Buy Now; and especially the picture with the Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, seems similar to an infomercial. Not that all products sold through infomercials are poor products but that is what I mean by “conspicuous.” That said, I may actually buy it since I feel that you are a man of your word. I did buy some Lee Modern Series jeans to support your sponsor, and I do really like them.
That is the end of what you asked me to address. I know you are a busy man so feel free to skip the rest of this e-mail which includes a brief story and some thoughts.

1. I recall you telling a story about gaining access to an event and you thought it was, at least in part, due to being well dressed. Well, on my return flight from Arlington, I was supposed to be on a flight with a layover that had me arriving in Kansas City at 8:30pm. The flight was then delayed and wouldn’t arrive in KC until after midnight. So I spoke with an airline employee behind the desk and she was just so happy to talk with someone who was polite to her, and she really seemed to be going the extra mile for me. I don’t know how much of her help was due to me being well dressed or saying “yes/no ma’am”, but I will tell you that she put me on a direct flight to Kansas City that landed before I was originally scheduled to depart! She also gave me the seat next to the only open spot on the plane! She actually said, “I will put you on a direct flight leaving in about an hour.” She then whispered, “There is a little extra room.” and winked at me.

2. During the 3-day event I was amazed at how many compliments I received on my appearance. Watching your videos helped give me some confidence in my attire and I actually felt like I belonged in the suit. Upon arriving to the event I could tell who had never worn a suit before. People strolled in wearing very baggy suits, buttoned the bottom button of their suit jackets, among other mistakes. After being offered a position another man who was selected (also well dressed) came to me and said, “Being dressed like a stud surely didn’t hurt your chances.” Another person wrote me a congratulatory e-mail and said, “As soon as I saw your pocket square, I knew you would make the cut.”

Yes, obviously being well-dressed gave me a ‘leg up’ over my competition. Less obvious though is that, as those poorly-dressed people were arriving, I began feeling more and more confident about my appearance. I had been worried about smaller details like wearing closed-laced shoes (h/t to you), meanwhile these people hadn’t even bothered to google “how to wear a suit.” These guys were already at a disadvantage due to their initial impressions, but they fell further behind as my confidence began growing. Instead of worrying about why people were looking at me, I began thinking, “I do look pretty damn good and people are taking notice!” I began introducing myself to others and speaking without the nervous stutter to which I am prone.

Keep up the great work. Thanks for your time and help (and the job)!


I find myself at a rather low point in my life. Struggling to find work, save my marriage and become a stronger man. Along with prayer and therapy, I decided to grow a beard. I usually rock the 5 o’clock shadow or a goatee. But something told me grow the beard as part of my ‘resurrection’ if you will…looking for beard tips I came across your site. I must tell you, I feel blessed that I did. I felt growing the beard might help increase confidence and I’ll be damned if that wasn’t one of the reasons you had listed for the challenge of growing a beard!Not only did I get great tips on growing a beard, but tips on overall style. Also tips on physical/mental wellness. I just read your article on going the extra mile, things I’ve heard or known in my heart, but lost in my depression. Thank you for going the extra mile. Your site has become a huge part in my ‘resurrection’. I’m working to feel good-better from deep within. And I want that to match how I present myself to the world.Please excuse me if this post is out of the ordinary. I had to recognize and give thanks to you and your staff for ‘going the extra mile’. Keep being an inspiration in life and a guide to the well dressed , whole and healthy man.Bless!Lonnie


Hello Antonio!I have written directly a few times before, but this time, I want to thank you for all the knowledge I have gained from you through your updates and your site. As a son of a single mother, many things about men’s personal appearance were for me to figure out on my own, and up until a few years ago, I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Little by little, my interest in my personal appearance grew and, despite I know I still have much to learn, I now feel much more in control of the messages I send through my image. In a few minutes, I will carry out an important presentation, and I know that a good part of my current confidence is due to the fact that I know that I look the way I want to look. As I said, there are a few wrinkles to iron out, but I know that today I will stand confidently in front of a group of important people, and I will look serious and professional, and that is a great relief and a source of confidence I didn’t use to have.Thank you very much for all the pointers, good ideas and great advice. I hope you will continue to help many other gentlemen as you have helped me.With my best regards,Víctor A. Cojulún


