How To Dress Up According To Your Body Type And Personal Style

Gordon Gekko:  NOT a fashion role model.

Right up front -- if you're buying clothes that you plan to fit into after sticking to your diet/workout for a few months, you're probably never going to wear them. There's nothing wrong with planning on changing your body size or shape, but it's not a guideline for your wardrobe.  A man's got to work with … [Read more...]

4 Components of Individual Style

4 Components Individual Style

"Style is the Perfection of a point of View" - Richard Eberhart Many men go through life never developing a point of view; they dress as if it were a chore, instead of a way to non-verbally communicate and influence those around them.  I want to change this. I believe people would care more about their … [Read more...]

Why Give a Damn About Appearance

alain delon

You can talk all you want about fashion, but most men still won't give a damn. That's partly because there's a lot of silly, useless information out there that confuses and as a society we've tried to push the mantra - it matters how you perform, not how you look. And yes, in a perfect world that would … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Repair: 6 Signs A Man’s Clothes Need Help


If only clothing lasted forever.  You'd never have to bid a fond farewell to that perfect jacket from a tailor's shop that closed years ago, or the great pair of jeans from a discontinued line.  But time marches on.  At some point, every man has to face the fact that his clothing is starting to fall … [Read more...]

What Is A Well-Dressed Man?


A man who's working on his wardrobe is probably going to stop at some point and ask himself, Am I well-dressed today? Do I look good? Those are not easily-defined concepts. Trend-based fashion is all about temporarily defining a specific look as "good," which in a way takes the guesswork out of things -- so … [Read more...]

Top Five Style Mistakes To Avoid

It looks better on her, trust us.

Fashion has a lot less rules than most people think.  Many things we talk about here at Real Men Real Style are good ideas, but they're not absolutes.  You have some flexibility in most things. Today we're talking about five basic rules that are just plain rules.  You can't break them, you shouldn't break … [Read more...]

Your Inherent Style – Curbside Appeal

No snappy dresser should be without.

There are actually a couple different phrases floating around out there for what I'm going to talk about today. Some people like to borrow from real estate and use the term "curbside appeal." Others refer to "casual" or "inherent" style; I've even seen a book that talked extensively about "assumed … [Read more...]


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