Trousers for Short, Skinny, or Small Men


Economy of scale runs the modern stockroom: if you're far enough outside the averages it's no longer worth selling clothes that fit you. Smaller men -- both the short and the skinny -- often have no choices at all in department stores. When they do have a choice it's often a bad one. Learn to recognize the … [Read more...]

4 Components of Individual Style

4 Components Individual Style

"Style is the Perfection of a point of View" - Richard Eberhart Many men go through life never developing a point of view; they dress as if it were a chore, instead of a way to non-verbally communicate and influence those around them.  I want to change this. I believe people would care more about their … [Read more...]

Your Inherent Style – Curbside Appeal

No snappy dresser should be without.

There are actually a couple different phrases floating around out there for what I'm going to talk about today. Some people like to borrow from real estate and use the term "curbside appeal." Others refer to "casual" or "inherent" style; I've even seen a book that talked extensively about "assumed … [Read more...]


A Man's Guide To Style