Antonio ,
Just wanted to say a heartfelt Thank You for all you do . Ironically , this morning I was about to shop for a sweater online , when you video about dressing with sweaters arrived in my email in box .How providential and timely ,or maybe just good karma on your part !!!!I always enjoy getting the videos and advice, and yes , even purchased clothing per your recommendation , ie ,Lee Jeans and Anson belts and feel you have not steered incorrectly .Call me a follower and a HUGE fan of yours. You articulate well in ideas and thought .Sometimes I have an inkling about something, but can t just quite put my fingers on it, and say as well as you do .Again, thank you for all you do .Best,
Dennis Alfrey


THi Antonio, I just wanted to let you know I’m 55 years old and have never had a scarf. This year I received two as Christmas gifts so I went online to see how a man wears them. Your site was the first to choose from so I watshed your seven easy wears on how to do it. It was very informative and I appreciate you doingthem. II’ll probably only use four of them since I’m in Can, but they helped me greatly since I want to wear them for my gift givers. Thanks for the tips. Happy Holidays. Doug McCowm


Antonio, your video guides are amazing, your knowledge on styling are amazing. And the way you put across your point is also commendable. Overall you are an amazing person. You are a real Style Guru and very good guide for men who want to dress well.Regards,


Antonio,I would be remiss if I did not express my sincere thanks and gratitude for your YouTube content. I am a former active duty Marine. Currently, I am an aspiring attorney/cpa in the atlanta area.
For years, I’ve been wondering why my peers are moving forward in their careers while I stay marking time in the same spot. I looked myself in the mirror and took a personal inventory of myself. I realize that I can have the life that I want, but it is up to me to create it.
Antonio – I gutted my closet of all of my Walmart, TJ Maxx clothing with the holes in the elbow and replace them Brooks Brothers and Jo’s A Bank clothing.
And, guess what? I bought myself a Navy Blazer.
The response from my peers and women has been amazing.
Thank you for your videos. I’ve learned so much.
Stay encouraged,


Hi Antonio,I’ve been watching your videos and articles a whole lot lately. I started really seriously looking into style when a ladies’ man spoke of the importance of style to communicate a person’s identity. Since then, having found your site, I’ve been superbly excited everyday about reading more, understanding how style works for men, scouring shops and brands, both online and physical for ideas and price range, and planning ahead for developing a classic and timeless wardrobe. The value you’ve provided with your free articles and videos are just amazing. I just wanted to say I really appreciate it.I subscribed for the free e-book but it never came into mail box. Is there someone that I can reach out to get help on that?Thanks,



Antonio,Thanks so much for making all this information available! My father was always a t-shirt/sweatshirt and jeans guy (he even rocked the Zubas a long time ago!). Your site gives me so much information I missed out on.And for the next phase of my life, which is focused on dressing professionally (I’m close to becoming a teacher), your information on dressing like a teacher, dressing the tall man, and all the general tips are so helpful! My challenge is being a tall, slim, short-torso/LONG-legged professional teacher… That’s quite the bundle! But your tips help me work my way through it. Thank you very much once again!Jeremy


Hey Antonio, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your videos. I’m about to turn 19 here at the end of November and your style videos have really helped out, some of it was confusing at first but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it! What’s really helped me though, is your advice videos, which I find to be a tremendous help. I take online college courses which I take at home so it really brings down my scope of friends I get to hang out with so I get a little lonely and sad. When that happens I always keep your Go The Extra Mile video bookmarked and watch it and it really brings my mood up and makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel like I’m going above and beyond other students because I’m saving money getting my gen eds. It also strives me to do more than what’s required. I’m definitely not the most confident person in the world and I always seem to compare myself to others, but the m ore content I watch of yours it makes me feel much better about who I am and what I want to do. Might sound crazy, but I’m definitely improving. Next year I hope to transfer to a state university to get my degree in computer science. I recently signed up for the Spartan Rises program you mentioned and I’ve been enjoying his content so far. Anyways, just wanted to send a quick thanks and hopefully I will be dressed for success and have the mindset to succeed when I go to my university. Keep up the great video’s!-Austin


“Good day Antonio,
I have been a subscriber and fan of your work for a long time, and I have found your advice invaluable in helping me choose the right clothing. As it happens, it was after watching a video of yours a few years ago that I decided to purchase my first sports jacket and since have bought a dozen blazers and topcoats, which are particularly well suited to the climate here in England.I would also like to say that I’m very impressed with the recent content in which you quote research studies. As a psychology student, I value an evidence-based approach and I find it very refreshing to see the findings from studies being used to make decisions on clothing, fragrance et cetera, rather than just ideas about fashion. I also think it shows to people how interesting and useful scientific studies can be.On behalf of all your British subscribers, thank you for all the time you’ve spent producing content – keep up the good work! :)Yours sincerely,
Reece Tejani”


