Men’s Cardigan Sweaters – A Man’s Guide To The Cardigan Sweater

daniel craig cardigan sweater

Don't let anyone tell you that cardigans aren't manly. The open-fronted sweaters were named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a prominent British military figure who popularized the style. Cardigans have become a uni-sex garment, which has sadly led many men to move away from the cardigan as a masculine … [Read more...]

Everything a Man Needs to Know about Wool Fabrics (In One Easy Post)

A champion Merino sheep, prized for their warm, soft coats, from 1905.

In general menswear is made from one of three fiber types:  wool, cotton, or a synthetic. Many men know how to care for their cotton and synthetic clothing; those that don't are fortunate that garments made from these fabrics are often inexpensive and darn near indestructible. Wool is different. Wool … [Read more...]

7 Clothing Essentials You Need for This Fall

tweed jacket

Put the polos and T-shirts away;  it's Fall, the best season for menswear. This is the time of year when layered looks and textured fabrics come into play. Stock your closets with the essential autumn looks -- you'll be wanting each one of these classics in your size and style as soon as the leaves start … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Successfully Navigate Men’s Style Forums

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Wouldn't it be perfect if everything you needed to know about men's style was right here at Real Men Real Style? Seriously, why has Antonio only written a few hundred articles on style and produced only 50 videos explaining the basics of men's fashion.  Somebody tell that guy to stop sleeping and start … [Read more...]

Cotton Fabric & Men’s Clothing – Understanding the World’s Most Popular Apparel Fiber

cotton fabrics men shirt

Cotton is King of the men's clothing world. The world’s most important apparel fiber makes up over 50% of the fabric sold throughout the world to including men's cotton suits, cotton dress shirts, hosiery, underwear, and just about every piece of casual wear to include jeans and sweatshirts. The … [Read more...]

Bodybuilders and Men’s Suits – An Extreme Athletic Fit


Dressing men by body type is mostly a matter of details and patterning with some specific style advice for each builds.  A suit jacket is going to produce the same basic look on most men, though it will be more flattering on some and not others. But there are a few bodies that are simply outliers -- figures … [Read more...]

The Color Wheel and Men’s Clothing


Color coordination should never be overlooked by the man building a wardrobe.  Well-chosen colors are like a proper fit:  a detail that can entirely make or break an outfit. Very nice clothing in the wrong color combinations will still make you look bland and boring, or loud and foolish.  Finding a happy … [Read more...]

Jeans for Older Men – Denim for the Professional Man over 30


When jeans were simply work wear they had no age limit.  They worked well on a 25 year old man - they worked well on a 65 year old man. Over the last 60 years however, jeans have undergone quite a change. Worn by bikers in the fifties, hippies in the seventies, and grunge rockers in the nineties - … [Read more...]

The Sharp Dressed Teacher – Proper Menswear and Classroom Authority

Green sport jacket

Let's not kid around -- even if you're a math teacher, you don't want to look like a math teacher. So what are your options as an educator when it comes to style? There is no rule that says teacher's can't dress sharp.  In fact, by keeping your style clean and professional, a well dressed teacher will … [Read more...]


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