How to Dress for Prom – A Young Man’s Guide To Formal Menswear


Tuxes, rentals, alternatives to black tie, and everything else a young man needs to know for prom.  FYI, I dedicate this article to my friend Justin over at - a family run American business looking to make the black tie-rental business a great experience. This is the time of … [Read more...]

A Man’s Belt Guide – How to buy a men’s belt

Brown Braided Belt rolled

Wearing a belt well is one of those litmus tests of fashion:  the simple task, done right, confirms you as a man who knows his clothes.  A mismatch or other error shows that you still need to learn about dressing well.  Fortunately, the basics of good belts aren't hard to learn, and most are common sense.  The … [Read more...]

Wear Your Waistcoat Right – A Man’s Guide to Vests


If you live near a college or a university, you may have noticed something odd:  young men are wearing vests again. The retro thrift-store look has made room for waistcoats and dress shirts on stylish young urbanites.  A dress vest is a garment we usually associate more with older, dignified gentlemen of … [Read more...]

Stop Wearing Pilgrim Shoes – 6 Alternatives to Square Toed Shoes


The square-toed men's dress shoe has become ubiquitous.  Somewhere along the line guys seem to be getting the idea that a dressy shoe is a flat, squarish one.  They're everywhere, especially stores that sell mass-produced men's shoes fairly cheaply.  Here's one from Kenneth Cole that's taken the look to … [Read more...]

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Eyeglasses


The Vision Council of America estimates that about 75% of the country uses some form of vision correction. That means more men than not have at least faced the possibility of wearing glasses -- and that's not counting people who've considered "vanity" frames with non-corrective lenses. This … [Read more...]

The Difference a Jacket Makes


Imagine a product that will adds inches to your perceived height, shaves 20 lbs of your midsection, and makes you appear more muscular.  And the magic item can do all this instantly! Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it's not. A well fitting suit jacket, sport jacket, or blazer can do just this … [Read more...]


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