Thank you! I’m REALLY enjoying “A Man’s Guide to Style”. Very well written and very informative. Just what I needed to move forward. In today’s world of ads showcasing poorly fit clothes as “edgy” it is comforting to know that true style endures. Michael Garey


Hi Antonio,

I’ve been watching your videos and articles a whole lot lately. I started really seriously looking into style when a ladies’ man spoke of the importance of style to communicate a person’s identity. Since then, having found your site, I’ve been superbly excited everyday about reading more, understanding how style works for men, scouring shops and brands, both online and physical for ideas and price range, and planning ahead for developing a classic and timeless wardrobe. The value you’ve provided with your free articles and videos are just amazing. I just wanted to say I really appreciate it.

I subscribed for the free e-book but it never came into mail box. Is there someone that I can reach out to get help on that?




Hello Antonio,

thank you for your inspirative mails. Actually, I´ve made 4 out of 5 your recomendations about half a year ago.
I feel much better now, what can means these (your) steps were correct!

Wish you all the best.
Alexander, Slovakia.


Hi. Antonio

My name is Janis, I Live in Riga, Latvia. I’m a studying Bussines Management in a Masters programme. I”m very glad that I found your homepage Real Men Real Style. I think it”s great and it have huge amount of useful information.

I truly believe that by reading these different topics and tips , and trying to live by them , I am becoming a better man. Since I started to wear clothes that fit properly, nice shoes, chinos pants and dress shirts, I feel more confident about myself and women are looking back at me more often.

Thanks for the good work you are doing . I think it’s great that you are helping men to find their true manliness, and helping us (including me) to become a better and more succesful person.

Thanks again
Best of luck
Janis Ezerietis


Hello Antonio

Thank you for your letter. And I also wanted to thank you for your previous letters. I just invested in a leather jacket and I used your guide to help me find the right one for me. I went for a black biker style buffalo leather jacket but with just a few things on it. And since I know the owner of the company that sold it to me I got a very nice deal on it.

I also wanted to briefly tell you, I know you have alot on going on but I thought recently how being dressed sharp got me where I am at today. After High School I decided I wanted to become a journalist, so I went to a occupational school, somewhere between college and High School and got my diploma. But during one of our field trips when we visited many companies we visited was the Chamber of Commerce. There we was greeted and got a lecture by a sharp dressed woman, the CIO I think of the company, and I thought, yeah this is what I want to do. Sharp clothing and nice office. Now I didnt end up working there, but I ended up in Commerce, E-commerce to be exact and even if I am not wearing it to often, more just on occassions I still wear a suit or just dress sharp and I like it. I still respect journalists of course, most of them are doing great work, especially those in rural areas. And in Sweden, where I live there is alot of that.

If you are still reading, I thank you for taking your time, wishing you all the best. Take care and stay frosty.


Rasmus Hammarlund


Hi Antonio,
I just wanted to take the time to reply and personally thank you for your web site and your posts. I have recently changed my e-mail address and am now re receiving some of you preliminary e-mails. I was originally introduced to you via the Art of Manliness web site but have been following your posts for the last 9 months. I have made a few changes this year including buying clothes that fit me properly, cleaning out my closet to eliminate things that were too large or just did not look good on me and probably most significantly being an active participant in buying my own clothes. For years I relied on my wife to buy my clothes for me. I’m not saying she was doing a bad job but I had to adjust my attitude about shopping for clothes and how I wanted to look. I found a local tailor to help me fine tune some of my clothes including a nice suit my dad left me before he passed away. I have been receiving unsolicited compliments from family, co-workers and customers about my appearance. I work in a medical office where we have a dress code so I don’t think I was too far off to begin with but I am a lot more comfortable with how I look now. So many men in today’s world just don’t seem to care about how they look. I feel that by dressing sharp and caring how I look whether at work, church or just out to dinner with my wife I may be able to influence other people by setting a decent example for them. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.


Ever since I found your videos on YouTube, I’ve been slowly updating my wardrobe in the pursuit of hopefully no longer dressing like my 12 year old self, and as of right now, I am 20, so your videos are very important to me. Along with the change in my wardrobe, I have increased my confidence to the point where I feel that I could meet new people where ever I go, but this of course will still be worked on because confidence is key.

If there was ever a way that I could meet you in person, I would love to shake your hand and thank you in person.

– Anthony


“I want to thank you very much for the materials you so graciously provided. The beard information, the 7 Deadly Styles, and the many videos, all of which were very informative. I appreciate how user friendly and concise the information is thus far. I’ve learned a great deal in the short while I’ve looked over things. But…!! More importantly, on behalf of my family and associates, I want to thank you GREATLY for your service rendered us as a Marine!!

God Bless you and yours,



Wanted to say thanks your terrific work. Most recently on “”how shaved heads are perceived””. One thing none of the surveys touched on was how the men who shaved felt.

A little back story, I started to lose my hair at 17By adulthood I was full on male pattern baldness so I went the with Jon Luc Picard cut (high and tight) for several years. And then one day I decided to Bic the whole thing. I didn’t realize it but it impacted me in ways I didn’t realize.

5 years ago I went through some major life storms, divorce, attempted suicide of a parent and separation from my kids due to change in employment. Then the job market tanked, I moved away from my support system and suffered from chronic un or under employment. It’s been a rough 4 years.

Recently I got a job, contract to perm, in my field and right back at the salary I was making. Even after I month I kept walking around waiting for the other shoe to drop. I felt small, a lack of control and to be honest, a bit cowardly.

Then I watched your video.

“”I haven’t done that in years.”” I thought. So when I stepped into the shower I just kept shaving right up my cheek an took it all off. The change was almost immediate. I walked a little taller, I kept my head up, I made eye contact. In the spirit of Austin Powers, I got my mojo back.

It’s been a week now and it feels good to be back in my own skin. Thanks for the reminder and the little nudge to keep this man ‘real’.

Semper Fi,

Mark Barsocchini
Colorado Springs, CO”


“Hi Antonio,

I have already subscribed for your great course, so maybe you need to update your distribution list.

I want to thank you for the incredible course that you have put together. Raising in another country and now working in Canada, I found the course helpful. So many details that I didn’t know about western etiquette in clothing and style. I had doubts at the begging about the course because I thought I knew everything about styles and clothing. But you proved me wrong. As the wise man says, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Thank you so much, Mohammad Aryaie”


“Hello, Antonio,

Warm wishes on the occasion of Independence Day of India.

We celebrated the 68th Independence Day of our country on 15th August.

As is the custom, I, along with my colleagues, went to our office in the early morning to celebrate the day. But this year, I wore something different for the occasion – a satin, mandarin collar shirt with subtle touches of the main colours of our National Flag (you may see the attached pictures, if you like), and guess what — it was an instant hit. I was appreciated by my colleagues and friends for wearing this special shirt on the special day! Moreover, when the National Flag was hoisted and the National Anthem was sung, a sense of pride went up through my spine that gave me goosebumps!

I am writing this to you since I accept you as the first guy who taught me all about men’s styling – from the very basics onward. Please accept my heartiest wishes for this.

Thank you, keep growing, keep shining.

Respectfully yours,

Ayan Seth”


“HELLO Antonio
I have to thank you for the e book. I have just retired from the Indiana Army National Guards after 25 years of service I did 3 tours of duty in Iraq 2 tours as infantry and 1 tour as an M.P.
I would like to thank you for your service in the Mairnes thank you Sir.
I have watched a lot of your YouTube videos and they are always full of great information on dress and style keep the videos coming you do a fantastic job of presenting valuable information, Timothy”


“Dear Antonio
First of all i would like to say that you are doing an amazing job through your videos on you tube. You are transforming lives by actually making us understand the importance of dressing and how it impacts our life. i never really cared about dressing for the last 28 years of my life and i have improved a lot since i have started watching your videos and i have seen the the change in the level of my confidence. You have not only helped me but also inspired me through your personality. you come across as a very warm and kind person and you show that level of sincerity in your videos. so here i take this opportunity to thank you and really appreciate the work that you are doing. you are truly making a difference in peoples lives.

As for as the course is concerned i really want to purchase it. but i have just finished my masters and come out of college and i don’t have any credit cards and i am not so well versed with internet banking, pay pal and stuff like that. Honestly speaking i just purchased your book from amazon and its simply amazing and there is no way that i can miss this course. i will definitely find a way to purchase that in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for you concern. i hope you personally read this message. just keep up the good work. wishing you loads of love, joy and happiness from India. God bless. Nishanth Kravi

“Hello Antonio,

I don’t know if you speak spanish (I guess yo do) but I’m going to do this is in English.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your amazing advice. It has been truly inspirational for me. For many years, I skipped the importance of being well dressed and partially because of that, I saw myself losing many professional opportunities.

In recent years, my career was advancing very fast but in some point I got stucked behind people that were less capable than me, but they surely had a better image. After a hard transition in my life, I realised the importance of a good image and finding your blog has helped to go forward.

Keep inspiring!

Un abrazo,



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